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May 26, 2001

I confess that we haven't gotten too far on our trek into the examination of what I like to call a "Unified Conspiracy Theory" of modern reality.  In fact, we have just begun.  Even so, a bit of a recap is in order, I think.

 So far, we have clearly seen how the media conspires internally to distort the reporting of interracial conflict, hyping white on black crime and burying black on white, though the incidence of black on white conflict is stratospheric when compared to its obverse.  In fact, it appears that a true race war now is raging in America, yet is being hushed up and glossed over by the media.

We have also talked a little about how the media promotes a generally leftist agenda, aside from its politically-correct distortion of interracial conflict, thus evidencing a broadening of the conspiracy to include leftist leaders (whom I have thus far purposely chosen to leave unnamed).  We have seen this in their reporting of attacks on traditionally conservative, family-oriented activities such as Christianity in general and Christmas in particular.  We have also seen the media's promotion of the leftist agenda in the strident calls for increased control of citizens in general, such as the lady jailed for not wearing a seat belt and the demonizing of American-Irish in a fashion that would get you jailed if the demonized weren't politically-incorrect white people.

I have just sent around my considered take on the Oklahoma City bombing, which recounts the irrefutable evidence making clear the federal government's advance involvement with that stupendously horrific crime.  I submit that it is irrelevant whether it was the entire federal government or just a couple of rogue agencies (BATF and FBI) that knew about the bombing in advance, because it is still the government to us lemmings, when all is said and done.  It is similarly irrelevant whether they merely knew about it and didn't stop it or actually pulled it off, start to finish, because both amount to the same thing to us lemmings and probably would constitute only a difference in the final body count. 

It is also irrelevant what role Timothy McVeigh played, since it seems clear he played some role, at least, and for that he should be punished - probably executed, in fact, though it would be nice first to hear what he has to say, uninfluenced by his jailers. 

The important thing to be gleaned from the OKC bombing is the understanding that our government now murders us indiscriminately, both individually and en masse,  merely to suit its political ends.  (Remember, murder as distinguished from manslaughter, requires premeditation and calculation.)

Yes, Waco occurred first and, according to the government line, was the reason for McVeigh's supposedly blowing up that huge structure with his amateurish plant-food bomb.  I will examine Waco with you in detail later, having only mentioned it in passing thus far, because it is a less obvious, though much more heinous, exercise in government tyranny than was the Oklahoma City bombing.

"The end justifies the means."  That has always been the leftist's credo, you know.  The communists, especially Stalin, used just that to explain away their murdering millions of their countrymen.  Hitler (yes, a leftist - a Nazi, as in National Socialist, don't forget) used it, too, when he blew up the Reichstag building, an act which catapulted him into power.  Of course, it always requires some furious spinning to provide the justification, and that is where the media always plays its role in advancing leftist, control-freak agenda.

The modern American media-government conspiracy is apparent from the change in reporting the OKC bombing which occurred after the first 24 hours.  It is also apparent today, from the way in which the media continues to disparage and deny the irrefutable evidence that we have already seen.

Though ostensibly separate from the government, our justice system is really part and parcel of it, for reasons that will become clearer, later on.  We have seen some of how the justice system and media often work hand-in-hand in conditioning public perception of those ensnared by the courts.  We have also seen how the justice system sometimes blatantly controls the media via "gag" orders.  We'll see much more of this as we go along, too.

This media-government connection is one that we will return to, time and again, on our journey into the Unified Conspiracy Theory.

I'm saving hate speech laws for a bit later, since they constitute such an important topic and are truly the centerpiece of what I believe to be just over the horizon.

Now, with that under our belts, let's listen to what that notorious racist/homophobe/nazi (the media's words, not mine), Dr. William Pierce, has to say this week.  Reproduced below is a transcript of his radio broadcast for this past week, just released.  I enclose it because it is particularly timely for this stage of our journey, seeming to recap and illustrate the basic principles we have been going over.

I was particularly taken with Dr. Pierce's mentioning of the leftist argument that offensive speech is not protected by the First Amendment, for the same reasons that shouting "Fire" in a crowded (and non-burning) theatre is not afforded the protection of free speech.  Just a handful of days ago, my own older brother parroted that very line to me, in response to my haranguing him about the sad state of America today.  However, there is hope for him and all lemmings like him, because he is one of the few who actually reads something other than People, TV Guide and Newsweek.  And, he knows full well that I am no lunatic; in fact, he acknowledges that I am pretty bright, logical and well educated, and therefore is willing to concede that there just might be something to my point of view.  He asked to borrow my copy of David Duke's "My Awakening," the very copy that I had told him a liberal/leftist lemming friend of mine returned to me, unread (that lemming's wife would not even allow him to bring it into "her" house, you see, and he undoubtedly knew that if he went very far down the path we are now on, his marriage might be over.....of course, he might have made her a convert, too, but we will never know).  My brother will probably read it. 

You might have people that afford you a measure of respect similar to that shown me by my brother (though denied by my leftist friend).  Knowing what you now know, would you want them to do the politically-correct thing and keep silent when they could have easily helped to awaken you?  What could you do to help them along, since there is not yet a blue pill to offer them???  Ah, hell, after all, it is only the future of your country and the lives of your children that are at stake. 

Writing things like this is a part of what I do (and which will get me jailed, killed or both, eventually, unless a lot more people start talking out like this) to try to save freedom in this country.  At the very least, perhaps you could forward this email to others.  Or, send them directly the articles authored by others who write so much better than I, and which I regularly attach to these musings.  Or, feel free to delete my name and send my stuff to them over your own, claiming that you wrote it, if you think that might help.

By the way, if you have never yet done so, this would be a great time to buy a copy of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and read it.  In fact, go get a copy and read it right now (reread it, if it has been a while), before you plunge into Dr. Pierce's diatribe.  Then, as you begin with Dr. Pierce's ruminations, keep repeating to yourself, "four legs good, two legs bad."  While you're in that section of the bookstore or library, you might pick out and take home a copy of Orwell's "1984," too, which only becomes better and more apropos as things progress in this country (it should have been entitled "2004," but Orwell always was at least a generation ahead of the times in which he wrote).  In fact, if this were a college course, I would make both those books required reading at this stage.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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