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January 7, 2002
Sandpoint, Idaho.  My computer hard disk and its mirror crashed over the weekend, taking with them the contents of my Outlook files.  I spent most of the past couple of days retrieving from various backups only material through mid-September 2001.  Almost four months' work...gone.  Fortunately, my main list is externally maintained at Yahoo.  That is also my sole source for the essays I have written lately.  If anybody happened to save them in the format in which I sent them, I would appreciate copies.  Else, I will download the Yahoo versions, replete with those abhorrent embedded advertisements.
This is the second time I have had a computer crash with the hard disk fragmenting and my Outlook files being the main victim.  Don't mean to seem paranoid (more than usual, that is), but it seems to me that both times I had just released an essay which railed against Zionism.   The Chosen, of course, fail to see anti-Zionism as anything but anti-Semitism (actually, anti-Jew, since Arabs are the original Semites).   The first time prompted me to erect a firewall against Internet traffic.  I should have been doing more faithful removable backups, too, it turns out.
I had my inbox down to about 150 new at the time, most of them unread.  There were a number of inquiries, both old and new, that I had not yet addressed.  All that is gone.  If yours was one, please resend it and forgive me for appearing to ignore you. 
Gee, all the little thoughts, scraps of writings and drafts I had accumulated during the past few months are likewise gone, since I tend to do most of my non-legal writing on line, with Outlook.  Not to mention a ton of first-rate material I culled from thousands of emails, relating to the near-complete overthrow of the US Constitution by Bush the Second.  Guess I'll have to do some all-new original thinking.  Drat.  Of course, lately the gummint is a never-ending source of fresh material.
Odds and ends while I have you on the line:
Re:  Lonny Rae & the Thought Police -
As most know, we beat them at trial last month on the thought-crime charge, but that Idaho jury inexplicably thought Lonny guilty of assault for having called that black guy a n**** (as you know, I am no milquetoast when it comes to language, but many of your ISPs filter for the "N" word and reject any messages containing such - more political correctness, of course, so I bow to reality to ensure that everybody receives this) from a distance after his wife had been brutalized.  So off the mark of the definition of assault that it takes my breath away, but an appeals court would not disturb that finding, I guarantee you.  Remarkable result, that, and attributable to the epidemic of political correctness that has swept over America.  Black-on-white crime doesn't matter, but look cross-eyed at a black man and get nailed. 
This has become a simple misdemeanor, so many say to let it go.  However, the principle involved is important to Lonny Rae, his family, to me and to all patriots, everywhere.  I won't let it go.  We're going up on appeal and I fully expect the judge's ruling, whereby he added the "lesser-included" offense as a charge after the trial was over, but before the jury was given the case to decide, to be overturned.  I'll keep you posted on this.  Mark my words:  Lonny Rae will walk free, vindicated of all charges, by the time this is over. 
Thanks to those of you who donated money to pay for court costs, exhibits, witnesses and travel costs.  I even have a few dollars left over that will probably cover the initial filing round of appellate briefs.
Re:  Brian and Ruth Christine & Oregon's Legalized Child Theft Ring -
Brian and Ruth still sit in jail in Oregon, held on what I consider to be exorbitantly unconstitutional bail in excess of half million dollars each.  They just keep adding to the criminal charges, thus the statutory bail just keeps rising, due to each charge.  This is what is known as "throwing the book at them." 
The criminal actions have now been deferred into mid-2002, and are being consolidated.  This is for the alleged kidnapping (I refuse to dignify the taking of one's own children as true kidnapping) at gunpoint.  The gun is the real problem.  Oregon's Measure Eleven minimum sentencing requirements really mandate an exceptionally stiff penalty against both parents.  This is the result of so-called "tough on crime" initiatives - they set too wide a net and ensnare those, like Brian and Ruth, who should be dealt with in understanding and with leniency.
The termination-of-parental-rights trial (about the three oldest girls) is set for late next month and looks bad.  The only bright spot is that Ruth's parents almost certainly will be the ones getting the three girls.  They will then take them back home to England, of course.
Brian's public defender made an unfortunate statement to the press about cutting a deal and precipitated a flood of vituperation from the people in Grants Pass who were advising the Christines all along.  They loudly accused all the Christine lawyers, including myself, of selling Brian and Ruth down the river in typical lawyer fashion.  Sigh.  But for those people advising this young couple, they wouldn't be in jail today, with their children living in two different states.  They would be an intact family unit somewhere. 
