Can you spell Recidivism?

By Edgar J. Steele

August 6, 2001

Just a short note this week, with a somewhat generic rant that struck me this evening when somebody sent along the link I'm providing you below. 

I'll have a couple of things to report on the McGuckin case next week, as well as a lengthy pondering on some implications of the Lonny Rae case.

OK, now, lessee  -  I'm 56, so I was in the 8th Grade back in 1959.  I recall from a fourth grade Weekly Reader (1955) how one wonderful day this country (and the world) would be populated entirely by people of one skin color - a kind of mocha.  The teacher made a big deal about that, which is why I remember.  So, the leftist indoctrination was already in full force when the boomers really hit school.

I have said repeatedly that it  is my generation that screwed up this  country.  We took over after Viet Nam and installed the leftist protestors from that era as our political commissars.  Our crowning achievement was to put Clinton in the White House.  We are now fast on track to becoming the Fourth Reich.

What, you didn't realize Hitler was a leftist?  He was a socialist, don't forget.  NAZI is short for National Socialism.  He was nationalizing all the industries of Germany and pulling off what appeared to be a miracle, but would have only been a temporary miracle, had he won the war.  

Hitler did a lot of things, albeit much more quickly, that we are now implementing today.  Restrictions on speech, leading to thought police.  Gun restrictions, then registration, then confiscation.   Book banning, then burning.   Vilification of political opponents, verging on the hysterical.   Increasing concentration of power in the central government, at the expense of local governments.   Foreign adventures that some called imperialism.  He killed a LOT of people.  Of course, so did his arch enemies, the Russian communists (in fact, they killed a whole lot more, though few seem to realize that). 

Reversal of the plain meaning of political words of the day (George Orwell, author of both 1984 and Animal Farm, was most prolific in the late forties) was also a hallmark of the Reich.  Guess that is why,  today, only right-wingers are called Nazis.   Go figure. 

Leftist - essentially, the orientation simply calls for ever-growing government control.  The effects of this control being manifested in America are profoundly evident in our schools, which, of course, produce tomorrow's leaders.

Every year, the American government school performance scores get worse, even though we "rescale" them every year, too.  The rest of the world is now eating our lunch in so many spheres, as a result.

Think all this isn't true?  Tell you what - click on the following link and go see what a final exam for the 8th grade was like about as many years before I was in 8th grade as have now elapsed SINCE I was in 8th grade:

1895 Eighth-Grade Final Exam  

My 8th grade wasn't this tough, but it was light years ahead of what my 13-year-old son's 8th grade is like today.  See the trend?  Can you connect the dots?

If you want to see where you're going, the surest indicator is to turn around and take a look at where you're coming from. 


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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