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 Cow Power!

by Edgar J. Steele

November 13, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a Nickel Rant.

Play along with me here for a moment:  Suppose that you are a cow.  Now, suppose that, in a more enlightened world, the native intelligence possessed by all creatures is acknowledged.  Mind you, I don't mean to suggest that you are an overly bright cow - just a cow.  Let's not get too carried away here.  Can you say, "Mooo," boys and girls?

Next, suppose that creatures possessing intelligence above a certain level have been liberated from bondage and allowed to wander as they will. 

This is not too great a stretch.  After all, cows literally do just this in India, where Hinduism mystically reveres cows as being sacred, for...well, mystical reasons.  Killing cows for any reason is illegal throughout most of India and even is prohibited by India's constitution.  You see, unlike America, India treats her constitution as the basic law of the land, so they really mean business when it comes to cows. 

Furthermore, "free range" laws exist in most western America states, which require one to fence out other people's livestock in order to keep them off private property.  It is not the livestock owners' responsibility to fence them onto just their own property.  Yes - sad but true - even in America, cows have greater access to public land than do human beings.

So, our little hypothetical really isn't too outlandish, now is it?

Now, suppose that, once the more outrageous aspects of current American life are outlawed - such as smoking, guns, motorcycles, Christianity, traditional families, intra-racial dating and general smiling without extremely good reason - that our rulers decide to impose vegetarianism upon us.  No more Big Macs.  No more taco takeout.  No more eating cows at all, in fact.  Pineapple pizzas forever.

Got the picture?  Now, of course there will be outlaws who snatch cows in the dead of night from lonely boulevards, then take them back to their lairs in order to have their way with them.  Despite the broad distribution of milk-carton cow pictures, a great many young calves still will end up being gang barbecued in abandoned warehouses.  Older cows will have to suffer being groped, assaulted and murdered in parts of the city that good cows know better than to enter.  Since human youngsters can be expected to wander the streets with hacksaws, no cow's horns will be safe.  Pretty ugly if you're a cow, isn't it, despite your supposed freedom?

Would it be asking so much to allow cows to get together in little exclusive cow communities for their mutual protection, where they ban the entry of all humans, since human vegetarians couldn't be told from human predators?  Why not allow them to forbid sex between humans and heifers?  Or let them enforce "have it your way, eat a Whopper and go to jail" laws?  Of course all that would be acceptable, even desirable.  Fair is fair, after all, and rampant American obesity is proof positive of the human urge to yield to a Big Mac Attack.  Regardless of the risk, humans could be expected to eat cows in numbers far greater than, say, cow-eating horses, for example, so why not pass laws to exclude all humans and thereby eliminate the risk - the certainty - of a number of cows ending up in meat loaf pans?

Well, if you agree with what I have just said, please explain to the French exactly why their country is in flames today, because they just don't seem to have a clue. 

Reports of the extensive rioting in France, now well into a second week, and, now, several other European countries, have been very muted in America's media.  When reported, the rioters always are described as being Muslims, thereby intentionally conjuring up an image of Ahab the Arab in American minds.  Let's correct that right now:  'Rastus the Muslim is more like it.  These are Blacks rioting, folks.  Blacks from Africa, make no mistake.  Just like the ancestors of all those Black rioters in South Central LA and hurricane-ravaged New Orleans were from Africa.  Once again, what do all these rioters, looters, whiners, rapists, murderers and all-around bad guys have in common?  They are Blacks!

Now, as those who know me or, perhaps, who have read my book, Defensive Racism, know:  it isn't the skin color to which I object when I single out Blacks.  That simply is my shorthand way of saying people-who-descended- from-violent-jungle- dwelling-savages-with- abnormally-low-IQs.  It is the DNA-cum-culture-induced proclivity to violence that I find objectionable.  Violence.  Get this, once and for all:  It is okay to object to violence and to profile and thereby avoid others who are most likely to visit violence upon you and yours.  Like cows avoiding meat eaters, it is ok to live with your own kind.  It is ok to study the history of your race and to ignore that of Bramhas, Herefords and Guernseys.

Oh, so you're one of those who still so naively believes that poverty breeds violence and that the root cause of poverty is pernicious White racism?  How cute.  You really need to get out more.  That's like saying that, because cows as a class are poor, their poverty is the reason they say "Moo."  Since humans refuse to share their wealth with cows and invite them into their homes, one then should blame pernicious human racism for the monosyllabic verbal poverty of cows.  No - I can hear you tuning up right now.  It is just like that!  Just.  Exactly.  Precisely.  More education, welfare programs, affirmative action, quotas and set asides are not going to change things.  The past forty years have proven the folly of that mind set.  You do not undo eons of evolution in a single generation.  If you really think so, then why aren't you up on the roof right now, flapping your arms in an attempt to soar with the Eagles?

Visit the Paris suburbs, which have been seething for years, just like South Central LA and New Orleans and so many other places seethed before they erupted into broad-scale violence.  Lots of other places are seething right this moment, too, places like Detroit, for example, or Cleveland, or Chicago, or South Africa, or anyplace where there is a significant Black population.  The riots are coming, people, regardless of what you might like to believe.  And poverty has little to do with it.  After all, you don't see dirt-poor Appalachian farmers rioting.  Or all the White trash here in North Idaho.  And, when's the last time you heard about poor Eskimos rioting?  What you see is what you get and what you see is Blacks rioting...again and again and again.  Remember, Black is shorthand for people-who-descended- from-violent-jungle- dwelling-savages-with- abnormally-low-IQs.  Breeding shows.  Catch a clue, dudes!  Sheesh - this ain't rocket science.

Some who have read my book scoff at its detailed description of an America breaking apart along racial lines.  While they may yet be scoffing, I doubt that they possess quite the certitude they did prior to Hurricane Katrina or the burning of Paris.  Itz coming.  It is bearing down on us like a freight train in the night and there is not a thing that you or I can do about it, except apply war paint and chamber a round. 

What's that?  You don't own a gun yet?  Rosie O'Donnell does - and so does Diane Feinstein, two of the most outrageous (and hypocritical) gun grabbers in America today.  Too bad...for you, that is.  When I put a sign in front of my house that says, "Criminals beware:  Owner is packing," guess which house they will choose to invade, yours or mine?  But don't worry - I'll call 911 for you when I hear the screams.

I can hear that train a comin, comin 'round the bend.  The rumble gets louder every day.  Listen carefully - you will hear it, too. 

Cow power!

Can you say, "Moooo?"

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2005, Edgar J. Steele

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