I agree that the legal system, especially in Oregon, is abysmal and needs a radical overhaul.  However, I am not willing to sacrifice Brian and Ruth to that objective, particularly since it would be a futile sacrifice.  Those people in Grants Pass really need to figure out that they are a part of the problem in some of these cases down there; an example of creating your own opposition.
About that "deal."  Brian's case is so over-the-top that a deal seems pretty unlikely; he likely will be better off taking his chances with a jury.  Ruth is a somewhat different story, since she did not actually wield any weapons and was not present when that happened, though conspiracy law sees her charged with the same offenses as Brian.  A deal for her might be the best approach.  Time will tell.  A deal about the termination issue, especially since that is heard by a judge without a jury, seems the most likely and is viable only because of Ruth's parents being likely foster parents for the girls.
I'll keep you posted on this case, too, but as I said before:  this is a really tough case to get a good result in, from here on out.  We did well in getting the two youngest girls into the hands of Brian's mother, but that was because we were able to work within courts in other jurisdictions (Indiana and Montana).  Oregon is furious over those two defeats and has pulled out all the stops on the remaining Christine cases, which are all solely within its own jurisdiction. 
The contributions from many of the good people on this list (bless you, you know who you are) enabled us to pay for attorney fees and court costs in both Montana and Indiana, including hiring an Indiana law firm to finish the guardianship of Abbey Rose there.  We fell a little short, but I made that up out of my own pocket and am confident that we will still see donations that will cover everything before we are done.
Re:  Kill 'em, Kill 'em All -
Once again, hard-core Christian fundamentalists have amazed me.  The last time was over Harry Potter, of all things.  For having written an essay (Kill 'em...) which nails Zionists in general and Israel in particular (along with its enforcer, America), I get accused of being (1) Jewish (I couldn't make something like this up, folks), (2) anti-Christian, (3) ill-informed and (4) incapable of reading the Bible accurately.  Sigh.  I don't think I got a single negative from any Jews this time around, though they often send such in the guise of being nominal supporters. 
Indeed, I received a couple of considered and thought-provoking replies from the Chosen, particularly the NY Jewish Times.  Most of the Chosen have resigned from my list due to my obvious anti-Zionist agenda, coupled with the fact that I have never allowed this forum to become two-way, so that they could step all over it and destroy it, as they have the Peoples' Free Republic.  Now they just do their best to get my ISP to drop my account and Yahoo to delete my essays.  Of course, they have their hands full these days, because their opposition is growing like Topsy.
I appear to have offended two types of fundamentalists.  First is the group that considers itself offspring of the Israelites of old, with the Jews really the descendants of the Canaanites, who God marked for genocide at the hands of the Chosen.  The second  is the group that honestly believes modern-day Jews to be God's chosen, therefore we must protect and serve them.  Well, I've never been one to mince words, and I am not going to start now. 
About 50 people "unsubscribed" from this list after the "Kill 'em" essay and its followup, versus 30 after my Harry Potter diatribe.  That's net, after new subscribers, too.  Currently, this list stands at about 2040 and is comprised of what I consider to be some of the most thoughtful and openminded individuals on the Internet.  I know it gets reposted, too, to many other lists.  I appreciate the exposure and the attention, because it helps to get the word out about the causes we support.
The Commercial -
No, that abhorrent ad at the top of this message is Yahoo's idea, not mine, and will be what gets me to take this list elsewhere, just as soon as I hear of a better list manager that doesn't take the sort of liberties that Yahoo does.  Yahoo is going to lose lots of business due to its overreaching.
This commercial is for the Patriot Civil Liberties Union (PCLU), which I have just established and which we are now guiding through 501(c)3 territory so that contributions eventually will be tax deductible.  Meanwhile, we really do appreciate your making nondeductible contributions, which enables us to handle cases like Lonny Rae's and the Christines and whatever the next one will be.  Those contributions - your contributions - make all the difference in the world, since I could not otherwise take on these cases.  I only wish I could afford to hire staff and run these cases on more than the proverbial shoestring.
Donations may be made to  PCLU , PO Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860.  Credit card donations may be made by logging on to (joining is free) and sending funds to with "PCLU " noted in the distribution directions.   Thanks and bless you. 


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