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9/11 Comes in August This Year
by Edgar J. Steele

August 1, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a Nickel Rant.

The massacre of over 50 civilians in Qana, Lebanon, more than half of them little children, may prove to have been the tipping point for international indulgence of Israel's genocide and certifiable war crimes.  The outrage now flooding international media outlets and the Internet is of a palpably different quality from that prompted by the scenes of mayhem inflicted against the residents of Palestine and Lebanon during this most recent bout of Israeli excess.

The simultaneous disclosure that Israel has been hurling US-made munitions containing depleted uranium at the Lebanese doesn't help, either.

Nor does it help that people have not yet forgotten about the last outrageous  Israeli massacre of little children in Qana, just ten years ago.  Just like then, Israel claimed justification at first, then mistake when they were proved to be lying about the justification.  Just like the way they dealt with the repeated attacks upon that UN outpost the other day that resulted in the deaths of all the UN observers present.  Just like always.  Always.  No wonder Jews had to invent the word "chutzpah," for which there is no English correlate, to cover this sort of behavior!

The Lebanese adults and children had taken refuge in a seemingly-safe building a short distance from the village of Qana because they knew that trying to escape via the roadway invited certain death, as so many other residents had proven with their lives during the past 18 days.  Women.  Children.  Old men.  But, to the Israelis, simply animals to be exterminated, as they have demonstrated with contempt, time and again, during their current campaign of extermination in both Lebanon and Palestine.

Beyond Chutzpah

Just what goes through these Jews' minds, do you suppose, that allows them, first, to actually do to other human beings what they do with aplomb and then, second, to have no sense of boundaries?  Like little kids who test you at every turn, Israel continually has to have the lines of acceptable behavior redrawn for it by international opinion.

The indulgence that Jews demanded and have gotten with their Holocaust shakedown now is used up, it seems to me, and about time!  I detect a very different response to their behavior this time around, both in media accounts and in communications I receive over the Internet.  People are fed up.  Americans, in particular, seem to be awakening from their long, hard slumber and a great many Americans are waking up angry.

It isn't arrogance when you can back it up, like Muhammed Ali did when he proclaimed himself to be "the greatest."  He was the greatest fighter in the game at the time and he proved it repeatedly.  People actually admired him for saying so, in fact.  Similarly, it no longer is anti-Semitic when Jews really deserve it. 

Actually, the "anti-Semite" epithet has all but lost its currency, so frequently and stupidly has it been flung about by Jews in all walks of life.  This fact was amply demonstrated yesterday by Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, who repeatedly has screamed the word at Mel Gibson, whom Foxman wants investigated for a hate crime for having alleged during a private exchange with the police the other night that "Jews start all the wars."  A hate crime!  Can you imagine?  The Chutzpah of the man, after all.

Well, just exactly what do you think is happening in the Middle East right now, Mr. Foxman?  Looks to me like you Jews are doing just what Gibson said:  starting yet another war, one that America will have to finish for you, as usual.  It isn't anti-Semitism if it's the truth.

Down and Up a Poll




The last time I saw this much Jewish blood in the water, media sharks were circling over the filmed shooting by Israeli soldiers of both that defenseless Palestinian man and the small son he attempted to shield from Israeli bullets, prior to 9/11.  That tableau proved to be a tipping point for international opinion, just as I sense might have taken place two nights ago near the small Lebanese village of Qana.

The last time Israel was sinking in the polls like this, 9/11 miraculously rescued it by diverting public attention.  Are you ready for another 9/11, America?  As so many have shown in so many ways, 9/11 was staged and required the complicity of at least some American government agencies and officials.  Similarly, it has been proven that at least some Israelis knew about it in advance, while a great many others happened to arrange their affairs very conveniently - much too conveniently, in fact - in light of 9/11.

Of course, by now we all know that the false-flag operation is a specialty of Israel's.  By Deception, We Shall Do War, don't forget, is their Mossad's motto.  Once caught, their specialty becomes lying, then excuse making when their lies are laid bare, as proven yet again in the Qana affair - and in precisely the same sequence and for precisely the same reason and in precisely the same village, for the second time in ten years.  Always, Jews are surrounded by "coincidence."  Jewish Lightning, they call it in the Bronx.

A Dangerous Confluence of Events

Here's the real problem for us mere mortals out of the line of fire for now:  simultaneously, several other situations are shaping up which historically have led to war. 

Like the world economy about to fall off a cliff. 

Like Bush now committed to invade Iran just when American public opinion of both him and his Jewish masters has sunk to new, unprecedented lows. 

Like the American dollar having been inflated beyond belief in recent years, with debt at all levels of American society that never can be paid off without a massive devaluation of the dollar. 

Like mid-term elections looming in 3 months, with the Republican Party certain to lose both the House and the Senate due to their treasonous behavior during Bush's tenure - with the subsequent impeachment of Bush by a Democrat-controlled congress then a near certainty.

And, of course, just as prior to WWI and WWII, like international Jewry demanding that the world fight a fight they have picked but cannot possibly win on their own. 

Some things never change.

Will It Be Bugs or Bombs?

So, if it occurs, what do you suppose the "event" will be this time - you know, the new 9/11 that will rescue Israel, Bush and their neocon masters from all the negative public opinion and conveniently implicate Iran, providing the excuse for an invasion that then will escalate into WWIII?  A biological attack upon a middling Midwest American city, just as described by Rumsfeld, do you suppose?  Or, perhaps, a small nuke or dirty bomb set off in some Southern American city, as some other officials have warned against?

Odds are that this year's 9/11 will happen during August, which will make it possible for many officials to explain their absence under cover of their annual vacation.  Remember, the media ban on American troop movement reporting just went into place, indicating that we're poised to invade Iran, if not Syria, as well, aren't we?  And, of course, there's that election, now rushing at Bush like a freight train.  No time to waste.

Here's a tip:  If you see Jews breaking leases, packing up and moving away, just as so many did in the World Trade Center prior to 9/11, consider yourself warned and get out of town immediately.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2006, Edgar J. Steele

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