Tolerance Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
by Edgar J. Steele 

July 14, 2001`

Reproduced below is an open email from Richard and Deon Masker to one of the Freepers (what members of the Free Republic Internet forum call themselves) who attended the Pizza Hut pre-McGuckin-Rally meeting last month.  The Maskers make some very valid points, albeit at length and in a fairly vituperative manner.  Can't say I particularly blame them, given the manner in which they are being dismissed by Freepers on The People's Free Republic (your papers, please...).
GrandmaC (her Internet "handle") and the other Freepers who organized the rally in the first place rather pointedly and with great fanfare withdrew when they perceived that some with politically-incorrect outlooks wished to help the McGuckin family, too.  Funny, but I had thought the rally was for the benefit of the the McGuckin family, not to burnish the appearance of the organizers.  Wish I had known beforehand the real purpose of the rally, so that I could have pointedly and with great fanfare withdrawn my support, as well.  Silly me, taking something like this at face value.
Just an aside, but have you noticed how "handles" are like cars?  You know.  Put a mild, unassuming clerk behind the wheel of a car on the freeway at rush hour and he will do things to others that he would never in a million years think of doing in person while walking down the sidewalk.  A car affords one a degree of anonymity whereby one grants oneself permission to be the Terminator.  That's why Internet forums tend to resemble a 56-car pileup in the fog.  It is also why I don't allow myself to use a "handle."
Notice that the Maskers use their real names on the Internet.
Anyway, the Maskers are unashamedly what many call "white supremacists," though I suspect they really might qualify only for how they describe themselves:  "white separatists."  Separatists wish to live apart from other races, and are forced endlessly to cite their reasons for wanting to do so, whereas supremacists...well...I'm not sure what supremacists want, since they don't articulate much of anything very well (unlike the Maskers) and seem to stumble about in a state of constant confusion.  So much for being supreme.
Now, I'm not so sure that being a separatist is worthy of anybody's scorn.  After all, most of us really are separatists, when you stop and think about it.  We just use code words and phrases which make it palatable.   

Separatism is the act of being or living apart from others possessing certain specified characteristics.  Want to live in a low-crime area?  Near good schools?  Away from drugs?  Near good shopping?  Then you are a separatist, because those are characteristics that do not exist in multiethnic neighborhoods. 

Guess I must be a separatist.  I cannot in honesty profess to be otherwise.  In fact, I don’t want my kids associating with white trash or knee-jerk leftists’ offspring or the kids of religious extremists, either.  I want them physically safe and not being bombarded with propaganda (which I don’t spoon-feed them, either).  It is the characteristics of a neighborhood that attract or repel me, not the racial makeup; fact is, though, the characteristics often accompany and derive from the racial makeup.  Facts are facts.  Even the liberal press makes no pretense of crime and ignorance being uniform throughout our society.

However, in fairness, the Maskers do appear to be racists, and that I will not personally condone, though I certainly tolerate it in others.  I try to evaluate people one by one, as they pass before me, and avoid stereotyping them based upon size, age, uniform, sex, breast size, skin color or, even, political orientation.  I confess, however, that I sometimes slip and expect cops to be overbearing, or adults to be rational, or men to be manly, get the idea.  Racism sometimes slips in there, too, as it does for all of us, try as hard as we might to avoid it.  That doesn't make it right, however, and it does not mean we shouldn't try our best to avoid dismissing someone just because they happen to be.....blonde, for instance.

That's what cost us the best candidate for President, by far, in last year's election:  Alan Keyes.  Many dismissed him because he is black.  Many others, because he is conservative.  Still others, because he is so smart that they couldn't begin to relate to him.  So, we relegated ourselves to a Hobson's choice of Gore or Bush or McCain or Bradley.  Such is the price of stereotyping.  Pity.

