Treading Water III

by Edgar J. Steele

March 27, 2004

(Part three of a four-part serialization of Chapter 15 from  "In Defense of Racism," a book to be released later this year.)

How to awaken our countrymen, while we wait for events to catch up to us? 

Much of what we do is a waste of time, such as all the meetings of which we have grown so fond, the Internet chat forums in which we lurk, the newsletters we send one another.  We need to stop preening for our fellow choir members, get out there and make new converts. We must awaken America to the menace which has befallen her.

The media won't do it; indeed, the media is a large part of the problem.  Without the media, already the entire government would be behind bars simply for existing revelations about 9-11.  We can forget the media doing anything except hindering legitimate efforts to advance the cause of the people.

Mostly, we seem to seek approval from those already on board.  When we run afoul of the system, often we scream loudly and make outlandish statements which serve only to alienate those who might be sympathetic to our plight, yet fear the appearance of supporting radical behavior.

Those who secretly applaud us already are ours, in any event, and will come around in their own time.  Already, they have experienced their trigger event or have otherwise been awakened secretly, therefore they should not be our primary concern.

I submit that what we should want is results.  Little else matters.  And the results we should want?  Awakening those who otherwise would remain in thrall to the establishment.

To be effective, we must keep our eye on the ball and focus on the tactics and strategies calculated to get the results we need.  Focus on the objective and be single minded.

If putting on a clown costume and urinating on the White House rose bushes will get a result that we need, then that is what we should do.  Nothing should be deemed too outlandish.  Not even something as outrageous as getting a normal haircut, eschewing tattoos and buying a decent suit.  No sacrifice should seem too great, even if it entails moderating our rhetoric, getting a normal job, living in a normal neighborhood, driving a normal car and acting normal at all times.  We must make sacrifices in pursuit of our objective.  

Face it:  people relax and become much more receptive when they are comfortable.  People are comfortable when those around them are predictable.  Nothing is more predictable than a nice suit, white shirt, conservative tie and polished shoes.  For many, this is asking far too much, I realize.  Pity.  They are the ones among us who simply don't mean what they say, else they would be willing to do what it takes to get results.

Insecurity is the basic human condition.  We all possess it in spades.  We would rather adopt our attitudes from those we respect and like - those we aspire to be like.  Trust me, this does not magically end when you graduate from high school; it is a condition that we all carry with us to the grave.  

Consider what our objective is.  Who our target audience is.  Who will they respect and want to be like?  A skinhead mouthing obscenities and threatening all within earshot?  Or someone that seems like all the other authority figures in their lives?  You know the answer.  You just don't want it to be the answer.  Too bad.  That's the way things are.

Further, we must act within the parameters of what is legal, as it is self defeating to get arrested - no results, you see.

Similarly, it is not productive to be attacking others in the movement, for whatever reason - again, no results. 

First step in the analysis: results. What, exactly and realistically, do we want? If your answer is 14 words (David Lane's memorable "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"), then you have gone too abstract - focus a level or two beneath that.

Once the clear, specific and attainable results are comprehensively catalogued, defined and articulated, then the means to attain them becomes a relevant inquiry.

For example, getting people of European ancestry to move to the American Northwest might be a rational result to be desired. Merely calling for it or demanding it, however, does not get the job done. View it in Sales terms: what are the objections and considerations raised by the prospect and how do we overcome them?  How do we engage the prospect in the first place? Hell, how do we even identify potential prospects?  Better, how do we create prospects?

This analysis requires feedback loops.  Once we identify potential prospects, it may be necessary to alter our presentation in order to transform them into bona fide prospects.

Wanting to move to the Northwest and live in an all-white republic modeled on the US Constitution is one thing. That objective dictates pretty easily-identifiable tasks: quit job, sell house, rent trailer, etc.  Getting others to want it is something else altogether, though implicit to the goal as stated, and is the much tougher task, with a host of as-yet-undefined subtasks.

Another result, the one I most wish to focus on herein:  awakening those who are sound asleep so that they will prepare for the troubled times ahead and be ready to shoulder their share of responsibility for rebuilding America once the wheels come off completely, as I firmly believe must and will happen.  Trying to make the wheels come off is not a legitimate result, aside from the fact that any such activity doubtless would be illegal, thus outside the parameters of our analysis.

Many complain of the constant rejection by the unawakened.  Yes, that will happen.  In fact, it will be the rule, rather than the exception.  Keep in mind, however, that everything you say and all that you do goes into their minds.  You may not see the effect, but it takes place, I assure you.  

Here's an analogy:  When I was younger and stupider, I smoked cigarettes - two to three packs a day.  I had tried a couple of times, with only limited success, to quit.  Yet, the need was building within me on a daily basis.  The smell, the holes in my clothing from dropped embers, the dirty ashes all over everything, the ostracizing by friends; all this and more added to my mounting dissatisfaction and disgust with my habit.  All went into the hopper.  Then, one day, while fumbling a lit cigarette and trying simultaneously to change gears at an intersection, I had had enough.  I stubbed it out in the ashtray and have not had even the desire for a cigarette for over thirty years.

