Nickel Ranttm:
 Ducks, Morons and George Bush

by Edgar J. Steele

September 4, 2005

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My name is Edgar J. Steele and this is a Nickel Rant.

America's traverse of the empire stage of nation building is all but complete.  We now are ruled by morons so doltish as to not even comprehend that they are stupid, let alone the full extent of their stupidity.  Think of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.  Or, is that Zero fiddling while New Orleans burns?

And the stupidity of our leaders is epidemic.  It's not just Bush, after all, who has demonstrated a complete lack of ability and finesse during our latest disaster, but also every single other so-called leader who has been involved: 

The Black mayor of New Orleans, poster child for affirmative action. 

The female governor of Louisiana, Exhibit A in how women differ from men and why it is that men should do the fighting and the leading, simply because men evolved differently, by dint of having to go out and fight both predators and the elements, while bringing home dinner to the family, safely ensconced in the cave.

The head of FEMA, a male political fop with no experience, no initiative and no backbone. 

The Black leaders of America, not a single one of whom has pinned the tail on the correct donkeys - themselves and the Black criminals now running amok throughout New Orleans.

Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, merely one of far too many dual-nationality Jews in positions of power, too busy with jailing the real patriots of America and kissing the hem of Israel's garment in order to pay attention to the security of our homeland.

The list goes on and on and on...morons, every single one of them.  I look upon the leadership of America and I see nothing but morons, for miles and miles.

Here's the problem with intellect:   On one end of the scale, people seem incapable of perceiving intellect greater than their own, similar to the human eye's inability to see beyond its own limited range and into, for example, infrared light.  On the other end of the scale, massively intelligent people exist in total self delusion, building magnificent houses of cards, houses that collapse massively when a gust of wind (like Hurricane Katrina, for example) comes along.  The rest of us are caught in between.

New Orleans was such a house of cards, carefully built up through the years.  The San Francisco Bay Area is another, which will collapse completely during the next major California shaker.  Any city with a significant Black population teeters on the edge, as New Orleans now has proven conclusively.  Mestizos present the same danger, though few have yet to realize it.  Quite aside from her foreign and domestic policies, America herself is yet another towering house of cards, though it took a hurricane to disclose just how shaky is America's foundation.

Ducks go quack.  The Irish get drunk.  Blacks rape, rob and murder.  It's genetic and infinitely predictable.  You know it.  I know it.  Get over it.  Why, even Black columnist Leighton Levy said so, just two days ago:  "I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem."

Last month I said, "Look to South Africa for America's future."  Many laughed.  Last week I said, "Look to New Orleans for America's future."  Far fewer are laughing today.  Yet, the revisionists are out in force, once again.  Today, they are blaming the widespread Black raping, robbing and murdering extant in New Orleans upon the failure of our welfare system (code for "blame Whitey").  They blame the desperation of Blacks too shiftless to get out of Dodge when the getting was good upon the failure of Whites to rescue, feed and clothe them ("victims of their own desperation").  They blame the totally inadequate rescue and relief response upon the incompetence of our leaders (okay, they've got me there:  stupid White people, sho 'nuff).

Today, the media shifted completely away from the raping, murdering and looting, to focus upon what now appears to be a herculean rescue and relief effort.  Appearances can be deceiving.  Don't think that the city isn't still in the hands of chaos.  On the contrary.  Even the few National Guard troops who have been dropped into the city know better than to tarry after dark. 

Yesterday, way too many Americans were beginning to realize, for the first time, exactly what it means to have Blacks living among us.  That's why the media emphasis had to shift today.

Even yesterday, however, the media never hinted at the armed Black gangs which were actively hunting down White people and killing them, wherever found. 

The media never told you of the all the bleeding-heart Whites who sailed and motored their boats into New Orleans, naively hoping to help evacuate stranded residents, but who ended up being boat jacked and murdered on the spot. 

The media never told you of the rape and murder of little girls of every color everywhere, or of the gang rape of White women by Blacks whenever and wherever possible. 

The media never told you about the Black cannibalism that has begun in New Orleans, several days ahead of the schedule that even I set for it.  Today they are eating corpses.  Tomorrow they will be seeking out fresh meat.

Bear in mind that this is the same media that keeps the average American totally in the dark as to the barbarity America has unleashed upon so many other countries of the world in recent years.  As my buddy Al likes to say, "If California fell into the ocean, would they tell us?"

Other countries now know how unprepared and ineffectual we are at dealing with domestic tribulation.  Other countries now know how ineffectual is America's leadership.  Until Bush, they thought we still elected Washingtons, Jeffersons and Hamiltons.  Now they know better.  Now they know our leaders are as stupid as are theirs.  And America kept them well aware of just how vulnerable they, themselves, are, unlike America's leadership, still stuck in infinite self delusion.

Other countries watch in rapt fascination all the Black lawlessness and chaos that exists in New Orleans.  They are stunned because they never have seen it before, following a natural disaster.  They didn't see it in Indonesia, after the Tsunami.  They didn't see it in Afghanistan after those earthquakes.  They didn't see it in Russia, after Chernobyl.  Only in America.

Look at all the pictures televised yesterday (but not today, strangely enough) of all those Blacks just sitting around on their fat asses throughout New Orleans, waiting to be taken care of.  Ask yourself why there are no similar pictures of Whites in other disasters - including Whites who were on welfare (or Indonesians following that tsunami, or Arabs after any earthquake, or...or...or...you get the idea).

Other countries now know what will happen domestically in America when the wheels come off:  Exactly what I and so many others like myself have been saying for years.  Precisely.  Exactly.  As a result, now they know how easily America can be defeated, despite her much-vaunted technological prowess.  Today, the world is a much more dangerous place than it was just last week.

Given what has happened in New Orleans, it is not hard to imagine the complete and effective destruction of America through the placement of just a few high-yield nukes: Say, one each in New York, Boston, Norfolk, Miami, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, plus one exploded high above Kansas to generate an electronics-killing ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP). 

11 nukes.  That is well within the reach of a great many countries throughout the world, who need merely carry them across America's nonexistent southern border.  And many of them have the ability to deliver the EMP by rocket.  There will be no need for an invasion force, no need to occupy, no need to subjugate what they perceive to be an already-beaten people.

There would be no rescue and relief effort mounted anywhere in America, of course.  Hell, we can't even pick up the pieces of a single city flooded by a few feet of water.  Picture the chaos of New Orleans magnified a thousand times, spreading out from the metropolitan areas to encompass virtually all of America.

Several short-sighted critics have taken me to task for the scenario painted in my book, Defensive Racism, of America breaking apart along racial lines following an attack from outside or, even, after the now-inevitable financial meltdown of America's economy.  Okay, critics, look upon New Orleans today and tell me again how far fetched was my scenario.

Blacks and Mestizos will respond predictably, according to the laws of genetics.  The White Americans left alive will finish the job, quickly, dispassionately, effectively and permanently, also according to the laws of genetics.  A New America will be the result.  A sadder but infinitely wiser America then will rejoin the world's nations as a true partner, not a pretender to the throne, as today.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Check my web site at www.ConspiracyPenPal.com for other messages just like this one.


Copyright 2005, Edgar J. Steele

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