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Let's Pretend
by Edgar J. Steele

September 12, 2008

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"It is always darkest just before it goes completely black."
--- unknown

Let's pretend.  Pretend along with me for a few moments that it actually matters whether John McCain or Barack Obama assumes the American presidency in January.  Gosh - just which of these fine fellows should we elect?

With McCain, we get a crashing economy and WWIII (sung to the tune of "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran").  With Obama, we get a crashing economy and WWIII.  My, oh my.  How on earth will we ever decide?

Black or a Pit Bull with Lipstick?

Well, instead, perhaps we should focus on what really matters to Americans:  Shall we elect America's first Black President or her first female Vice President (the latter of which would be one very shaky heartbeat away from the throne, at that)?  Now there's a real choice for all the brain-dead, politically-correct denizens of what we laughingly call the United States of America. 

By allowing Ron Paul to be shoved off the stage earlier this year by the controlled media, we proved that we really don't care about substance, after all.

Already, direct comparisons between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are flying around the Web, as though they are the only two candidates who matter. 

All four candidates have appeared before AIPAC and pledged their troth to Israel, so it doesn't really matter which one appears to be pandering most to Jewish interests.  Jews love them all - after all, Jew moneymen picked them for us.  Joe Lieberman lost out only because the "Powers that Be" decided America wasn't ready for a Jew VP.

Obama - Messiah or Merely Ordinary?

Obama will wipe the floor with McCain in the upcoming "debates," rest assured.  Obama is a genuine phenomenon - a Black man (actually, 50% White and 49% Arabic, but only 1% Black, though his mindset decidedly is Black) who appears to have ascended on his own sheer ability to speak, debate and carry himself well before a crowd.  Obama still is an empty suit when it comes to accomplishment; on the other hand, it is a real accomplishment to have come this far and be contending for the Presidency.

The most troubling aspect of Obama is the people around him - his wife, first and foremost, and his ex-pastor of twenty-some years, both of whom are on record as virulent anti-White racists of the first order. 

Oddly enough, though Obama was raised solely by his White mother and his White Grandparents, they all seem to get lost when he speaks of his African heritage.

McCain - Warmonger or Warmonger?

Give John McCain his due:  he has a significant military background and clearly has paid the price for America.  I don't consider his being a POW sufficient to elevate him to the "war hero" status so many grant McCain.  And I don't want to hear about how he "collaborated" or got special treatment.  Hell, any one of us would have sold our mother to get special treatment in the Hanoi Hilton.  John McCain served in uniform while Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and all of the Neocon chicken hawks advising Bush were ducking military service altogether.

My real problem with McCain is his blatant warmongering, which largely is a pander to Israel, I realize.

Palin - Pit Bull in Lipstick

McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, is the new kid in the mix.  Maybe she would make a good President, but I doubt it.  Better than McCain, I am sure, but not a good one.  She qualifies in my estimation only because she is as close to being an anonymous pick as you can get, given today's process.  I long have maintained that we would be better off by randomly selecting 500 names from phone books across America to serve in the major elective offices.

Palin has stated her support for the Iraqi war.  She also has stated we are on a mission for God in that effort, a highly-troubling echo of things that George "God speaks to me and tells me to kill Arabs" Bush has said, again and again.

Oh, No - Not Joe Biden Again

Joe Biden.  What can be said about Joe that already hasn't been said?  He ran for President a generation ago and dropped out when his character was shown to be almost totally lacking, largely due to a pattern of plagiarism that just wouldn't stop.  What on earth was Obama thinking, do you suppose?

War or ... War?

With McCain and Palin, we get war with Iran, guaranteed and almost immediately, if not prior to the election in November.  With Obama and Biden, we get war with Iran, probably induced by an Israeli false-flag like 9-11. 

With either, the American economy goes into the sewer, since it already irretrievably is circling the toilet bowl.  If you don't think that adding the liabilities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to those of America, resulting in a doubling, is significant, then you clearly haven't a clue about economics.

Vote them All Out of Office

Clearly, it simply doesn't matter, even when we pretend that it does.  I can't and won't vote for either McCain or Obama.  A vote for the lesser evil still is a vote for evil.  I'll vote for Chuck Baldwin.  You should, too.  And you should vote, rather than simply boycott the process.

More importantly, vote against all incumbents, even Ron Paul.  Turn out every single current elective office occupant.  That will make a statement.

A Word About Silver

Thanks for all the joke emails about my comment that we "never again will see Silver in the $15 range," suggesting that I really meant it never again will trade that high.  Today, paper silver is hovering around a spot price of $11.  Try to buy some physical silver at that price.  Go ahead.  You can't.  In fact, physical silver has been unavailable all across America since it dropped below $16.  The few sales I have seen are going for a premium of about $4 per ounce, ranging up to $7 per ounce.  Add that to the current spot price and you get a real price of $15 to $18 per ounce today, which I consider to be ridiculously low, regardless.  If you can buy at that price, then do so.  As I said before, you never again will see Silver in the $15 range.

Some discount the possibility of the obvious market tampering that has hurled the dollar upward at a record pace of late.  They ignore fundamentals.  Banks still are going under, right and left.  Housing prices still are plummeting and on pace to equal the carnage of Depression I.  Food prices are ratcheting up every week. OPEC just announced its intent to cut production, so as to counter the decrease in American demand.  The money supply continues to grow at something between 13% and 20%.  American national debt just more than doubled with the de facto nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Unemployment grows by leaps and bounds.  Nothing has changed.  The dollar is doomed, no matter how much international central banks intervene in the formerly-free markets.

We finally have witnessed a disconnect between the phony paper silver price (set by Comex as the "spot" price) and the real silver price (set by market forces).  This is how black markets begin, folks.  Formal price controls will be next.  Hang in there.  If you can buy physical silver today anywhere, then do it.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


Copyright 2008 Edgar J. Steele

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