Nickel Rant :
 You Knew I Was a Jew

by Edgar J. Steele

August 11, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele and this is a Nickel Rant.

"Carry me on your back to the river's other side," pled the scorpion to the frog.  "But you'll sting me!" said the frog.  "No," replied the scorpion, "else then we both would die."  So, off they went, but only halfway, when the scorpion stung the frog.  "Why?" gasped the dying frog, as he slipped beneath the waves.  Said the Scorpion as he drowned, too:  "It's in my nature.  Blame yourself.  You knew I was a scorpion."
  --- Paraphrasing The Scorpion and The Frog, from Aesop's Fables (morality lessons for children - now forbidden in American schools)

I own your nation's media,
From sea to shining sea,
And tell you all just how to think,
And how things have to be.

You know, I own your congress, too,
All paid with your tax dollar.
Why shouldn't I tell them what to do?
Why, you don't even holler.

You should have known,
You can't complain.
You knew I was a Jew.

Your President, my slave becomes,
As all your "elected" fools.
They are bought with naught but crumbs,
While I take all your jewels.

You think it bad when I lock you up,
But you shouldn't harbor grudges,
Just because I corrupt
Your DAs and your judges.

It's what I am,
It's what I do.
You knew I was a Jew.

I took your civil rights, it's true,
In fact, you gave them to me.
Too much freedom is not for you.
It keeps you off your bent knee.

The Holocaust is my religion,
And for it you must pay.
Anti-Semitic is your condition,
No matter what you say.

You should have known,
You can't complain.
You knew I was a Jew.

Christmas?  I gave you Hannukah.
You couldn't ask for more.
To watch while I enjoy myself,
More than evens up the score.

Slave reparations seem only fair,
You nasty, white supremacist.
Someone's got to pay the Blacks
To rape and kill your dumbest.

It's what I am,
It's what I do.
You knew I was a Jew.

Hate speech laws throughout the land,
Will keep you properly muzzled.
Don't blame me or I'll lock you up,
While your neighbors just act puzzled.

While I import Mexicans and Blacks
In ever-increasing numbers,
I ratchet up your income tax.
These are among your biggest blunders.

You should have known,
You can't complain.
You knew I was a Jew.

Your boy Johnny cannot read.
That makes 'Rastus the same as he.
It's all for something that I need -
So never can you outthink me.

I use torture and imprisonment.
Is it any wonder?
It's just the thing for the dissident
Who refuses to knuckle under.

It's what I am,
It's what I do.
You knew I was a Jew.

You lost your kids to CPS
Because they were just skinny.
You forgot that what I say goes,
You silly Goyim ninny.

You went to jail for spreading "hate"
While defending your wife's honor.
You slipped and let it out, primate -
The N-word made you a goner.

You should have known,
You can't complain.
You knew I was a Jew.

You say you didn't like it when
I told your kids I'd kill them,
Because you just dared defend
Richard Butler and his henchmen?

You lost your job because of NAFTA.
I just did what comes naturally
And sent my plant to Mexico
Where Pedro works for free.

It's what I am,
It's what I do.
You knew I was a Jew.

You lost your savings to inflation,
Because I print money by the score.
I stole it from you, just like your nation.
Now get to work and pay me more.

You lost your soldier-son to war,
Defending my right to slaughter.
Now you think that I should care,
But I still want your daughter.

You should have known,
You can't complain.
You knew I was a Jew.

You protest when it's proven true:
I killed your church for Israel.
It's just as well - my God hates you.
And Christ?  He had it coming.

You lost America to globalists,
That's us, the Chosen race.
You see, we simply must insist
That you fall back a pace.

You should have known,
You can't complain.

It's what I am,
It's what I do.

You knew I was a Jew.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Check my web site at www.ConspiracyPenPal.com for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2005, Edgar J. Steele

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