Like it or not, ours is a society diverse in many respects.  Some say it will not survive because of that.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps it will adapt and become something altogether new and stronger, as others say, though I consider that an unlikely possibility.  Meanwhile, we have to deal with the reality of what is.  And, what is consists of a great diversity of opinions, races, professions, IQs, ages, belly sizes, political outlooks and so on.  It even appears that there is now a multiplicity of sexes beyond the two basic flavors, but it's a little hard to tell at this juncture. 
What is also means that we have to get along, and those who struggle against that eventually will simply implode from an excess of existential angst or do something stupid and go to jail.  That means I have to tolerate leftists.  That means GrandmaC has to tolerate the Maskers.  That also means the Maskers have to tolerate other races.  That means we all have to suffer fools of every stripe.  That also means society has to tolerate home schooled kids who live, dirt poor, in poorly heated homes and without the questionable benefit of television and the companionship of other kids reared on Cheetos and MTV.
That also means you have to tolerate me.  Now, I'm willing to have you in my world.  I only ask that you return the favor. 
Tolerance doesn't mean you have to have me over for dinner or allow me to date your daughter.  Nor does it mean that you have to have a certain quota of people just like me in your school or workplace or neighborhood.
Tolerance just means that you need to get out of my face and get on with your life without whining about how great the world would be if everybody was just like you.  And it means you have to stop pretending to be tolerant while being intolerant of others that you claim are intolerant of still others, including yourself.  You know who you are.  You haven't been fooling anybody.
Tolerance also means we have to stop hating.  Unfortunately, true hate now seems largely to have become the province of politically-correct leftists who have subverted the word in true Orwellian fashion, as it has so many other words, phrases and concepts. 
Having been on the business end of hate for a while now, I suspect most so-called racists are ready to live and live.  Problem is, political correctness has become the modern tar baby and nobody seems able to escape its grasp.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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 -----Original Message-----
From: Deon Masker []
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2001 3:01 AM
Cc: Edgar J. (Attorney) Steele;
Subject: JoAnn McGuckin and Sandpoint Rally

Hello GrandmaC,
You are to be commended for your website and your fight to push evil back and hopefully regain the Constitution. 
I found your email address at your site:
I tried to sign up at the FreeRepublic site so that I could make a post concerning the JoAnn McGuckin rally, but I'm finding that it really is a controlled site and really not free for everyone who lives in Amerika, and especially N. Idaho, to join.
You may think that you are all wise and knowledgeable about how our country is being destroyed, but I fear that you are almost as programmed as those of our people who sit in front of the Jew boob tube and think they know what is going on because Dan Rather, Peter Jennings or any one of those traitorous news boy programmers tells them what is the truth and they believe every word out of their lying mouths.
You people are so paranoid that if it were not so laughable it would be utterly sickening.
Are you prejudiced against White people who are proud to be White? Would you feel the same way if JJ had worn a nice "Proud 2B Black" t-shirt? Why would you be so afraid of an old gray haired lady and her disabled husband because they wore shirts with White Pride World Wide on them? 
I'll tell you why! Because you are programmed to believe that anyone who stands up for the Caucasian/European race is a hater, a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, a white supremist....just like they tell you on TV that they are!  That's why!!
Who are the real haters here?  You have been programmed to hate your own race by the real haters!!
And just who are the real haters, you might ask?
"They" are the New World Order boys who are continually programming all of us, Black, White, Yellow or Brown into self destruction.
They are succeeding, too, when they can create in you, a grown woman, and all those about you, such a fear that you will hide behind the walls of a restaurant because you are so afraid to be seen with one of your own kind, a person who is proud of her/his European heritage and who is not afraid to say so, just like the Blacks and Chicanos do, a person who is not afraid to stand up and say that TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA, a person who is fighting for the very continuation and existence of the White race around the World!! We are the most endangered species, definitely a minority Worldwide, and it is about time that you awaken from your induced trance and see the light!
Like I started out here, you are doing a wonderful work in exposing the communistic take over of our lands, just as JJ does in the Sierra Times, but that is only just a tip of the iceberg or in other words, only one tennacle (sp?) of the monster that is devouring us all.
WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE HERE!!  The enemy wants us all divided and not standing together, and with your attitude and seemingly all those around you, we will fail at retaking our country and our very lives and we will actually all be dead, if you guys don't wake up to the real enemies at hand!
WE are NOT your enemy!!
I've been in this fight since I was 8 years old....yes, 8 years old. I had to baby-sit my siblings while my mother went to the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City to lobby against all the unconstitutional laws that were then being proposed in the 1950's!  I have seen communism take over this country and if it isn't now too late, we'd better all get with the program and go hand in hand to fight this enemy together, no matter what logo we may see on each other's t-shirts!!!!
After reading the threads on the Freepies site, we were so outraged that you would think of us as your enemies. However, the more we read, it actually became hysterically funny as to your outlandish paranoia. It even sounded like those folks who were not even there are thoroughly programmed, too, and went right along with you, just because you jumped to so totally false conclusions as to who we really are and what we really stand for.
The following is our answer to your paranoia. Maybe it will help you understand how ridiculous you all are as far as being afraid of us goes:

