You choose: Idaho Thought Police or the Oregon Child Nazis?

by Edgar J. Steele

August 19, 2001

This is going to be a status report on the two cases you know about my involvement with and a third that I think you might be interested in, one that I have only just signed onto.
Lonny Rae vs. the Thought Police 
It amazes me how uninterested the media seems to be in Lonny Rae.  This case is exceptionally interesting and presents a truly compelling issue that is more than a little relevant to what is going on in America today.  In my terms, it has sex appeal, so should develop "legs."  It's beginning to get a couple of nibbles, so maybe we'll see some coverage develop that might neutralize the stigma already attached to Lonny Rae by the Boise media machine.
ABC News put it up, front and center, on its web site this past week.  You can read their story yourself by clicking the following URL:
Then WorldNetDaily linked to it from its secondary (!) news page.  Since I had sent the press release to WND's editor, Joseph Farah, three weeks ago, I asked them if in the future I should first just send things to ABC and see if they get coverage there, since the Internet's conservative news sites didn't seem to interested until ABC blessed the story.  I'm still waiting for an answer.  The link is being passed around the Internet pretty briskly, too.
Roger Fredinburg continued to blaze trails when he had me on his nighttime national radio show for a two-hour interview on the Rae case, nearly a week before ABC put up its story.  Roger created the Klamath Falls story singlehandedly, you may not know, and is one of the very few radio talking heads actually to examine real stuff that hasn't already hit the wires.  Much as I know everybody seems to love Rush and (for some incredible reason) the insufferable Michael Savage, the fact is that both of them pretty much just read news squibs and emails and provide commentary. 
Since ABC put up its story, I have given several radio interviews, with the most significant perhaps being on LA's KFI at drive time last Friday night for about a 45-minute session.  One lady called in to KFI to say that Lonny must have deserved the charge.  I responded that she must believe that women who get raped are probably asking for it.  She didn't get the connection.  Duh.
Perhaps the biggest hurdle is that hardly anybody believes the facts as they happened.  Nobody wants to believe that a white guy can face five years in prison merely for hurling a racial epithet at a black man.  Then, when they find out that the black guy actually mauled the white guy's wife first, people get a truly disbelieving look.  "Well, she must have deserved it."  "He must be a skinhead."  As the saying goes, "there are none so blind as those who will not see." 
This is a hot topic, though.  It cuts right through the bullshit and examines where we're going with "hate speech" laws.  It also illustrates, in spades, the double standard employed by government and media in dealing with white/black tension.  Problem is, it is so obvious that Lonny will win this case that it doesn't present the right morality lesson for us in the Animal Farm formula (you know - "four legs good, two legs bad").  This case quite literally pisses off white people.  You know what?  It pisses off a lot of black people, too.  I was on Elaine Carrol's radio program Saturday morning and a black guy called in from Long Island to decry the fact that charges were even filed against Lonny Rae.
I'm still waiting for at least one of the more obscure cable TV shows to pick up the story.  That will then show me that it has developed the legs that I think it deserves.
It's more of the old "my government knows best."  It's the burden that every criminal defendant must shoulder at trial.  Guilty until proven innocent.  Time and again, we see it.  The juror starts off with the idea that the guy must be guilty or he wouldn't be sitting there under charges.  Civil plaintiffs get the same thing when jurors start off with the belief that they must be frauds.
I'm handling this case pro bono.  My wife asks me why anybody should buy my cow when I give away the milk for free.  I don't get the connection.  Duh.
Even so, the case is racking up some out-of-pocket costs that will run to several thousand dollars.  Those who wish to play a part in this case can do so by sending a contribution to:  Lonny Rae Defense Fund, PO Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860.
Trust me, these are people who, unlike JoAnn McGuckin, will sincerely appreciate your support.  Lonny and Rae are two genuinely nice people and it has been my sincere pleasure to make their acquaintance and lend them a hand at a time when the whole world seemed to be against them.
McGuckin Case Still Dead in the Water
Hmmmmm.....McGuckin.....McGuckin.... that name sounds familiar.  Oh, yes - that's the family with the kids who "stood off" Bonner County authorities for several days after their mother was lured out of the house and arrested on a trumped-up felony charge of "injury to children."  All just days after they buried their father.  After their home had been stolen for a pittance in back taxes.  On a warrant issued on what turned out to be several false allegations.  But the kids were pronounced ok, after all.  Crazy anti-government wackos.  Home schoolers.  You know the type.  Terrified that someday the government might try to steal their land and children.  How retro.

Don't believe what you may hear about some sort of plan having been put in place three days ago which will reunite the McGuckin children with their mother.  Sure there is a "plan."  There always is.  That's the law, after all.  But, absent some sort of miracle, it just ain't gonna happen.  Two months ago, I said it was over for this family and I still mean it.  And, don't forget that the mysterious "Florida benefactor" conditioned his offer of a house and money on the family being reunited.
Here's the way things stand today:  JoAnn is living in a local motel - just sits in her room, day after day, still charged with criminal child abuse.  The kids are still in foster care, enroute to being adopted out.  The dogs are still mostly dead.  The land is still in the Korenguts' name (c/o Ted Diehl, local attorney).
Diehl wants to be told it's ok to start "developing the land."  You'd think he'd have the common decency to wait until the snow melts next spring.

