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 Live and Let Die

by Edgar J. Steele

March 4, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a Nickel Rant.

Live and let live.  That's what so many Americans today think when confronted with issues involving homosexuality, religion and politics.  Even so, most prefer to turn a blind eye when the forces preaching tolerance practice their peculiar brand of intolerance upon the politically incorrect.

That's why a film about fudgepacking cowboys, Brokeback Mountain, raises little question when it is touted to walk away with the lion's share of Oscars this year.  And, yes, it also is why a film that virtually all agreed was one of the most stunning cinematic accomplishments of all time, The Passion of the Christ, failed to garner even a single Oscar nomination recently. 

Brokeback Mountain, some say, is a breakthrough effort deserving top honors simply because of its daring and differentness.  The Passion, on the other hand, was derided as religious porn and a Christian snuff film.  Am I the only one who sees one of the largest pieces of hypocrisy in this dichotomy from the denizens of Hollywood?

I sat through The Passion and witnessed the most amazing effect upon a crowded theatre of my life.  Once the movie began, all sounds stopped.  No children crying, talking or laughing.  No coughing.  No whispers.  Nothing.  It was eerie.  And, when the lights went up, after all the credits had run down off the screen, the entire audience - everybody - still sat in their seats, staring at the blank screen, seemingly unable to move or, even, talk.  I have never seen a motion picture have that effect upon people before or since and I doubt I ever will.  That scene alone, repeated again and again throughout America almost continually as the weeks wore on, justified simply mailing all the Oscars to Mel Gibson and canceling the formal award ceremonies.  My opinion?  The Passion was perhaps the most important motion picture I ever have seen.  And I'm not even much of a Christian.  Yet, The Passion came up empty, despite being one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.  Why?  It was no accident, you know.

And this year, the odds-on favorite is about two guys splitting duty munching grass for one another.  I grew up in cowboy country.  I now live in cowboy country.  I have known and do know a great many real, genuine cowboys.  Red-blooded, manly men, all of them.  Not one - not a single one - ever has been the slightest bit swishy, let alone like what I hear is depicted in Brokeback Mountain.  No, I refuse to see it, so you are right that I don't know exactly how the characters are portrayed.  I don't care.  It's my little protest.  Yet, Brokeback Mountain is the toast of Hollywood, despite fading badly at the box office already.  Why?  Again, it is no accident.

I've gotten used to being out of step.  In fact, now I question my assumptions regarding anything in which I seem to agree with the prevailing majority outlook. 

I was grossly out of step recently when I loudly and forcefully protested to the local school board their decision to establish at Sandpoint High School a chapter of what euphemistically is referred to as the "Gay/Straight Alliance."  I knew exactly what I was walking into, as always is the case when I take point on a politically-incorrect issue, hopeless from the outset, against overwhelming odds.

I knew I was fighting a losing cause when a member of the supposedly impartial decision body, one of the school board members, saw fit to lavishly endorse this homosexual club from the podium.

The meeting was stacked.  Sentiment inside the room ran 10 to 1 in favor of the GSA.  The number of students present who claimed to be homosexual was stunning.  In the small town of Sandpoint, population 6,000.  The sticks.  Western Appalachia.  Perhaps that alone best demonstrates the danger of allowing our schools to reinforce misdirected sexual urges at a confusing age.

"Is it just coincidence, " I asked, "that identical homosexual clubs are being established right now at other area high schools this year?  But, nobody seemed interested in the clear inference that an unnamed adult organization was pulling the strings behind this rush to homosexual bliss. 

"Our kids have to attend school," I continued.  "Now their math and chess clubs have to share space with those who demand a public place to affirm and celebrate their gender-identity disorders."

"Yes," I admitted, "it is clear that prevailing law supports the Gay/Straight Alliance, but that means little in an increasingly Godless and un-Constitutional America."

I acknowledged that it seemed unfair to do away with all other student clubs simply to be able to legally prohibit this homosexual club.  "Clearly, the GSA is a done deal and is not going away.  Nevertheless, approval of a homosexual organization sends the wrong message to our children."  This was the point where the Chairman moved to cut me off.

Never at a loss for words, I loudly said, "Thank you.  In conclusion, I ask:  Now that we have decided it is ok to have student clubs that revolve around sex (no, it isn’t just about “tolerance” or “lifestyle”), how long before the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) seeks to establish a chapter at our local schools?"  The Chairman became even more agitated and demanded that I sit down.

"Or, how about a Holocaust Denial club? "  I shouted into what I saw as fast developing into my being ejected from the auditorium.  I saw the confused looks flit across the Board Members' faces.  Gotcha there, I said to myself as I took my seat.

I had more to say, of course, but most regret having been unable to rhetorically ask how long before this mentality moves down into Sandpoint's junior high school or, even, grade school.

The student GSA club was approved.  The local paper did a big puff piece and ran several letters lauding the tolerance thereby demonstrated, but refused to print mine.  The local reporter, in fairness, did quote me accurately regarding several of my points.  A picture of lemmings marching over the cliff returned to my mind again and again as I read how the local community supposedly was reacting.  I say "supposedly" because my interaction with members of the community reveals a very different attitude, one more in line with my own thinking.  Interestingly, I hear that the Sandpoint High School weekly student newspaper did just print my letter, thereby providing a small ray of hope in my mind for the coming generation.  It is no accident that our voice gains little traction in this hoo ha.

Why no accident?  For the same reason that a movie about faggot cowboys, who could exist only in the mind of a Hollywood screenwriter, is being praised while the single greatest movie of all time (my opinion, admittedly) was (forgive the expression) crucified, despite being the obvious crowd favorite.  Those who own the media, those who call the shots, those who now run our government after the most-ignored coup of all time, want it that way, that's why.  Those who seek to dismantle all of Western Christian civilization by promoting all the things you see destroying our culture today.  And those of us who attain positions in government, even local school boards, fall all over ourselves to toady to their obvious wishes.

That's why those who preach tolerance today always seem least inclined to tolerate other points of view.

I'm reminded of the scene from Independence Day, the smash film about ET gone bad.  At one point, the American President asks a captured alien what they want him to do.  "Die," was the simple response.  Well, that's what these interlopers into our society want us to do and we are bending over backwards to accommodate them.  Think not?  Picture running with the lemmings...

Who?  You know who.  Don't make me say it again.  I get so tired of being almost the only one willing to say it.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


Copyright ©2006, Edgar J. Steele

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