Immediate Crime Report Notice


July 2001

Conspiratology News Network (CNN)

By Richard & Deon Masker, reporters

Conspiratologists, Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Breaking news has just been re-released from the intense Idaho rumor mongering citizens’ group concerning the latest hot bed of White Racial activism. Today it was announced that during a recent TOP LEVEL SECRET meeting being conducted in the public dinning room at the PIZZA HUT in Sandpoint, Idaho, a major breakdown in Top SECURITY was witnessed and reported by activist members of the “PATRIOT PIZZA HUT GANG.” The alarming security breach was reported by one male and 2 two elderly female members of the gang.

The subversive meeting was being held to finalize plans for the support rally for JoAnn McGuckin in her struggles against the Bonner County Legal Goon Squad. The one male member and two elderly old lady Freedom Fighters, (WashingtonHourMan, MaddamXee and GranMaCici - [Real names ???]) sitting at a table actually witnessed with their own eyes and then reported to authorities that two people entered the restaurant masquerading as White People in a blatant attempt to infiltrate and spread chaos and confusion among this highly orchestrated patriotic and dynamic freedom fighting organization and “LOVE TROOPERS.”

The two “White Pride Strangers” seemed to be masquerading as “husband and wife” while boldly wearing white colored t-shirts bearing that evil and disgusting slogan, “White Pride-World Wide.” Many present thought the hate-laden shirts actually said “White Power- Kill Niggers” but after an intense monthlong FBI investigation, that was not verified as truth by “Reputable Sources.” Those elderly witnesses present swore under oath that these two White vigilantes were actually Racist Terrorists hired by the Pentagon. Those facts have been proven as factual, since the incidence was later printed in the Israeli Post Intelligencer and verified by the Sharon led ADL Lacud Party in Tel Aviv.


Present at the Pizza Hut meeting was the Police Chief of Sandpoint who tried to ignore and rebuff the dangerous intruders. No gunfire was exchanged and any potential carnage and cold blooded killing was prevented when John Trochman, the leader of the deadly Militia of Montana entered the fray and settled the tempers of the many (now 5 or 6) members of the “Pizza Hut Club.” One bystander suffered powder burns to the elbow when he accidentally leaned back and burned himself on hot pizza sauce.

The two terrorists did not appear to be brandishing any overt form of weapons of mass destruction, but witnesses said the “Hate Couple” appeared to be extremely “hateful” and menacing in their general White-Pride World Wide hate shirts and extreme (but clean) summer attire. Never mind the fact that the White Hate Wife actually went over and patted the lone ranger Black man, JJ Johnson, on his shoulder and thanked him for being so courageous and helpful in printing the truth in his net newspaper and assured him that “we are ALL being criminalized and we are ALL on the same side, here!” Why, she even had the audacity to thank her friend, Ed Steele, and everyone at the table for taking a stand against the injustices being served on JoAnn McGuckin, in particular, and the people of Bonner County in general! Members of the Pizza Club sat in horror as they witnessed this act of bizarre abnormal behavior! This act immediately reinforced their belief that these two subversives were there on a covert assignment and could not be trusted.

It was later reported that the White Wife element of the gang did in fact have a hidden telephoto lensed camera in her tiny left earring and was photographing everyone and she was secretly recording every thing being planned by the “Christian” patriotic group through her “I love My Grandma” pin given to her by one of her 17 grandchildren.

Many experts present voiced their opinions about the intrusive “miserable strangers,” some saying that they were counter terrorists sent by Richard Butler of Aryan Nations to sequester and publicly humiliate the group. Some known and highly trusted advisors of the group said the couple were actually members of the KKK factions of a deadly operative Mafia Syndicate called the “Haters of McGuckin Dogs, Inc.”