Junior G-Man Public Defender Powell sent an interesting request via an intermediary a week ago.  He wanted me to release $20,000 from the money all of you sent in to help this family out so that he could hire some lawyer from back east to pull his chestnuts out of the fire on this case.  Probably the closest we will ever get to getting his admission that he is incompetent and royally screwed up this case (if for no other reason than that he was instrumental in getting all of us thrown out of JoAnn's life).  Recall that I promised you not one penny would ever go into any lawyer's pocket and you will know why I turned him down flat.  Of particular irony is the fact that we had many fine Northwest lawyers, paralegals and activist organizations, many of whom specialize in fighting the tyranny of Child Protective Services, who had contacted me and stood ready and willing to get the job done pro bono, but who fell back when I got frozen out of the case.  That was back when we had good ol' Phil on the run, you may recall.
Ah, JoAnn, how different things might have been today, if only.......
As I have said, if JoAnn doesn't claim the $32,000 fund soon, I will carve it up and establish irrevocable college tuition trusts for each of the McGuckin kids.  If you feel you have been had and want a refund, please advise when you made a contribution and in what amount.  So long as we can verify it, we will see to your refund.  Of course, you might want to redirect your contribution to another cause you might deem more worthy....Lonny Rae's, for example or...
The Christines and the Oregon Child Nazis

Recall that I said Roger Fredinburg had me on his show week before last to talk about Lonny Rae and the Thought Police.  Well, while I was on air, Roger dragooned me into signing on to Brian and Ruth Christine's child custody struggle and now, multiple felony criminal case.  I told him I needed help, though, and I do.  I am hoping that many of those who offered to help the McGuckins will step forward again, despite the fact that (or perhaps because) the Christine case is about as terminal as any I have ever seen.  It didn't have to be that way.  I'm only just beginning to clear space for this case in my life, so bear with me as I gather particulars and get the lay of the land.
Brian and Ruth are late-twenties Vegetarian, Christian, home schooling nomads.  Prime targets for the establishment, in other words.  They sold their home and bought a motor home to live on the road for a while with their three young daughters.  Brian had something of an Internet business that he ran from public-access computers, generally in public libraries.  While in Grants Pass, Oregon, a year ago, an anonymous caller told the Oregon Child Nazis (SCF, short for Services to Children and Families, aka CPS in other localities) that one of the Christine girls looked downright abused.  Why, she was thin, of all things, and she looked downright dehydrated.  It was a hot day, and the little girl was just getting over an illness.  Kids do get sick now and then, donchaknow.  And, as we learned in the McGuckin case, if your kids aren't at the norm, that is, grossly fat, then watch out...
The OCN surrounded the Christine motor home, accused Brian and Ruth of child abuse and seized all three of their beautiful little girls.  Here is a picture of these wanton, lawless criminals and their hapless victims, taken in somewhat happier times:
Now, Brian and Ruth were somewhat put out at this intrusion into their personal affairs and, distrustful of both the system and lawyers, represented themselves and their children during the ensuing year, growing increasingly demanding and resentful.  The system does not like having its nose tweaked, so it refused to give in and eventually moved to take the children permanently from the Christines.  Imagine the effrontery of these hardened criminals not trusting lawyers enough to go into court and say "Yassuh, master" and "Nossuh, master" on their behalf, nor knuckle under to the counseling that is, after all, for their own good.  We'll show 'em, sayeth the system.  Show 'em good, too.
At the time of the beginning of this saga, Ruth was 8 months pregnant.  The Oregon Child Nazis demanded that child, too, so she disappeared for a time (see, now, there is a positive aspect to the law refusing to recognize that you are a person until you are can't seize you via court order until then), had her child and left it in the custody of another, way out of state.
With nowhere to turn and about to lose everything in life that mattered to them, the Christines recently took their children, allegedly at gunpoint, during a state-supervised visitation session and fled the state.  The authorities put out a dragnet that rivalled anything Timothy McVeigh ever saw and caught up with them in Montana.  Ruth is in jail in Missoula and Brian sits waiting in a cell in Billings. 
Here are a couple of links to recent articles on the Christines' predicament:
Brian and Ruth are refusing to cooperate with extradition proceedings, which only prolongs their inevitable return to Oregon, to be arraigned on a truly nasty set of criminal charges, by a few weeks.  Now, it just so happens that Ruth is pregnant yet again and due to give birth at any moment.  Having her child while in custody in Montana will give it a fighting chance to elude the grasp of the Oregon Child Nazis, at least, so fighting the extradition does serve a purpose.
This case is going to be tough, to say the least.  I scarcely know where to begin, but I really need some on-the-ground legal help in Josephine and Jackson Counties, Oregon, though I am admitted to the bar in Oregon State.  The issues in Montana are pretty well defined, so that we can work with the appointed public defenders effectively (I'm not admitted in Montana - you see, you have to pass a bar exam in each state in which you want to practice and, after four of them in twenty years, I'm just not quite ready for another one yet.) 
As with most people the system decides to tyrranize these days, the Christines have little.  Again, unlike JoAnn McGuckin, I guarantee you that they would appreciate your assistance, should you decide to pitch in and help out.  Donations can be sent to:  Christine Defense Fund, PO Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860.
Someone jokingly asked if I took credit cards for the Rae and Christine Defense Funds.  Funny you should ask.  Turns out that there is a way to do that.  All you need to do is log on to PayPal at , join the service (it's free), then click the tab for "Send Money."  Send it to and mark in the description which fund the contribution is for.  We'll keep a strict accounting.  Trust me....after all, I'm a lawyer.  Remember that it is only 99% of the lawyers that give the rest of us a bad name.
Someone else suggested a bumper sticker contest for this blizzard of citizen tyranny which seems to be occurring in Idaho and Oregon.  Here's my contribution:  "The Great NorthWest - Get Lost Here."
I've considered putting together a nonprofit, public-interest law firm so that such donations could be tax deductible, but the thought of the paperwork is truly overwhelming to me at this point in my life.  Wish I could dump everything and handle just cases like these, then it could be justified.  Meanwhile, I also have to try to find time to earn a living for my own family.  Otherwise, my kids might get too know what that could mean.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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