Case Updates

 October 6, 2001

Time for some housekeeping updates on the cases that many of you have shown such interest in.  We have had several developments in the past week or so, none of them earthshaking, but all worth talking about.

JoAnn McGuckin vs. Good Ol' Phil
A week ago, good ol' Phil Robinson finally dropped the charge still hanging over JoAnn's head, which had been reduced to a misdemeanor several months ago.  Claims they're still working on "reuniting the family."  Yeah, right.  Meanwhile, the family home is history for the pittance in back taxes for which Bonner County seized it (and kept the sizable profit it made by reselling it to a New Jersey couple, the wife of which just happens to have a brother who is a developer locally).
JoAnn moved out of the hotel room she had been sitting in, day after day, and is now staying with a friend.
JoAnn has resisted all efforts to turn over the fund we collected on her behalf, which began as a bail fund and became a general fund for her family.  I have just posted letters and forms to all contributors, to provide me directions on how to proceed.  We can refund the money in full, with the anonymous donations covering the cost of postage, etc.  Or, we can redirect contributions to either the Rae or Christine Defense Funds.  Or, we can apportion the money among the McGuckin kids, set up as irrevocable college trust funds (I assume that we can persuade some insurance company to issue annuities for this purpose).  Or, we can follow special instructions as given on the forms to be returned by month's end.
Lonny Rae vs. the Thought Police
Last week, the judge granted our request for a change of venue.  Though we requested an eastern Idaho county, he brought it to his home county - Payette.  He just set December 17, 2001 as the new trial date. 
Dunno.  Seems a strange time to set what looks like a "for sure" trial.  I've never been anywhere near a trial that actually went forward that close to Christmas.  It's usually a spoof setting by the Court, designed to help force a settlement.  If so in this case, it will have the opposite effect, because it might just be a good time for us.  After all, people can be expected to be in a generally forgiving mood, moreso than other times.  Regardless, we will be ready and there should be no more delays.
We can use the extra time to track down some experts to testify, anyway, though so far it has been tough sledding in that department.  Politically incorrect, donchaknow.
Ruth Christine vs. the Reptiloid NWO Baby Snatchers
The Oregon judge said that Oregon could go ahead with adopting out the three oldest Christine girls.  My counterpart from Oregon's Justice Department urged that be done to "punish" Brian and Ruth for their effrontery in refusing to go along with the system and then having had the gall to actually kidnap their own children back (from a system that has yet to prove them guilty of one single thing, I added, to no effect).  "Excuse me, Judge," said I, "but aren't we supposed to be concerned primarily for the best interests of the children?"
Both Ruth and Brian are in the process of being extradited back to Oregon and may actually be in transit as you read this.
Baby Abbey Rose, born to Ruth in Missoula two weeks ago, was taken by Montana's version of the Oregon Reptiloid NWO Baby Snatchers shortly after birth and has been held at an undisclosed location ever since.  Montana has filed for some sort of Order-to-Show-Cause proceeding, to be heard on October 11.  Problem is, while they served some papers on both Brian and Ruth for a proceeding filed the very day that Abbey Rose was born, neither Oregon nor Montana have bothered to tell me about it yet.  Nor have I been able to get so much as a copy of a cover sheet from anybody.  The public defender appointed for Ruth has been given precisely four pages, per her secretary (she's been out of town), and maybe I will get to see some of them a day or two prior to the hearing.  Obviously, this is the precursor to Oregon attempting to snatch Abbey Rose.  Not if we have anything to say about it, however.
The lawyer we hired in Montana, where I am not admitted to practice law, bailed on us just as Ruth was about to give birth, putting us in a terrible position (Milton Datsopolous, of Missoula, Montana, since you asked, and I agree that what he did was terrible, particularly in view of the fact that we had agreed to pay him for his services).
We finally located a local guy who filed guardianship papers to place the baby with her paternal grandmother in Indiana, the same woman who currently has baby Olivia, who Oregon also tried desperately to snatch.  What is going on in Oregon, that it is so desperate to grab babies like this?  This fellow has agreed just to an uncontested filing, so we are again trying to find a lawyer to help the Christines, but the local establishment has closed ranks against them, just as it did back in Grants Pass.  It's getting so that the only lawyers the politically incorrect can have these days are on the public payroll.  What is wrong with this picture?
