Nickel Ranttm:
 I'm Outa Here!

by Edgar J. Steele

May 25, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a Nickel Rant.

I've decided to leave the country and renounce my citizenship.

Don't try to talk me out of it.  My mind is made up.  And I'm taking my whole family with me, too...including cousins, Aunts and Uncles.  We're outa here.

No more worrying about Bush's Gestapo...er...Storm Troopers...er...Homeland Security forces kicking in my door and hauling me away to one of those camps that Halliburton has been building throughout the country (under grotesquely-overpriced, no-bid contracts, of course).  After all, the impending illegal-alien amnesty that our renegade Congress and Administration is forcing upon a clearly unwilling American public makes it clear that those camps aren't for illegal aliens.  For whom else could they be, except dissidents?

No more fear of flying...quivering with anger while biting back the appropriate response to those ethnically-challenged, jackbooted thugs now frisking grandmothers and babies and openly feeling up every attractive woman who tries to fly these days.

No more paying more than 50% of what we make in taxes to pay for the ever-growing monster that government in America has become and free everything for those who haven't earned it (and that includes illegal aliens, too, not just government employees).

No more worry about my son being drafted after the upcoming election, then sent to the Middle East where, if he isn't killed outright or maimed for life, then abandoned by the Veteran's Administration, he will return poisoned by the Depleted-Uranium dust that swirls everywhere in that part of the world, doomed to a painful end to his short life by a variety of cancers - and still be abandoned by the Veteran's Administration.

No more being passed over for promotion in favor of those clearly less qualified but blessed with the politically-correct skin color or sex.  By the way, meet the new Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps' most important training and staging facility, Camp Lejeune, NC, a Black woman whose entire career has consisted of being an ever-more-glorified supply clerk...starting as enlisted, they haven't been able to promote her fast enough, so today she is "just" a Lt. Colonel, yet she replaces a Major General.  Used to be, even legitimate supply officers never could qualify for "line" command, but no more in the new, improved Marine Corps.  No wonder we have to force hardware clerks to go do the dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, now that the Chosen control the entire Western world, it no longer is possible for someone like myself, who dares tell the truth about the so-called "Holocaust," even to visit countries like Australia, England, France or any European country, for that matter.  Africa is out, of course.  There's Russia, but then we all have to get honest jobs and learn to speak Russian...and get despised for having allowed the Chosen to take over the world.  South America, but we get kidnapped.  China, Japan and India all know better than to let us in - those people aren't stupid.  Indonesia requires an ark these days.  In Canada, they tried to jail a guy who simply reprinted one of my articles and you saw what those Canuck Nazis did to Ernst Zundel...imagine what they'd do to me.

That leaves only one course of action:  we go to Mexico.  Of course, Mexico does not allow anybody but Mexicans to work, vote or have a whole panoply of rights that they demand for their illegal expatriates back here in America.  That's ok, because we have the perfect plan:  We'll sneak across the southern border and back into America. 

As illegal aliens, then we become eligible for a host of benefits and rights now denied us as American citizens. 

Aside from our upcoming amnesty for breaking so many laws by entering America illegally, we'll be guaranteed Social Security, for which even my wife doesn't qualify on her own, since she never worked much for wages.  However, as an illegal alien, she can claim all sorts of untaxed wages and thereby be eligible to draw full-on Social Security, just like you. 

If my kids get farm-related employment as the illegals they will have become, they cannot be fired "except for just cause," per the terms of the amnesty bill about to be adopted.  Of course, American farm workers can be fired at any time and for any reason.  And, as "foreign guest farm workers" (Congress' choice of words, not mine), my kids must be paid the "prevailing wage," whatever that is, but you can bet it's more than they would be paid today for the same work as Americans.

Since we all qualify for Social Security, we can take jobs that pay us cash, with no deductions for Social Security or anything else, for that matter (again, not below the "prevailing wage," though).  And we'll be able to get those jobs easily, since our employers also receive amnesty under the pending bill for knowingly hiring illegals, while not having to pay their half of our social security taxes, either.  Everybody wins.  Except you, of course.  After all, somebody's gotta pay for all this.

What's more, unlike right now, my kids will have their pick of colleges throughout America to attend, all at in-state tuition rates.  And, of course, they will qualify for all sorts of food stamps, housing, welfare and other government handouts, so they won't have to work their way through college, like I did.  And, as minorities (our new Latin surname, you see), they qualify for all sorts of free tuition, books and the like.  Partyyyyy Time!

And we will all get preference in hiring and promotions.  Job security, at last.

If any of us get in trouble, we can't be arrested.  The worst they can do is deport us back to Mexico, of course, and, two days later, we'll be back, just like all the other illegals who get deported.

Hey, is this a great country, or what?

Of course, we've gotta learn to speak Meskin.  But, then, all Americans have to learn to speak Meskin, anyway, since it's illegal to make illegal aliens speak English, which now officially has been declared NOT to be the official language of America.  No problemo.  How difficult could it be?  After all, millions of Meskins speak it fluently!

Oh, and we want you tired, old racist gringos to get out of our country muy pronto.  You stole the best part of Mexico, you know - the part with all the roads, water systems, buildings and jobs.  Well, we want it back...and now.

My name is Eduardo Steelez.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2006, Edgar J. Steele

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