Savage Nation - Part of the media propaganda machine?

May 19, 2001

Well, I hope you hard-core Michael Savage fans heard his radio show yesterday.  Hour 2 and much of hour 3 were devoted to the topic:  "Is the media biased for the Palestinians in the Mideast conflict?" 
Savage finally revealed that which has been fairly apparent to me during the past month or so during which I have listened to him off and on - he is one of the "chosen" and he is a rabid Zionist.  He finally got off the fence, and in a big way.  He railed incessantly against Palestinians and heaped praise upon Israel.  He purred when callers supported his position and told him how wonderful he is (as always, perhaps the biggest sycophant suck I have ever seen). 
However, every single person who was put on the air and dared to say the media favors Israel evoked extreme (even for Savage) hostility and namecalling.  He demanded that callers "cite just one example of how the media favors Israel," and EVERY SINGLE TIME someone started to do so, Savage lapsed into a paroxysm of shouting, calling them liars and, more than one, "Nazis," then cut them off.
More than one person tried to cite hushed-up Israeli atrocities, such as Ariel Sharon's being behind that well-known massacre, to be shouted down with accusations of "You're a liar!!  You know that's a lie, you filthy Nazi!!"
I suspect that Savage lost a significant portion of his audience with that little performance yesterday.
Now we all know just how it is that this supposed right-winger manages to stay on the air, don't we?
Mind you, it is not that he is Jewish that is the problem; I know several conservative Jews that well recognize the media control and bias in this country as emanating from Jews and being likely to result in a serious backlash (inevitable, in my opinion).
Perhaps the kindest assumption I can make is that this is Michael Savage's blind spot - though he does refer to the media bias frequently, he carefully refrains from naming names or laying blame at the doorstep of the Jews and Jewish organizations responsible, preferring instead always to use the generic term of demonization: "liberal."  Thus, this self-styled straight shooter maintains favor with the media bosses, of course. 
In fact, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that he is actually a creation of Jewish media bosses, since he does such an effective job of removing things Jewish from the conservative agenda.  And that, of course, is what makes this fellow and his program of interest to us conspiracy buffs.
I'm copying Mr. Savage on this missive, on the off chance that he might deign to actually discuss his "blind spot" rationally with us (I refrained from calling him yesterday because I knew full well how that would turn out).  Here, Michael, I'll start:  Yep, you betcherass the media is biased in favor of Israel and, in fact, all things Jewish. Furthermore, I think that you are well aware of how you use your influence with conservatives knowingly to extend and reinforce that bias.  You spoke, in passing yesterday, of how someone within an organization can be far more dangerous than an enemy at the gates.  Well, Mr. Insider, what say you?


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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