It will probably never be discovered who these dangerous infiltrators were as they very quickly fled the area once they were discovered and their “White Power” blatant racism was exposed. It has been rumored that they are now temporarily hiding in Coeur d’Alene under the protection of the Cd’A members of the Human Rights Task Force.

No damage to the Pizza Hut was reported except for a minor mishap witnessed by an elderly “Club Member” by the name of Elsie Claptrap.

She reported seeing a group of Law Enforcement Officers over by the jukebox laughing so hard they vomited all over the floor by the cash register. She said there were two State Patrol Officers, three County Deputies and a “Mentally Challenged Sandpoint City Cop.” All the Officers had to be taken immediately by ambulance to the local Bonner County Emergency Service for severe stomach and respiratory injuries sustained from uncontrollable laughter during the terrorist attack by the “White Pride Gang of Two.” Mrs. Claptrap later reported that after the purging episode, she saw an unidentified employee of the local community newspaper running and screaming from the Pizza Hut.

The man was eventually arrested by a faction of the BATF SWAT Team that was called in from Washington, D.C. The man was identified as “Staff Reporter” Bernie Auschwitz. He was found stumbling through the local parking lot mumbling over and over again, “They’re back! They’re back!!” It is reported that he is resting comfortably in the Bonner psychiatric lock-up ward.

It has been reported that the Pizza Hut’s bill for the massive HASMAT cleanup has been forwarded to the Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney‘s office. We’ve also heard that there is a potential multi-million dollar lawsuit in the works by the state and local law enforcement factions against the “Pizza Patriot Gang” to cover the medical and emotional hospital expenses for the 6 police victims in question.

The Officers gave no statement to CNN and Mrs. Claptrap was later interrogated by the United Nations One World Government Police, Division of White Racism Investigations, under the command of Rabbi Desmond Tutu who was vacationing at the Mustang Ranch in Texas at this time, but was more that willing to cut his vacation short to investigate this horrible crime.


A Law Enforcement “All Points Bulletin” has been issued across the country for the terrorist gang and police officials have voiced that they are confident the “White Pride Haters” will be arrested and charged with Obstruction of Kindness against the ‘Pizza Pumping Club.“

This late breaking News just reported to our CNN newsroom...

It appears that a statement by a leading Sandpoint City official by the name of Mr. Horny Sheeple was issued to the globalist media from Sandpoint, City hall. Mr. Sheeple said “In my opinion, the ‘White Pride Gang’ are simply subversive representatives of some other rival Neo-Nazi hate organization who are trying to steal the benevolent thunder being generated by our own hometown “Patriotic Pizza Club.” These two filthy “White Pride” thugs want to turn our wonderful Liberal and Judeo/Marxist controlled community into another “Ruby Ridge.”

“This is shameful,” he said. “This community has the right to be a Zionized, Neo-Bolshevik genocidal enemy of the people without White Pride interference from outside.” Other officials standing on rooftops and in the woman’s restroom also agreed with his sharp wisdom and deep mental and emotional insights.

We, here at the CNN, side with the Sandpoint Patriotic Pizza Club and pray for the speedy apprehension and prosecution of the “White Out Gang.” We believe that the only thing required for evil to triumph is for good men and women to dine at PIZZA HUT and remain silent, pray and stay stupid, (DUH!). This reporter (Richard Masker) believes he knows who the “desperate twosome” are because he and his wife, Deon, both saw them lurking around and displaying a hate sign that said “TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA” at the JoAnn McGuckin protest rally at the Bonner County Court House the very next day after the Pizza Hut blowup.

The blazon audacity and outrageous conduct of these two malcontents is beyond belief. If you should want to take the time to discover ALL the FACTS relating to this damnable war crime against all of humanity, then simply contact this husband and wife news reporting team, Richard and Deon Masker. Just dial into ===><=== or write to ===>> The ICA, POB 5232, Coeur d’Alene, Republic of Idaho [83814] or go to on the Internet or call us a 208-762-8568. However, you must remember that all telephone conversations will be monitored and recorded for quality control purposes ONLY!!!

Richard F. and Deon Masker

Conspiratology Reporters for the

CNN, New World Order, News Agency


Post Script

For further updates of monumental inaccuracies of the Patriot Pizza Club‘s so called encounters and infiltration by White Pride World Wide factions, go to:


Why Does Treason Govern America?