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June 15, 2001

I forward the below report without commentary. The attached picture is from yesterday's Bonner County Daily Bee. Make of them what you will. This is simply too bizarre for me to contemplate.












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Tom -
Ready for this one on JoAnn?
--In court today and out of court, Bryce Powell and JoAnn were holding
Mo Bereiter (the man and his family of homeschooled kids from Newport who
started off the rally....)
was in court with Steve Aver, THE pro se litigant (a Jew they call a
Nazi...), and started out the conversation telling us that JoAnn's case is
being continued once again but now it appears she is in love.
Many folks apparently witnessed the appearance of them behaving like love
struck teenagers....
And JoAnn is very subdued and appears "drugged".
Also heard on the radio that JoAnn's kids visited her in jail today --the
first time since she was arrested on May 29.
FYI, the local dominant media rags put a spin on the rally and the two
opinion piece writers from the Spokesman-Review, Bill Morlin and Oliviera,
have been spouting the county line and vilifying the protesters.
There were three protesters today at the courthouse...all locals but not
from Sandpoint. Two were from Newport and one from Hayden.
We DO appreciate the support your area gave on Monday. But right now we
are sewing up the paper and will be taking it to the printers tomorrow and
mailing on Friday and we have a speaker from the east coast arriving
tomorrow --we are putting him up and sponsoring his Sat. presentation. To
say we are full up to our ears is an understatement.....
Ingri and Don
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