Nickel Rantô:  Mexican Standoff
by Edgar J. Steele

April 12, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele and this is a 5-minute Nickel Rant.

Hundreds of Americans, with more arriving every hour, now stand guard at Americaís border with Mexico in the state of Arizona, under a private, grass-roots movement going by the name of The Minuteman Project.  Why?  Because Americaís government refuses to keep illegals out.  Because Americaís masters want the cheap labor.  Because Americaís masters want your job done by somebody a whole lot less expensive.  Thatís why.

Last year, 1.2 million of these illegals actually were apprehended by the US Border Patrol.  Yet the effort is so puny by comparison with the problem that the current number of illegals in America is estimated to be well over 20 million.  Emphasis on the ďwell over,Ē by the way.

Our government could secure that border in a heartbeat if it wanted to, but it doesnít.  Think not?  You havenít been through an airport screening lately, have you?

So far, this simply is a demonstration by private citizens, of course.  There is no way to stem a flow of 2 or 3 million illegals each and every month without massive government intervention.  And our government actually works together with the Mexican government against us in this regard.

For its part, Mexicoís army is diverting and escorting border hoppers to areas not patrolled by The Minuteman Project.  Mexican President Fox has threatened to sue anyone who ďhas contact with Mexican nationals,Ē and now he wants to go to the World Court in order to have Arizonaís Proposition 200 invalidated, if you can believe it!  (Proposition 200, passed in November, is designed to stop massive voter fraud and deny welfare benefits to illegals.)

And it's not just the Mexican government!  We recently saw the first arrest of one of Americaís volunteer Minutemen by American officials.  His crime?  He was detaining a group of illegals at gunpoint, waiting for the Border Patrol to arrive and do its job.  Thatís right.  The guy doing the governmentís job is the one they arrested.

Now, I donít know about you, but I am simply fed up with this invasion of America which is being facilitated by our own government.

I am sick of our spending more and more money on schools that do worse jobs each and every year, due in part to having to cater to the children of these criminals who enter America illegally.

I am sick of our lower-paying jobs being given to these people while loyal, hard-working Americans go unemployed.  And donít even start with that ďthey do jobs that we wonítĒ nonsense, either.

I am sick of my medical insurance and uncovered bills going up by 25%, each and every year, largely due to these criminals whose demands have grown so overwhelming that hospitals all along the border have had to close due to unpaid bills for treatment of those illegals that our government forced those hospitals to give away for free.  Treatment that you and I paid for!

Iím sick of the instant citizenship granted to every baby that some Mexican woman manages to drop on this side of the border, along with the endless welfare that then flows to them.

Iím sick of our prisons filling up with Mexican trash of every description.

Iím sick of the rampant upsurge of disease in America, some in forms that we once eradicated here.

Iím simply disgusted with all the American women and children who get raped, beaten and murdered by these Mexican criminals.  In fact, the towering levels of crime and drug usage in America are fed continually by these criminals who cross our border illegally every day.  Meanwhile, our government is moving to disarm us so that we canít even protect ourselves, yet another job that our government refuses to do.

 Iím sick, sick, sick of it all.  And you should be, too.

 What should we do about it? know the answer to that question, now donít you?

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Check my web site at for other messages just like this one.


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