Montana is going to have to make a choice.  Let's hope that it chooses better than Oregon has in the past.  There was an editorial in Missoula's newspaper, The Missoulian, yesterday to the effect that it's a good thing the Christines are headed back to Oregon because they have just helped to further injure Montana's image.  Amazing.  Everybody has found this young couple guilty of the most heinous of charges, with no proper hearing and on the slimmest of "evidence," which consists mostly of editorial conjecture and outright Reptiloid fabrication. 
Here's what the Reptiloid NWO Baby Snatchers have on the Christines:  (1) Brian allegedly struck one of the girls as a part of her toilet training.  Though they have yet to show me anything but conjecture, they claim that the little girl sustained a skull fracture as a result.  Initial studies and, even, a CT Scan did not disclose any skull fracture, but eventually they got a doctor to say that he thought she had one.  This is how it is done, you know.  (2) The girls were "emaciated," yet two weeks later they were normal.  Gotta wonder just how emaciated they could have been when seized, eh?  And Oregon's storm troopers grabbed them while they were trying to eat lunch in their mobile home, too.  (3) They kidnapped the girls at gunpoint and fled across state lines with them.  This, after finally cooperating with the Oregon officials and being told the girls were to be adopted out anyway.  Some say they should get a medal for assertiveness.  That's it.
For this, they have to lose their kids and serve lengthy prison terms.  Meanwhile, we've got bona fide terrorists on the loose in this country, bent on killing thousands of us.  We can't track these Islamic nuts down, but we have time and resources to persecute people like Brian and Ruth.
I got a call the other day from a fellow named Paul Topete, driving force behind a Pennsylvania rock band named "Poker Face."  He sent me a care package, including a couple of their CDs, having happened upon an essay or two of mine and feeling a sympathetic chord, I suppose.  "More noise," I thought, as I loaded one into my player, but was amazed to hear what I felt to be the equivalent of many bands that have "made it" in the past .  I was always partial to the likes of Led Zep and the Eagles, so that you know the era they remind me of.  Really excellent. 
Then I read the liner notes and realized why they haven't broken out...yet.  First truly good rock band that writes all its own stuff and is unabashedly patriotic.  The existing system will never allow music like this to go mainstream.  Best cut on the best of the two CDs I listened to was "I'd Rather Die than Be Your Slave," which was written for Mel Gibson's "The Patriot," but never got past Gibson's publicist ("We don't use stuff from the outside," she screeched, said Paul).  More's the pity for Mel, because the song would have been a great backdrop to the movie. 
This extended plug for Poker Face is my way of thanking them for making a difference and encouraging them to keep on doing so. 
You can visit their web site at   Scroll down the main page and read the stuff they have posted.  Awesome.  This is the house band of the new revolution, if there ever is one.  Order their CDs.  I'm particularly partial to their "Sex, Lies and Politiks" CD, which contains "I'd Rather Die than Be Your Slave." 
You're never too old to be a groupie, I guess.
The changeover of this list to Yahoo is now complete.  I have asked them how to eliminate that wretched ad from the top of each of these reports, but it appears that is not to be.  I'm not sure there is an alternative and I am not going back to managing the list myself again.  The exceptionally politically-incorrect messages I sent out last month because I felt the things needed to be said brought out the disruptors in force, who did their best to get my ISP to cancel me out.  It hasn't...yet.  Of course, I made it clear that it would buy a major piece of litigation if it did so, not something that just anybody can threaten and back up.  It is amazing how little truly free speech remains to us in America any more.
I want to express how deeply I am touched by the thoughts and words that so many of you have sent via email and regular mail.  So many who can't afford to send anything but encouragement for the Raes and the Christines and myself, of course, and who speak from the heart and absolutely lift me up with their words.  Those who say little, but enclose $5 or $10 that I know they can ill spare from their pensioner income speak volumes, too, causing my eyes to mist over as I consider their generosity.  I read everything, believe me, even though I can personally respond to only a fraction.  I'll put together a feedback report sometime soon, to give you all a flavor of what is being said.  To tell you the truth, that is my favorite sort of report to write. 
But, now it is late and, though it is the weekend, tomorrow brings another very full day.  Bless you all.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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