Nickel Rant:  Between Iraq and a Hard Place
by Edgar J. Steele

May 6, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele and this is a 5-minute Nickel Rant.

We started the latest Iraq war over two years ago and, despite what America's controlled media tells you, every day brings us closer to outright defeat.

It is past time to end the war.  We were lied into it.  We've been lied to about it all along.  And we're now being lied to as to why we can't leave.

First, we were told it was because Iraq helped Al Qaeda to blow up the World Trade Center. 

After our government claimed that the bulk of the alleged terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, then we were told we invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein helped train Al Qaeda. 

When that was proven false, we were told the real reason we invaded Iraq was to neutralize its weapons of mass destruction before they were loosed upon America.  Remember Bush's stories about Iraqi model airplanes dispersing biological agents over our cities?

When we were unable to find weapons of mass destruction and, just as disclosures of our attempts to plant such weapons throughout Iraq came to light, our invasion became a noble cause to free the people of Iraq.  Problem is, the people of Iraq made it clear they didn't like America any better than they liked Saddam.  Today, of course, they hate us much more than they ever did Saddam Hussein.

Since Hussein was captured, it has become acceptable to discuss oil as being the real reason we have been in Iraq all along.  For what we have spent on Iraq so far, we simply could have bought all its output for the foreseeable future, even at current prices, which have doubled simply because of our invasion of Iraq and the resultant decrease in its oil output.  The Iraqis keep blowing up the oil pipelines by which we try to remove their oil to either America or Israel, you see.  Of course, we get lied to about that, too.  But, just ask yourself why you are paying so much for gasoline at the pump today if the idea was to guarantee the free flow of oil.

And they lie to us about all the American boys and girls being killed and maimed in the name of American Imperialism.  Our government refuses to allow press coverage of returning caskets and denies our fallen comrades the honors they deserve.  The official casualty figures are much lower than what is real.  Worse, even, is the coming plague of Gulf War II syndrome, at the base of which is the exposure of our people, not to mention the population of Iraq and its neighbors, to the tons of wind-borne radioactive dust swirling through the country due to the use of depleted uranium munitions by American forces.

At the same time, the Bush Administration is busy cutting veterans' benefits and medical treatment, if you can believe it!

Now it has become obvious to even the couch potatoes of America that we invaded Iraq simply because Israel wanted us to do it.  And, those couch potatoes are beginning to notice just how many of America's true policymakers are Jewish and have been putting Israel's interests first.

Even the Bible thumpers are beginning to look askance at our Iraqi adventure.  I think it finally has occurred to them just what Jesus might someday have to say about their support of all this murder and mayhem.  Maybe they shouldn't be in such a hurry to force the issue about a Second Coming, after all.  Maybe they are the very ones that Revelations warns us about.

General John Keane, former US Army Vice Chief of Staff, recently told NPR radio in an interview that, "...we clearly did not see the insurgency coming..."  Didn't see it coming?  Can you believe that?  What on earth did those morons think might happen?

Now, I don't know about you, but if some other country were to enter America to topple the current regime - a criminal regime that desperately needs to be toppled, I might add - and then tried to occupy America...well, I and everybody I know who thinks anything like I do would get out our hunting rifles and we would set out to kill just as many of those foreign invaders as we could.

Now the exact, same people who got us into Iraq want us to invade Iran and Syria.

Not too long ago, we were told to support America's war against Iraq or leave America.  You don't hear that kind of talk any more.

Now here's what we should be saying:  Support ending the war in Iraq or leave America

US out of the Middle East!

In fact, US out of America!

New America.  An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Check my web site at for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2005, Edgar J. Steele

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