Ten Commandments
by Edgar J. Steele

July 16, 2005

"Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between Communistic Atheism and Christianity."
  --- Joseph McCarthy (Senator, R-WI),
in his famous address to the Ohio County Women's Republican Club (February 9, 1950).  (Note:  With the fall of the Soviet Union came the release of a torrent of documents, many of which corroborated virtually all of Senator McCarthy's charges in the early 1950s, though he inexplicably continues to be vilified in the eyes of most Americans.)

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  --- proverb

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Recently, God was banned from America's courthouses.  Imagine His surprise.  Can't even get a fair hearing in the courts of the very country founded in His name.

The banning came in the form of the forced removal of displays of the Ten Commandments from courthouse hallways.  But, the US Supreme Court's ruling didn't end there, not by a long shot.  Despite some self-serving jargon in the Supreme Court's decision about applying the First Amendment's Establishment clause on a case-by-case basis, the Supremes quite clearly, though turgidly, also said that all forms of religious expression on all public grounds now have been banned - not just in the courthouses of America.  Little girls don't get to say grace in private over their own school lunches, after all.  Well, little girls (and little boys) should be home schooled, anyway, I suppose, given the disgraceful condition of all things administered now by government.

The Supreme Court's recent ruling  in McCreary County vs. ACLU now makes complete America's official breaking of all of the Ten Commandments.  How appropriate that this final breakage concerns an actual display of those Commandments.  Perhaps the ultimate irony, in fact.

Naming the Ten Commandments has become like naming the Seven Dwarfs to most Americans:  several come readily to mind, but it's that last two or three we have trouble putting our mental fingers on.  Let's go through the list and see exactly how it is that America came to be the Godless, soon to be God-forsaken, country that it is.

I. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
The removal of God from the schoolhouse, the courthouse and all other public venues now has made this commandment moot.  It doesn't say "Thou shalt have no gods," after all, which is an entirely different proposition and precisely what the Supremes have stated.  By definition, assuming that there is a God in the first place, then His being banned produces precisely the same result from His point of view as placing other gods before Him.  Yet, oddly enough, most Americans claim to believe in God. 

II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.
No, we don't worship golden calves.  But, we do worship money...and celebrities of every sort, the vast majority of whom are the least worthy of our admiration.  You know who you are.  Our TV sets have become graven images in every sense of the phrase and we tend to them with a religious fervor.  Ultimately, we worship ourselves above all others.  Secular humanism.  If it feels good, do it.  Admit it - this isn't a purely governmental failing, as this one is up close and personal with you, with me...with all of us.

III. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.
This goes on nonstop now, in all forums, both public and private.  Again, television and other forms of media figure prominently in the propagation of blasphemy, not to mention profanity of every stripe.

IV. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
This doesn't mean simply going to church.  Jesus reportedly said, if I remember correctly:  "Wherever two or more of you gather in my name, I shall be with you," or words to that effect.  I suspect there are a great many churches, packed with people each and every Sunday, into which Christ never sets foot.  In fact, Jesus himself was a bit of a temple defiler - of course, finding money changers in the temple will do that to some people.  I'm not even convinced that this means literally what it seems to say, either.  At minimum, though, it certainly means that we are to regularly and repeatedly pause and reflect upon our origins, our effect upon others and our ultimate mortality.  In other words, get ourselves into context with regard to the Universe.  When was the last time you really paused and reflected upon your place in the greater scheme of things?

V. Honour thy father and thy mother.
American society, in particular, has become the one in which the old are disposable.  Wisdom and accumulated knowledge are shoved aside throughout America in pursuit of youthful appearance, youthful exuberance and youthful stupidity.  Again, Western media, particularly television, has played a major role.  This repetitive pattern ought to be enough to cause us to throw out those TV sets.  No longer are children merely children.  They are subject to government fiat at all levels and for all manner of things:  schooling, medication and behavior, foremost.  Thus does our government sanction the supreme act of dishonoring both parents and families, in general.  Is it any wonder that children no longer honor their parents?  We quite simply aren't their parents any more, except when it comes to paying for them, of course.  The very existence of CPS departments throughout America ensures the daily breaking of this commandment in all our names.

VI. Thou shalt not kill.
Except, apparently, in the name of oil, or global hegemony...or Israel.  Why, we even kill our own as a means to the end of political manipulation of our own populations.  The common markers of the false-flag terrorist event now are surfacing in the recent London bombings:  conveniently-placed identification cards of the alleged perpetrators, all the perps allegedly dead, all surveillance cameras mysteriously turned off at the time, professional detonations pulled off by the rankest of amateurs...  Come on, you know the drill by now, after Oklahoma City and 9-11, not to mention the Lusitania, the Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor and so many other frauds committed down through the ages in the name of expediency.  And, if sending our best and our brightest off to die in some Arab hellhole isn't killing them just as surely as though you or I pulled the trigger, then I don't understand the concept.  This, of course, does not include the children of our alleged leaders, who are neither our best nor our brightest, the very best proof of which is George W. Bush, himself.

VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Lots of us, but not nearly enough, manage to avoid committing adultery, though simply due to a lack of attractive opportunity, not steely self will.  No fool like an old fool is the textbook corollary to this commandment.  If Jimmy Carter was right about lust in the heart, then this is a commandment we all break on a daily basis.

VIII. Thou shalt not steal.
Except in the name of the State, of course.  Just ask Ms. Kelo.  And the logical extension of the Supreme Court's recent Kelo decision is positively frightening.  What was it for which we invaded Iraq again?  Lessee, now - no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam is in hand....er....oil?  To make the Middle East safe for America's svengali - Israel?  Both are forms of theft, of course.  A raw material in the first place, the price of which has doubled since our invasion, which implies that wasn't the real reason.  That leaves only Israel...again...always Israel...always, it seems.  And now those...people...are calling for us to start World War III.  Incredible.  So, we're stealing the Arabs' liberty to make it possible for Israel to swagger ever more boldly around the block, it seems.  And we're stealing from the taxpayer to make it happen.  And we're stealing the lives of our children to make it happen.  And we're stealing our own national soul to make it happen, make no mistake.  Kind of makes the income tax, which so many consider to be outright government theft, or Enron, which exemplifies private theft, pale by comparison.  Theft seems to have become the national pastime...after television's graven image, of course. 

IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
Is there anybody left who doesn't lie in the name of expediency?  To the IRS?  To obtain government benefits?  At work?  As our stock in trade (lawyers and judges come to mind)?  To our families, even?  Government now personifies the very definition of the compulsive liar:  lying even when there is no need.  Clinton's lies were legion.  History will show that Bush's have made Clinton into a mere blip in the annals of official prevarication.  Again, we all must answer guilty to this charge and, usually, on a daily basis.

X. Thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbour's.
Unless it belongs to Ms. Kelo, that is...or any one of us, for that matter, now that the Supreme Court has outlawed private property.  Always a personal problem, now theft is a national pastime and an international mission of the American government, as the Iraqis have so tragically learned.

A recent poll disclosed that 72% of all Americans consider public displays of the Ten Commandments to be "appropriate."  Why, even half of all those who never attend church joined in that belief.  But, as is increasingly obvious even to the most stupefied among us, what the majority of Americans believes no longer matters. All three branches of American government now thumb their noses at "We the People" with impunity...and, increasingly, impudence.

Amazing, isn't it?  As they say, the road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions.  America's intentions always have seemed honorable and appropriate...until lately, that is.  Now we officially have broken the last of the Ten Commandments as a nation.  Some of us have struggled with some of them for our entire lives, but now it is official and complete.  And we let it happen.  And we let it continue to happen...day by day by day. 

Every single day that we allow the rogues, scumbags, scoundrels and charlatans who have hijacked America to continue their tyranny of both America and, through her, the rest of the world, brings us one day closer to the final day of reckoning.  And, biblical or not, that day will come to America.  And, you know what?  We deserve it.  All of us.  After all, what did I do today to change things?  Well, I wrote and recorded this column, to be sure, but that was easy.  What have you done?

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


Just a few of your Emails from this past week:

Re:  Judicial Relativism ---

    Mary writes:  "The Kelo decision is a total disaster for property rights and paves the way for a governmental dictatorship that could be so severe as to make Hitler and Stalin both envious."

    Dennis writes:  " I AM AS MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Steve writes:  "My wife called me right away, shocked , and said our house is as good as gone. It's a small house across the the street from the Atlantic in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Prices are shooting up and our nice little place is doomed to become a condo complex or a new disney soon. I'm not mad, more sick to my stomach."

    Charles writes:  "Thank you for making me THINK!  I'm mad as hell!"
    Another satisfied customer!

    Larry writes:  "I honestly believe that if the jackboots were to let it be know in advance that they were coming for you Ed, I wouldn't be the only one siding you when they got there and the cost of gas to drive there...be damned."

    Carolyn writes:  "I have pretensions of becoming a lawyer precisely because of the running roughshod over people like Susette Kelo by corporate AmeriKKKa."
    There are WAY too many lawyers already...but not nearly enough good ones!

    MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway)  writes:  "...stopped the following email for the following reason:  It believes it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material...Please remove any inappropriate language and send it again."
    You would be amazed how many of these messages come back with messages like this.  Next time you don't get one of my regular columns or rants, consider that your ISP is protecting your sensitivities for you - and without ever telling you, either.

    Bob writes:  "Thank you for this article...it appears that you have basically put yourself out of the lawyering business."
    Actually, I did that quite a while ago...

Bobby writes:  "Happy 4th of Jew Lie."

    JJ writes:  "We, as a country, are indeed on very slippery ground but it's still too soon for the revolution."
    Remember - our ancestors didn't shoot first, they shot back.

