Just Say "Yes" to Liberals
by Edgar J. Steele

September 2, 2006

Yesterday, I released an article, the Axis of Hubris, which I headed up with a quote from Al Franken, of all people.  Now, I provide you a link for an obscenity-laced video tirade by George Carlin and tell you to WATCH IT.  Watch how close Carlin comes to "naming the Jew" as America's master, believe it or not, while he perfectly describes our common plight:


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I still believe precisely in that which I have since I was a child:  maximum personal liberty and minimum government.  It was the system into which I was born.  No, most assuredly, not Libertarian.  Libertarian rationalization is what got us into the economic mess in which we find ourselves.

There no longer is a word for what I and so many others really are today.  At one time, we called ourselves populists.  Before that, we were Patriots and Revolutionaries.  Today, the best I can do is call myself a Nationalist, because Nationalism's antithesis, Globalism, is the most severe threat facing us, both individually and collectively.

In my lifetime, I have watched America shift beneath our feet from conservative to liberal to socialist to corporate fascist-cum-neocon.  We have stayed the same.  Now hard-core liberals like Franken and Carlin are rejoining us - or we are rejoining them - it amounts to the same thing.  Welcome them into our ranks, I say - we are cut of the same cloth and we share a deep, abiding concern for the future of our country. 

No longer can we afford to divide ourselves by the ideological constructs of conservatism, liberalism, leftist, rightist, skinhead, Republican, Democrat or any other hollow label.  Now we must stand together.  Today, we are American Nationalists, fighting for our very survival.

In weeks and months to come, I will have a great deal more to say about my concept of the new American Nationalism that can bind all of America's disaffected together, but I wanted to get this brief message out to tout Carlin's video.  Again, watch it.  I consider this to be the single most relevant and cogent piece of material I have seen put together by a comedic political pundit who so often has indulged in what can only be described as vile and sacrilegiously offensive commentary.

On other notes, a great many list members have emailed, asking for my take on the sudden uproar in the precious metals market and, particularly, the significance of Goldcorp's acquisition of Glamis, announced two days ago.  Already, I had prepared a piece but set it aside to write and release "Axis of Hubris," which I consider to be of far greater importance.  With any luck, I will update and post that piece over the weekend.  And, yes, to the many fans of Snake Plankton:  I have not forgotten you and soon will release the latest installment of his exploits.  I have been mulling over whether to end his "Escape from New Orleans" quickly, as originally planned (already too late for that, I fear), or, because it has been so well received, to expand it into a full-on short novel.  It has occurred to me, perhaps, to do both.  Stay tuned.    

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