by Edgar J. Steele

March 13, 2004

"Why, I don't even respect myself, I tell ya.  When I make love, I have to fantasize that I am somebody else!"
   -- Rodney Dangerfield

I lived in San Francisco during the early 1970s, just as "the city" was beginning to change forever from "Baghdad by the Bay" and "Everybody's Favorite City" into the roiling mess that recent years have seen it become.  Those were the heydays for The Fillmore, The Great American Music Hall and a number of comedy clubs.  Before the homeless became a problem.  Before the Harvey Milk/Dan White fiasco which was to produce Dianne Feinstein, until then a minor city functionary, and militant homosexuality.  While Willie Brown was merely a stain on the California legislature.  Pop music icons grew like weeds in the clubs.  Huey Lewis and The News were just another unknown group that played around town.  The Jefferson Airplane (later to call themselves the  Jefferson Starship) held court in their mansion out toward the Avenues.

In particular, I remember a young standup comic who couldn't get on stage at any of the clubs because he was "too weird."  Bob Goldthwait, whose highwater mark seems to have been made in the popular "Police Academy" series of movies but whose best work I think was done in a little movie entitled "Shakes the Clown," started performing on the sidewalks, for free, outside the very clubs that wouldn't have him.  When Goldthwait began to draw crowds bigger than those paying to get inside, the clubs decided to let him inside.

I know just how he felt out there on the sidewalk.  Denied the legitimacy of mainstream venues because the management demands conformity to certain standards.  

Why, I don't even get respect from some Internet venues that bill themselves as the politically-incorrect, in-touch sites for up-to-date thinking.  The Free Republic and Etherzone both have specifically banned my work, while giving full access to those who trash my thinking and reputation.  WorldNetDaily, of course, has never touched anything of mine, though Joe Farah and I have had a few spirited email exchanges through the years.  These sites caved in to the Chosen and their minions years ago and clearly show the effect.  Even the esteemed Lew Rockwell has rejected my best work with a brisk, "I can't use this."

So, I toil away for free out here on the sidewalk under the broiling sun.  That's ok.  Every dog has his day - mine is coming.

Sure, there are a few Internet sites that regularly present my work and I commend them to you for a truly unvarnished look at world events:, Stormfront, Vanguard Network News, Euro, The National Vanguard, Overthrow and The Barnes Review, among others.  And I am sincerely gratified by the reposting my work receives worldwide, some folks even going to the trouble of translating my columns into their local language.  In reality, though, all these web sites are out here on the sidewalk with me.  An "Internet desperado" is how Israel Shamir (a rare voice of Israeli reason) characterized me.  But, that's ok.  Our day is coming.

The mainstream thinks the economy is in full recovery.  They are wrong.  A collapse which will cause us to start numbering global economic depressions is just around the corner and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it, so far gone is America's economy.  Thank George the Second and, especially, Alan Greenspan.  With it will go the current regime and the current way of thinking about global politics.  Then people will invite us in and pretend they have just discovered us.  That is the time for which we prepare today.

Those in California (or further, for that matter) will have a rare opportunity next month to see and hear some of the people from around the world with whom I will share the dais when our sort of thinking goes mainstream.  

The weekend of April 24/25 will see Sacramento hosting the first truly public International Revisionist Conference, featuring most of the top names in the field of historical revisionism.  Among them:  Germany's Activist/Author/Attorney Horst Mahler, Australia's Frederick Toben, America's own Walter Mueller and Mark Weber, Canadian Paul Fromm, German expatriate Germar Rudolf and several others from Poland, Britain, Austria, Mexico, South Africa and other countries - wherever political dissent is vilified, in fact.  Even anti-Revisionist Barry Chamish of Israel has confirmed and will address the assemblage, in a move which would be like the ADL inviting me to address its annual conference.

Conspicuous by his absence will be Ernst Zundel, who has been held in prison in Canada for over a year by the thought police, merely for daring to speak the truth.  This conference is dedicated to Mr. Zundel.

Oddly enough, perhaps for comic relief, I have been invited to address the conference and will be almost the last speaker, just prior to the Sunday evening dinner speaker, whose identity is being kept a mystery until then.  I haven't written out my talk yet, but intend to speak on the importance of historical revisionism to us today.  It won't be nearly as boring as the topic sounds, I assure you.  I can, of course, be expected to break into one of my characteristic rants.

I encourage you to attend this conference, open to the public for the first time.  Go here for information:  The registration fee is a mere $35, which actually includes several meals!  Clearly, someone is subsidizing this event, which really should be charging $200 per ticket.

I will be attending the entire conference, as will most of the speakers, thus will be available to all other attendees throughout the weekend.  Please walk up and introduce yourself.  This is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and speak with those who have been carrying on this battle for the rest of us for so long.

We have just learned that the primary hotel now is sold out, though there is a motel across the street which still has some vacancies.  There are only 300 tickets being sold and it appears they will be gone in short order, so don't dally if this is something you might like to attend.  Contact for reservations.

For those who are National Alliance members, I have been invited to speak at the Leadership Conference in West Virginia the weekend before the Revisionist conference:  April 17/18.  Though I will have to leave a little early to catch a flight, I intend to attend this entire conference, as well.  Wangle an invitation and please come meet me in person.

Make a difference!  Get involved in spreading the truth about America and the cabal that rules her.  We cannot guarantee success, but we can deserve it.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

Copyright 2004, Edgar J. Steele

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