My point?  To the casual observer, I continued just as before, a committed smoker.  Then, suddenly, I was a nonsmoker.  "What caused the change?" many asked me.  I was hard pressed to answer, as the critical mass for the change had been building for years.  That cigarette fumble in the car simply was the last straw.  

Consider others to be like the smoker building up to a decision to quit.  They will go along, seemingly as before, but your words and actions will fester within them, unseen by you.  The more they respect you, the more influential will have been what you had to say.  More will be added by others...then something will happen and they will blossom before your eyes.  Maybe they will get mugged by a black.  Or pushed around in a bar by some drunk Mexicans.  Or, God forbid, raped.  Or lose their job to a less-qualified beneficiary of affirmative action.

Unfortunately, a good deal of what we do is counterproductive, leaving us in worse shape than before, with our countrymen looking even more askance at us. This results from our total unwillingness to consider what our goal should be, to manage by objective, as Peter Drucker, the world’s foremost pioneer of management theory, would put it. 

Here is a sampling of quotes from Drucker that I think we, in particular, would do well to memorize:

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."

"Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes."

"Management by objective works - if you know the objectives. Ninety percent of the time you don't."

"Rank does not confer privilege or give power.  It imposes responsibility."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

And it doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact, simple is better.  Truly effective managers recognize the elegance of simplicity, as that is what allows them to keep their eye on the ball, to keep the objective always firmly in view.

Not that complicated things cannot be elegant. Witness the Sistine Chapel. Or a pretty girl.

Computer programmers and system designers immediately know what I mean when I speak of the elegance, the beauty, that arises from a solution to a problem that achieves its objective with a small percentage of the effort that might previously have been required. Aside from getting the same job done effectively, it is the very simplicity of a new, more efficient approach that will draw true appreciation.

Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing with a simplistically elegant new approach: the assembly line.

Always, elegance is accompanied by a form of gracefulness, a grace born of effortless movement which is simplicity personified.

Consider skiing. Elegant skiing always is the most effortless. 

The beginner clatters down the slope, bending, leaning too far, correcting, correcting too much, recorrecting, muscles continually at odds and tensed against one another, falling down, getting get the idea...exhausted and ready for lunch after two runs. 

The expert skier elegantly and effortlessly glides in and out of the little hillocks called moguls, skis always together, moving fast and decisively, upper body stationary and perfectly balanced, finally stopping at the bottom without breathing hard.

None can dispute the lack of grace attendant to the actions of so many in the Movement.  Gracelessness bespeaks inefficiency and ineffectiveness.  Focus on the objective and drive relentlessly toward it, along the simplest and most direct path.  Form then will follow function.  Grace is a consequence of effective and efficient action.

Remember that the objective is outside ourselves.  We must come to the realization that we are accountable, not just for our intent, but also for how we affect others.  Indeed, those effects are the most important aspect of that which we profess to do. 

When we speak out or act in a manner calculated to affect our countrymen, we must be aware of the responsibilities we have toward them and to one another. This is one of the responsibilities of leadership, because we appoint ourselves as leaders whenever we act or speak out.  

We must appear to the unawakened to be rational and supporting a just cause. We must show how we are just like them, but for one or more injustices to which they have yet to fall prey. This is the simple truth, you know. 

I deal with a broad spectrum of people in my travels, ranging from tattooed skinheads to the most liberal of bleeding hearts. I am always struck by how similar we all are, but for an exceedingly small percentage of our outlooks.  We all are concerned about work, bills, kids, the future.  We all pretty much have the same values.  Yet, we allow ourselves to be divided by others and some within our own ranks, using labels in a blatantly propagandistic fashion.

"Racist" and "antiSemite" are the most common labels thrown about.  Refuse to accept them until you include the throwers in their definition, which always is easy to do.  There is very little difference in my mind between the hard-core skinhead and the liberal bothered by the unfairness of racial preferences.

We forget that, in reality, everybody is a racist, by one definition or another in common use. Yes, it is strange that someone who objects to being displaced as a result of affirmative action gets tagged with the same label as genuine supremacists (whatever the flavor, supremacists are the true racists, in my book). 

AntiSemite now is losing its currency, since Jews ceaselessly fling it at virtually everybody, even some of their own brethren.

We bear a responsibility to our contemporaries in "The Movement" to reflect favorably upon them, else we dishonor ourselves because the public lumps us all together in its view. This is a reality denied only by the dishonest and disingenuous among us. 

If we, with our common beliefs, can't work together, reason the great bulk of our countrymen, how could they ever hope to work with us?

If we can’t bother to look and act like them, how will they ever be comfortable with us? 

We preach how racial awareness causes one to want to be with one’s own kind, then we go out of our way to drive a wedge between ourselves and the very people we claim to wish to reach, what with tattoos, haircuts, boots, weird clothing, outlandish remarks and violent behavior. 

If we mean what we say about creating racial unity, we should be wearing suits, conventional haircuts and speaking in measured tones about things that realistically are attainable.

It's a simple matter of defining objectives and clearly seeing the means of attaining them.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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