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Dear Mr. Obama
by Edgar J. Steele

November 12, 2008

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"Not even Jesus could satisfy all the expectations of Obama's most vocal supporters, or fulfill all the promises Obama has made."
--- Steven Den Beste, Not the End of the World, Chizumatic (Nov 4, 2008)

Dear President-Elect Obama:


Let me get this out of the way:  I didn't vote for you.  

But, then, neither did I vote for John McCain, whom I viewed as being a far worse choice than yourself on many counts, primarily America's Middle-East war mongering and her collapsing economy. 

In fact, I actively pushed the idea that you were preferable to McCain, who I believe would have made us come to view Bush with a degree of melancholic fondness, similar to the way in which Bush caused us to recall Clinton.  McCain would not be the second coming of Bush, I said - rather, in the fullness of time, Bush would come to be seen as the weak-sister first coming of McCain.

My President, Race or Wrong

You say that you will be my President, too.  Fair enough and a most presidential outlook, incidentally, for which I commend you.  In return, I am willing to give you that chance, despite my beliefs concerning racial differences that count. 

You see, many consider me to be a racist of the first order.  The anti-American, Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) repeatedly (and wrongfully) refers to me as a "white supremacist."  In fact, I am a White Separatist, believing only in the US Constitution and its guarantee of a right to free association, which includes the right to choose to live apart from others of my choice

Defensive Racism

That I penned a lengthy (but very readable) book entitled Defensive Racism is not one bit at odds with my willingness to work with you as my President.  The philosophical underpinnings of my concept of defensive racism are kin to the concept of personal assertiveness and outright reject the aggressive core of White supremacy.  

I seek true equality for the members of all races in America.  Today, that means advocating for White Americans, who suffer unfairly from the fallout of affirmative action, set-asides, quotas, reduced educational expectations and bureaucratic mandates.

In fact, like so many others, I am not even strictly a White Separatist, since I consciously choose to live apart only from those groups and races that show a proclivity to do harm to others.  That includes Blacks. 

US Department of Justice published statistics prove that Blacks commit seven times the violent crime of Whites, despite constituting only one-seventh the population.  Do the math:  7x7=49.  Thus, any individual Black is about 50 times as likely to commit a violent crime than any individual White.  This staggering statistical difference cannot be explained by social, economic or educational differences. 

My racial attitudes are not holdovers from the days of Jim Crow; they are a product of today's very real racial wars now being waged in the streets of America's cities.

DNA: Culture Gone to Seed

Only genetics and culture (nature and nurture) explain the Black vs. White propensity for violent behavior.  I consider the argument for nurture vs. nature to be irrelevant since I also believe that DNA simply is culture gone to seed. 

Long ago, I consciously supported the White sacrifice that underwrote affirmative action for Blacks.  However, education and economic preference conclusively have proven incapable of bridging the gap between Black violence and White order, giving rise to my genetic beliefs.  This problem is not going away in my lifetime or that of our children.

My racial beliefs do not mean that I think you will steal my hub caps, Mr. Obama.  On the contrary - you have proven your peaceful nature to me.  But, your grandchildren might.  Worse, they might beat up, rape or kill my grandchildren and I will not have that.  Thus my feeling for the need for lifelong racial separation to optimize my family's physical safety.  America is a big place.  Surely it is big enough to accommodate those of us who feel as do I.

The foregoing racial discussion simply is for full disclosure, so that you know from whence so many other silent Whites and I come.

Agree to Disagree

On the other side of the room are people such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, not to mention your own pastor of over twenty years, Reverend Wright - people with whom you have associated and who have expressed racial beliefs far more extreme than my own.  Your own wife has made some truly regrettable racist comments, both recently and in her own graduate thesis. 

Let's agree to disagree about things racial, but I sincerely hope that the radical Black influences in your life carry no more weight with you than might my own racial beliefs in opposition. 

A Colorblind Presidency

Given your demeanor and statements thus far, I honestly believe that racial discord will not play any part in your Administration.  Yours was the singularly most colorblind presidential campaign I ever have witnessed.  That, truly, was remarkable, redounds to your benefit and accounts for your overwhelming win, I believe.

Similarly, I do not believe that your race played a significant part in your being elected, despite the fact that over 95% of the Black electorate voted for you.  White America elected you, sir, not Black America.  I bring this up, not to curry undue favor for your White constituency, but merely to encourage your granting White America equal status with Black America.  I have a hunch, though, that you need no reminding in this regard.

As eloquently put by blogger Glenn Greenwald:  "More generally, (your election) is a smashing repudiation of the hideous right-wing faction that has wreaked so much damage on the country..." (Salon.com).  I couldn't agree more.  That does not mean that I do not see your election as carrying a positive mandate for you, however.

At all times during the past two years, you have comported yourself honorably and dispatched your campaign obligations with efficiency, equanimity, eloquence, grace and intelligence.  If you carry those qualities through to your presidency, then there is a very real possibility that you could emerge as one of the great Presidents of this Republic.  I sincerely hope that proves to be the case.  America is in very real trouble today and needs such leadership.

The Times Make the Man

Too bad that you inherit the office at a time of such discord and discontent.  On the other hand, times make the man, so perhaps this is the perfect time for a man of great character to assume the Presidency.  Are you a man of great character?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I would be disingenuous if I did not tell you that I am disturbed by your initial selection of the very nasty and racist Israeli, Rahm Emanuel, as your Chief of Staff and of your apparent intent to populate your economic team with Clinton-era financial types, the very same people who created the economic chaos now unfolding.  Paul Volcker's inclusion is the sole bright spot to my eye.

My President - Right or Right

Just as you are willing to be my President, Mr. Obama, I am willing to have you as my President.  That will continue so long as I see you carrying the interests of all the people of America at the fore and always doing your best to advance our interests. 

In particular, I look forward to you fulfilling your pledge to extricate America from Iraq quickly and hope that you merely were pandering for election support when you expressed a desire to expand America's role in Afghanistan.

You advocated change above all other things during your campaign.  Change requires that we do things differently.  Fail us by continuing the policies of the past few administrations and I will join those who now are condemning you prematurely.  Fail us and I fear that it will be the end for America and that you very possibly could be her last president.  Yes, things really have gotten that bad.

Better yet - succeed.  For your success means America's success.  I, for one, am pulling for you ... Mr. President.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


Copyright 2008 Edgar J. Steele

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