Nickel Rant :
Kelo, Roe and the President's Liver

by Edgar J. Steele

July 7, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele and this is a Nickel Rant.

The recent flurry of decisions handed down by the US Supreme Court has been particularly illuminating.  Now there can be no mistaking where we ordinary American citizens stand, vis--vis our increasingly-imperial and imperious government:  It owns us, lock, stock and barrel.  We are like cattle, the term that so many of the Chosen use amongst themselves to refer to the rest of us.  Can you say, "moo?"  We are a commodity, to be managed and periodically plucked and harvested. 

What's that?  You think this is a joke?  You haven't been paying attention.

It didn't begin recently, either.  In reality, Roe vs. Wade, the landmark ruling on abortion, laid down the template quite some time ago.  People didn't notice because the issue of abortion is so imbued with religious overtones.  Fact is, Roe stands for the proposition that human life is dispensable at human whim, with that whim subject to government fiat.

Wait a minute.  Before you leave the room, hear me out.  We don't need any religious claptrap for this conclusion. 

We human beings largely are products of our inherited genetic structure, just like every other living creature.  Scientists increasingly are surprised to learn just how much behavior is inherited.  Personality, to a great degree, is locked in at the same time sex is determined:  the moment of conception.  In animals, we call this "instinct," then pretend we don't understand it.  I haven't room for it in five minutes, but I go into the topic of our DNA being what I call "behavior gone to seed" in excruciating detail in my book, Defensive Racism.  It has nothing to do with believing in either Creation or Evolution.  In other words, we already are most of what will be important for the balance of our lives at the very outset! 

Abortion is a line-drawing exercise, admit it.  Just how different is an 8-month, 30-day-old "fetus" in the womb from a 1-day old baby?  Are you against killing newborn babies?  Then you oppose killing them the day before they are born, no doubt.  How far back does one go?  After much thought, my conclusion is inescapable:  the moment of conception.  In reality, a woman's right to choose should be the traditional one:  whether to have sex, the biological purpose of which is reproduction.

What does abortion have to do with Kelo, the recent landmark decision wherein the Supreme Court said government can take private real estate from one person and give it to another who is willing to pay more property taxes on it?  They are the same decision.  The same rationale.  Government owns everything and can dictate everything's usage.  There is no private property anymore.  There is no privacy.  There is nothing but government fiat now.

Government liens against estates for old-age medical care are becoming common, as so many surprised heirs are learning. 

Recent changes in bankruptcy law will return us to the days of lifetime bondage, with tax liens at the forefront of debts that survive a declaration of bankruptcy.

Gun laws are tightening and Kelo harkens the near-term arrival of gun confiscation in America.  Most of the Supreme Court Justices already have gone on record as favoring complete realignment of American law with UN and European law.  That includes gun bans, of course.  After all, now that they can take your home to generate more tax revenue, they can take anything they want.  And they don't need warrants anymore, don't forget.  Nor do they need trials to keep property.

All pretense of our being subject to the original Constitution now has been abandoned.  That means, of course, that the Declaration of Independence also is a dead letter.  Think about that for a moment.

Lessee now:  Kelo, Roe....oh, yes, the President's liver.  What does the President's liver have to do with today's subject?  Well, if the Supreme Court says that government can remove unborn babies and kill them and can take our homes because it wants more tax money, then how great a step is it to claim that the nation's welfare demands that the President gets a new liver if he needs one?  Question is, whose will it be?  An organ donor's?  What if there isn't one available?  China takes them from prison inmates.  Mine?  Maybe it will be yours.  After all, the President arguably represents a greater public benefit, just like taking your home can produce a greater public benefit.  Again, can you say, "moo?"

I don't know about you, but I have had enough.  Enough intrusion.  Enough taking.  Enough government, which has insinuated itself into every nook and cranny of my life.  We have to do something.  We have to stop them.  Already, we have gone beyond mere slavery and become commodities.  The time has come to do something about our totally out-of-control government!

Already, however, it is too late.  Walk down any street.  Do you really see anything except complacent and compliant cattle?  Just who do you think is going to be doing anything about America?  Whose job is it?  It sure isn't the government's.  Is it mine?  Is it yours?

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Check my web site at for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2005, Edgar J. Steele

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