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Hillary Plays the Race Card
by Edgar J. Steele

May 11, 2008  

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.

Now that it is all but arithmetically impossible for Hillary Clinton to secure the Democratic nomination for President, she has thrown caution to the wind and openly turned to White voters.  After all, what does she have to lose in appealing to us? 

Speaking to USA Today a few days ago, she observed how "Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states (North Carolina and Indiana) who had not completed college were supporting me."

Gee, I dunno.  I suppose we could organize a Klan rally and burn a cross or two for her.  I could make some calls.

"There's a pattern emerging here," she went on to tell that USA Today reporter.  I'll say.

Nothing will make a woman into a supporter of the Second Amendment like being raped.  Now that Hillary has been beaten up by a Black guy, she wants us White guys to do him for her.  You know - Git a rope and so on.

You Race-Traitor

Sorry, Hill, but it doesn't work that way, not even among those of us who didn't complete college, as you so indelicately put it.  Especially among those of us, actually.  You've made your bed, now lie in it, you race-traitor.

You think we want you for our President?  Where were you during Waco, when your Lesbian lover Janet Reno murdered and burned so many White babies?  After all, that is part of the period for which you claim relevant "experience."

Where were you in Serbia when so many White Christians were murdered by your Jew-suck concubine, that pants-less horror of a husband you have not had the simple dignity to shed? 

Why have you heaped praise upon the murderous Israeli state for having killed so many Arab Christians? 

Why have you been advocating the murder of millions of White Aryans in Iran (yes, Aryan, not Arab - go Google it and prove it for yourself, gentle reader)?

In fact, where have you been every time that Whites have been forced to take a back seat to Negroes, Mestizos and other "minorities" of every stripe?  Busy bashing us White folk and sucking up to the Al Sharptons of the world, that's where!

During law school, your main extracurricular activity was helping the Black Panthers, then on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent.  Reportedly, you went to court every day as part of a student committee on the lookout for technicalities upon which to base an appeal for the feral beasts on trial.  Are you asking that federal agent's white family to support you now, too?

After law school and after flunking the District of Columbia bar exam, one of the easiest in the nation, you spent a year interning for the head of the California Communist Party, Bob Truehaft, the fellow who represented the Black Panthers. 

Only after Bill became Arkansas' Attorney General did you even get a job offer beyond your position with the University of Arkansas Law School, and that one had been gotten for you by Bill only because he already worked there.  So much for your claims of turning down lots of lucrative job offers (not a single one, not even non-lucrative, ever came your way without Bill's prodding).  Even then, it took Bill winning the Arkansas governorship for you to be offered a partnership at the Rose Law Firm, the one that hired you because of your direct line into the Attorney General's office.

I don't care what color you are.  You are the last person in the world for whom I would vote, based solely upon your color.  It's not that I won't vote White over Black, all other things being equal.  I will, in a heartbeat, just as will most White folks.  Even though you polled 60% of the White vote recently while Obama took 90% of the Black vote, don't get the idea that, somehow, that is your White support speaking.  It isn't.

Exactly what is your color, incidentally?  I have trouble telling.  Must be all the smoke from the sniper fire you now are enduring.  Your husband made me ashamed to be an American.  You almost make me ashamed to be White.  Almost, I said.  Being White is something of which I never will be ashamed.  Nor does it get the likes of you my support, you race-traitor.

As pointed out in my book, Defensive Racism, there are far better reasons for desiring separation from a couple of other races than skin color and character is the most important of those reasons.  Character.  You know, the quality you ain't got, in spades (pun intended).  Just because you are White doesn't mean you have acceptable character.  On the contrary, in your case, Hillary.  The ability to tell the truth, particularly, is wedded to good character.  On that count, you are beneath contempt.

Lies as Far as the Eye Can See

Most recently, of course, there was your ridiculous lie about landing in Bosnia "under sniper fire," which film footage disclosed to be absolutely false.

Time and again, Hillary, you lie even when there is no obvious need - as when you claimed on the Today Show that your daughter almost was killed by falling debris while she was out jogging on 9/11, though she was four miles away, watching it all on TV.

Could it be as simple as put by New York Times columnist William Safire, when he wrote on January 8, 1986, that "our first lady ... is a congenital liar?"  Congenital, essentially, refers to lies told with nothing to hide.  Compulsive lying.

Of course, it seems that, most of the time, you have something real to cover up, so you always are being caught out in lies.  Consider all the times you stood up for Bill, denying the philandering of which you were well aware, and destroying innocent lives in the process.  Gennifer Flowers comes to mind.  And Paula Jones, described by you as trailer trash.  And, who can forget about Bill's affair with Monica, which you dismissed as being part of a "vast, right-wing conspiracy?"

Then there is your $99,000 cattle futures profit, stolen for you by your brokers from others who actually earned that money and then laid atop your "investment" that day of only $1,000.

And your denial of having engineered firing the entire White House travel department so as to hire in some political pals in their place, in that episode now known as "Travelgate."

Removing, hiding and then destroying a large number of documents from Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster's office directly following his murder ("suicide," said the authorities, as a result of White House influence).

Your mysterious, vanishing billing records in the Madison Guaranty scandal, which saw two men imprisoned for defrauding the bank with your help.

You really would have served Bill better, had you stayed home and baked cookies.

We've Got Your White Support Right Here

You are a lying, contemptible and contemptuous broad, Hillary.  You want White Support?  We've got your White Support right here, in the form of a rope.  And being a race traitor is the least of it, believe me.

Hopefully, the day will come when we can drag you out onto the platform in shackles alongside your contemptible husband (not to mention every last member of both Bush Administrations) and offer you the sight of a hooded figure holding your noose, your just reward for all that you have done to us, your White countrymen, and our beloved America.

Then we will turn our attention to those among us who destroyed our culture by holding the immigration floodgates wide open and then placing the boot of multiculturalism and racial preference upon our necks.  Street lamps throughout America will be festooned with the swaying bodies of politicians, plutocrats, bankers and other thieves, rest assured.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2008, Edgar J. Steele

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