List Alert
(Market Update 6-8)
by Edgar J. Steele

November 26, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a

www.ConspiracyPenPal.com list alert:
Below is a brief email alert I sent to my small list of those interested in things financial last Friday morning, well before the markets closed.  It occurs to me that it might be of general interest to the entire list for the reasons stated in my latest column, "Are We There Yet?" wherein I recounted the significance of the dollar falling through the .85 resistance level.  Friday closed at about the levels reported on the Kitco page enclosed below with my earlier email alert.
It is Sunday evening, November 26, 7 pm PST, as I write this.  The overseas markets once again are pounding the dollar, which now is yet another .003 lower, in action that foreshadows what could happen tomorrow in New York and Chicago.  Doesn't mean that it will, however, as this truly is a major crisis for the dollar and we can expect the government to heave into its illegal market manipulation mode big time
Do the government's illegal market manipulators still have the juice to snatch the dollar from the jaws of hyperinflation?  Probably, but it is only a matter of time, as the rest of the world now has figured out.
So - massive inflation looms and is inevitable, due to the massive mismanagement and impending demise of the dollar.  Stock market crash and eventual precious metals prices to the Moon, along with everything else that accompanies a financial Armageddon even worse than Depression I. 
Picture the US dollar on life support and periodically flat-lining, requiring regular defibrillation just to keep it breathing shallowly.  You can do that just so long - and the process itself adds to the damage already done.  The prognosis, of course, is terminal.
What to do?  Well, the historical remedy for a terminal economy always has been just one thing:  World War.  America doesn't have four aircraft carrier battle groups on station in and around the Persian Gulf right now for no reason, folks.  It is particularly telling that at least one of them is well overdue for rotation back home.
Big things are in the offing, methinks.  Is Bush really stupid enough to attack Iran?  Of course, but it is his venal nature that really allows him to do all that he does.  
Bush will require provocation sufficient to quell public dissent, which you can expect Israel to provide through one of its signature "false-flag" events.  Too bad that it will require several thousand Americans to die, just to get enough other Americans who are too stupid to realize what really is going on to clamber aboard the war wagon.
I could be wrong, of course.  I hope so, but probably am not.  I haven't been wrong about these things very much lately. 
Expect big things soon.  Very soon...
The following was sent to my small list at 10:30 am PST, Friday, November 24, 2006:
The dollar quite simply is getting NAILED today - down .0097 per chart below.  Read my last, sent out two days ago, sounding the alarm.  Guess that drop through .85 really was a significant resistance point followed by many.  This is mostly overseas, though Chicago is open today.  Let's see if it holds up through Monday.  If so, this may well be the sound of at least one of the wheels falling off America's little party wagon.
I'd love to be able to see the look on the face of Goldman Sachs' man in charge of American monetary policy (Treasury Secretary Paulson) today.  Must be akin to that on the face of a cave man looking up to see where all the rocks are coming from. 
Notice that gold and silver are up, though nothing like they should be in the face of what is taking place right before our eyes.  Monday's market opening should be very interesting.
Now, honestly ... aren't you glad you bought silver?

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141.07 +3.19

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updown  DJIA 12,288.02 -38.93
 NASDAQ 2,460.26 -5.72
 TSX Gold 319.41 +6.52
 RUSSELL 792.29 -0.62
 GOX 150.56 +4.30
 NYSE 8,933.75 -15.19
 TSX 12,653.98 +9.08
 USD 83.56 -0.97
 HUI 340.20 +8.17
 NIKKEI 15,734.60 -179.63
 JSE 2,954.67 +114.68
 Crude Oil 59.70 +0.46

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 US/CAD 1.1347
 US/AUD 1.2844
 US/ZAR 7.1530
 US/Euro 0.7641
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626.30 635.20
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12.95 13.29
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1145.00 1173.00
Palladium Charts  PALLADIUM 11/22/2006 13:24 322.00 326.00



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   Nov 24, 2006 AM PM - AM PM AM PM
   $ USD 636.00 639.50 13.3650 1180.00 1192.00 326.00 328.00
   BP GBP 328.82 NA 691.2340 611.10 NA 168.80 NA
   E Euro 485.87 NA 10.2062 903.20 NA 249.50 NA


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  Metals Date Time (EST) Bid Ask Change from NY Close
Gold Charts  GOLD 11/24/2006 13:01 637.90 639.40



Silver Charts  SILVER 11/24/2006 13:01 13.40 13.50



Platinum Charts  PLATINUM 11/24/2006 08:49 1192.00 1198.00



Palladium Charts  PALLADIUM 11/24/2006 12:31 331.00 336.00




XAU and Gold Ratios

  Nov 24, 2006 13:01 NY Time
   XAU 141.07 +3.19    Gold / XAU Ratio 4.52
   Gold / Silver Ratio 47.60 -    Gold / Platinum Ratio 0.54

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