The Synagogue of Satan
by Edgar J. Steele

October 16, 2002

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, 
and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
     ---Revelation 2:9

My original intent for this list was gradually to develop the thesis of a book I am working on, publishing bits and pieces of it in column form as I went along.  "The Unified Conspiracy Theory" is the book's working title, but I am seriously considering a change to "The Synagogue of Satan."  This, due to the disproportionate representation among the NWO'ers by jews who aren't really jews (you see, only sepharidic Jews can lay claim to the name and they are but a small - about 10% - minority of all those who go by the label).

I planned to work from commonly-recognized conspiracy theories, such as the fomenting of World Wars I and II and the JFK assassination, through some considerably more obscure events (obscure as to causation only), to an indictment of the current ruling class of the world.

Problem is, I have run out of time.  It appears that we are on the verge of some very big doings.  Doesn't matter, because the book could never be published, anyway.  And, if published, would quickly join the slender pantheon of books that literally have been banned in America.

Because of the impending war on Iraq, I have decided it is time to pull out the stops and really pin the tail on the jew.  I started that 8 days ago, with It's the Jews, Stupid!!!  I added In Defense of Terrorism 2 days ago.  Both were pretty solid indictments of zionism in particular and jews in general.

The man behind the curtain does not like having the spotlight fall upon his wizened little hook-nosed self.  It isn't enough that they own all the media outlets and can more than shout down those of us who are telling others about them.  They have to shut us down completely.

Thus, in the past 48 hours, my main ISP has deactivated my service twice for "spamming," though I don't even have email service through it.  My domain hoster has threatened to shut down my web sites.  A large number of ISPs have blacklisted my domain.  So much for free speech on the Internet.

Funny thing is that jews are not even the ultimate boogeymen, simply the most visible aspects of the NWO empire.  Wonder what will happen when I start saying "Rothschild," "Carnegie," "Rockefeller" and so on.

This morning, I got up to find over 700 unread emails awaiting, via my secondary ISP, virtually all of them spam.  Some of them were from me!  Some were failure returns to an email address that I have never used for outgoing mail.  No, I didn't send them.  No, I don't have a virus (they cured me of penny ante firewall and virus protection some time ago).  

I also received a couple of interesting emailed threats from some jews I hadn't heard from in quite a while (including one who threatened me and my family three years ago for daring to represent the Aryan Nations in that bullshit lawsuit brought by Dees and company).

They hijacked my domain name, were forging headers and spamming a select list of several hundred people, many with Arabic names, most of whom I had never heard.

It occurred to me that this represented some zionist's enemies list, so I added all the addressees to this list.  Welcome to you - herein you find kindred spirits, if for no other reason than we seem to possess an enemy in common.  For the time being, anyway, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Thanks to the phantom jew spammers for bringing us together!  If you want off, just click on "unsubscribe" down below.

I probably will be scrambling for new ISPs to provide service and/or host my domains.  These reports might become a bit spotty, rather than the once-weekly pattern into which I have fallen.  This is the price for telling the truth these days.  So much for the internet being the last bastion of free speech.

Oh, I got hate mail, too...in droves.  But, I'm used to that.  It is simply amazing how vulgar, even pornographic, jews can be when they are feeling self righteous.   And morally relativistic (the end justifies any means).

I got tons of support mail, too, which provides my solace in storms such as this.  I was particularly gratified to see new subscribers signing on, right and left.  There are now just shy of 10,000 list members, so I am starting to get some serious exposure for the message about the NWO now unfolding from the heart of America. 

There is an awakening taking place in America just now, with lots of people sitting still and listening to the message about Israel and zionism.  Will it be enough?  Will it be in time?  I don't know. 

I can't answer all the email, even in a token fashion.  Know, however, that I read it all and that it buoys me up.  Thank you.

By the way, the weekend bomb blast in Bali is beginning to look more and more like it was what is known as a "micronuke."  Pictures are starting to seep through the government censors' fingers, pictures showing a mushroom cloud and a huge crater that could never have been dug with anything else.  Some have smuggled out soil samples for testing, to confirm reports of high radiation in the area.  If you think Arabs have this cutting-edge technology, about which most have not yet even heard, then you need a serious information adjustment.

Regarding the stock market, can you say, "sell into the rallies?"  This may be the last one you will see at this level.

Those who live in large cities really should be earnest about packing a "bugout" kit and keeping it in the trunk.  Fill up at the halfway mark.  Pretend it's Y2K all over again.

What was it that Chinese dude said about "interesting times?"



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