    Carl writes:  "I hope and pray America will wake up soon. It is getting so sad. Doesn't anyone think of the Seniors anymore?"

    R.S. writes:  "Isn't there a law that says a law is null and void if it violates the Constitution?"
    Indeed there is.  Case law issued by the Supreme Court back when it knew what it was doing.

    Ron writes:  "Your 'rants' often help me to understand my own thoughts on a given subject and help me to put those thoughts into focus."
    Thanks.  That made my day.

    Franklin writes:  "You intimate you're Republican. Yet, you note the achievements of liberal policy without calling it thus. You even rightly point out the nation's decline began with the murder of JFK. It's difficult to understand exactly where you're situated on the political spectrum, since you seem to make an honest attempt to tell the truth. Except for your wrongheaded rants against Jews, you are mostly on the ball. Remember, the real enemies always use minorities and women to front their programs, e.g., Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Kenneth Blackwell, the Florida harpy who was punted into congress, etc. All of this sedition comes from the Republican right. Do you agree or associate yourself with these criminals? You have a great sense of humor for a Republican. Perhaps you're in the wrong party."
    It's difficult for me to tell, too.  I think both the Democrats and Republicans are crooks.  You can't be on the American political spectrum and still tell the truth, which perhaps is the source of our difficulty in ascertaining my position.  And plenty of "sedition" comes from the liberal left.  I may be closest to being a "Classical Liberal," who looked more like recent conservatives than anything else, what with their belief in liberty, justice, self reliance and all that hooha.  BTW, you can't really call people minorities if they are in charge...to be a minority is, by definition, to be in somebody else's control.  Usually, that is a majoritarian result.  However, America has been stood on her head.  Besides, anybody in control is fair game...

    William writes:  "You just hit another grand slam!  Outstanding!"

    Whistle writes:  "All you who talk about doing something are cowards when it comes to being afraid of government power.  When our committed mercenaries are dying while occupying foreign nations, you fools are supporting the unconstitutional regime who ordered that aggressive war.  Instead of just say no to drugs, why don't you: just say no to volunteering to pay tax on income?"

    Mark writes: Regarding the Kelo decision, I want your opinion on boycotting all of New London, including products made by companies headquartered there...I believe the entity behind this is a large pharmaceutical company. What about boycotting all of its products also?"
    Great idea.  Pfizer is the company.  Here's your slogan:  "Pf*** Pfizer!"

    Gregory writes:  "That Kelo decision hasn't received any airtime in the media here in the UK that I am aware.  But if you think Government is intrusive in the US, you should try living here in Europe!"

Re:  Bush Must Go!

    Cynthia writes:  "Edgar Steele is a bit of a wing-nut."
    I must be slipping, too, because this is the closest thing to hate mail I've received lately.

Re:  Kelo, Roe and the President's Liver ---

    Charles writes:  "Only 99% of Lawyers, Judges and Politicians are corrupt, and it gives the  other 1%  a bad name."

    John writes:  "Very appealing rant, Mr. Steele.  Many things I had not thought about.  I'll forward it to all my friends and see how many I have left afterwards."
    When I was single, I took the "dishwasher" approach to dishes and utensils.  If it didn't survive the dishwasher, it got thrown out.  That way, everything I owned was dishwasher safe.  I began to approach all of life that way quite some time ago, including personal friends.  Funny thing:  Since adopting that outlook, I have more real (really real) friends than I ever had before...lots more.

    Joe writes:  "You lost me with your diatribe about religion.  It's the loss of belief in God, especially the defection from the Catholic Church that's causing the problems in society."

    Bob writes:  "We need American Patriots NOW, more so than ever before.  Patriots who join us after the Battle and claim victory, may stay at home or go to Canada, their choice, but please advise every Free American Citizen to stand up now or surrender to the World Elite, who will surly become your Masters if you wait for others to bear the sacrifices we now must face and endure."

    John writes:  "I am happily pro-choice and don't see or care about the issues you bring up about abortion.  As a supporter of almost everything you write - it's also up to me to say that we don't agree on religion, morality, etc."

    Andy writes:  "even good people, who are put into a position of power, or a position of low or little accountability will also abuse their power...here's the link...(to) the Stanford Prison Experiment. Go to http://www.prisonexp.org/. This experiment, where healthy (mentally and physically) men were put in control over other men, had to be stopped after only six days because the men put in control became sadistic. If these men became sadistic within six days, then consider the nature of a man/woman who has been controlling other men and women for years, such as pretended "presidents," "judges" and "governors."
    Awesome and very chilling study, Andy.  Thanks for the link.

    Thanks for sharing, folks...I got a ton of email, mostly very thoughtful, after this most recent series of articles and wish I could reproduce every single one.  The snippets I selected above may seem like a lot, but they barely do justice to the volume and flavor of the response I received this time around.


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