Shut Up and Sit Down, Trent

by Edgar J. Steele

December 18, 2002

Every day we get further proof of the fact that light travels faster than the speed of sound.  That's why so many people, especially politicians in faraway Washington, DC, look just fine until you hear what they have to say.  Trent Lott has now verified this fact...and in spades, no less.

Followers of my rants know that I rarely agree with anything that Bush the Second has to say these days, but I simply must concur with the White House assessment that Lott has to go:  "Republicans with close ties to the Bush administration said today that Sen. Trent Lott had no chance of remaining majority leader and that the White House wanted him out."  (NY Times, 12/17/02)

As is often the case, my reasons are different, however.

Though officially closemouthed about Lott's series of recent gaffes, "senior administrative officials" (the ones quoted when Bush doesn't have the moxie to talk straight out) are quoted by Fox News as saying that "Lott is jeopardizing the party future and must go."

I want him out because of his shameless pandering to black interests and spineless refusal to stand by his own convictions.  I also recall how Lott was instrumental in the Senate's refusal to convict Clinton following the House impeachment hearings.

Mind you, I feel much the same way about every single politician alive today (with the notable exception of Ron Paul).  I want them all out.

There's a reason we shoot traitors, while we release enemy POWs.  Trent Lott has shown himself to be a traitor to conservative interests (paleo, not neo, of course), so forgiveness is not an option.  He has damaged us far more than any liberal could have.  And he wants the opportunity to do even more damage!

Lott's abandonment of Strom Thurmond, who ran for president in 1948 on a segregationist platform, after saying recently that the country would be far better off today had Thurmond been elected, sickens me.  Imagine Lott in the trench next to you during World War II:  as the Germans creep forward, suddenly he throws his hands up and shouts out, "Ich bin ein Berliner," leaving you to be gutshot.

I saw a portion of Lott's incredible self-debasement on Black Entertainment Television two nights ago (I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing).  Lott mentioned that he didn't create the society into which he was born, "a society then that was wrong and wicked."  His apologizing for what he previously said made me ashamed to be white, frankly, because I don't want other races to think that all white people are so spineless and opportunistic.

"I believe I have changed," whined Lott to the BET interviewer, and then hastily added that he supports affirmative action:  "I am for that...absolutely across the board."

Think about that for a moment.

Lott wants blacks and mexicans promoted over you, though they are less qualified than you.

Lott wants black and mexican children given placement in college that your children earned and deserve, leaving your kids to pump gas and wait on tables.

Lott wants even more blacks and mexicans given cushy government jobs, though they already occupy 6 times the number of them that they should, based upon population percentages.

Lott wants even more welfare for blacks and mexicans, paid for by you.

That's what affirmative action means, you know.

I recall when affirmative action began.  I recall the rationale.  It was designed as a temporary measure, to right alleged past wrongs wrought by racial discrimination.  It would provide a shortcut to equality, by giving a leg up to a single generation.  Then it was to be rescinded.  

Now affirmative action has become a permanent part of the landscape because politicians like Trent Lott realize that, otherwise, all the gains made by so-called minorities in the last 30 or 40 years would go by the wayside almost overnight.  It is now a handicapping system, designed to provide equal outcomes to all members of society - communist/socialist style - "to each according to their needs."  Handicapping makes bowling and golf more interesting, but it makes life simply unfair.

Thanks, Trent.  

Lott did say some things to the BET interviewer that I can support:  "(There has been) immoral leadership in my part of the country for a long time (and I have been a part of it)."  Again, however, my reasons for agreeing are somewhat different from his for having said such a thing in the first place.

Lott also leaned forward at one point and told BET's black interviewer, Ed Gordon, that, in order to be racist, one must feel superior.  "I don't feel superior to you at all," said Lott.  Tough to disagree with that.

Lott also mentioned a need for a federal "task force of reconciliation" to discuss racial healing.  Just what we need, more feds to apply more pressure to the boots on our necks.

There is a storm brewing in this country.  A racial firestorm of unimaginable ferocity.

Blacks hate whites because of the perception that white racism is responsible for their past treatment and present circumstance.  Blacks hate whites because of crackers like Trent Lott who tell them just why they should hate us.  

Whites are sick of the whining.  

Sick of the effects of affirmative action.  

Sick of the unfairness of daily life under an ever-growing police state.

Sick of traitors like Trent Lott.

Shut up and sit down, Trent.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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