by Edgar J. Steele

May 15, 2005

"The Jews in England now demand laws to protect them from anti-Semitism. We know these tactics from our own past when we were struggling for power...We were always able to find loopholes in the law. Besides, anti-Semitism cannot be eradicated by law once it has taken root with the people. A law against hating Jews is usually the beginning of the end for the Jews."
  --- Goebbels Diaries, Lochner, p. 336 (1948).

"We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them...No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it...Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst."
  --- J. Edgar Hoover, quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956).

"Offer a Jew a ride and he throws you out of your own wagon."
  --- Shirley Kumove, Words Like Arrows - A Collection of Yiddish Folk Sayings, Schocken Books, New York (1985).

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Recently, I wrote an article entitled "What Color are Jews?," designed to address a question I receive regularly from both those within the so-called Movement and some of those outside, as well. Some Jews even ask it of me…rhetorically, of course. The response was predictable, if a little overwhelming, as it is every time I get into religion, race or Jews.

I received some very nasty emails from several Jews. It seems that some subscribe to my list simply to see what I’ll say next.

You should see what some of these Jews are willing to say to me. Unfortunately, I can't repeat any of it. Vile and filthy euphemisms for excrement and various other bodily functions figure prominently in almost every sentence they write, consistent with a Jewish predilection, even preoccupation, with juvenile shock language. Their emails simply gushed hatred and hostility. Logic? Don't look for any.

The typical Jewish response to criticism is to deny, accuse the speaker of the very thing which they are shown to be doing, then to shout down and berate the speaker. Often, threats are leveled. Even threats against little children. My little children, for example, as I have noted in the past.

How ironic that some Jews just can’t stop listening to me, even though they do their best to keep you from hearing what I have to say.

They simply don't get it. They don't seem to realize that what I have to say, today's piece, for example, merely is a reaction to them.

Actually, some of them do get it. Those enlightened few caution their brethren against creating the very reality about which they complain: persecution and anti-Semitism. Some of those few correctly note that Jews have a psychological need to be persecuted, thus create their own persecutors. But, hardly any of them actually realize, for example, that Jews, themselves, were responsible for Adolf Hitler.

There is a pattern to Jewish tyranny in country after country, you know. Emboldened by getting away with making threats, coincident with their ascension to real political power, they then begin jailing political dissidents, which is where we are in America just now. After that comes the killing. Just ask upwards of 80 million Russian Christians wiped out by Jews last century.

60% of the World's Jews flocked to Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, which really was a Jewish revolution, conceived, financed and executed by American Jews, with a little help from their European brethren.  To those willing to see, it is clear what they did to Russia.  Ask any Russian, if you can.  What really should concern Americans today is the fact that 60% of the world's Jews now live in America, just as directly prior to the Russian pogroms.  Coincidence or critical mass?  You be the judge.

Hitler was the response to the pre-World-War-II Jewish takeover and pillaging of Germany, similar to how Jewish robber barons recently gutted Russia. Think not? Just look at how the Jewish-owned media (that is, all the media, which is just another way of saying the same thing) now is comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. Hitler was the natural response to Jewish behavior, as inevitably as night follows day. If it hadn't been Hitler, then German Jews would have created was just a matter of time.

Is Russia beginning to seem antagonistic toward America?  Well, yes, and so would any country in which America attempted to overthrow the local government of a province.  Precisely the same reason is why Venezuela now is forming allegiances with others.  And other countries are doing the same, for precisely the same reason:  self preservation.  Russia and Venezuela simply are two of the most recent instances. 

You see, like it or not - whether or not you want to admit it - whether or not you even want to consider the possibility - the fact is that America has become a Jewish nation.  Most of the rest of the nations of the world see America's conversion as clear as day and discuss that fact openly.  This is the result of the long, slow-motion coup which began in 1963, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

Next up?  An actual Jewish President and a throwing off of any pretense of America's being anything but Israel's bitch.  We almost had one this last election.  In fact, we would have, if Bush's camp had not rigged the outcome.  Given what he has done to America, I cannot honestly tell you that I wouldn't have preferred to have an out-of-the-closet Jew in the White House, though it makes me shudder to actually say such a thing aloud.

To think that, for the sake of less than 2% of the total American population (no, it used to be 2-1/2%), we are yielding all of our traditions and all the freedoms and rights for which our ancestors fought and died - in vain, as it turns out.  Truly, we have become a disgrace to their memory, which perhaps is why we are so willing to stand by as their memory, our heritage, systematically is erased from America's collective consciousness.

A popular Jewish saying these days is: "Anti-Semitism is a disease," implying that dislike of Jews somehow is passed from one person to another, like the flu or, perhaps, bubonic plague. However, just as did the Europeans of several hundred years ago, Jews overlook the true carrier of the disease.

In the Fourteenth Century, Europeans knew only that the Plague came ashore from visiting ships, so they quarantined ships in the harbors for a time. People finally connected rats to the "Black Death," which is what they called the Plague, which traveled in the company of a virulent form of pneumonic flu, the two of them combining to kill millions upon millions of people throughout Europe. Only later did people realize that rat-borne fleas really were what carried the disease.

What does Bubonic Plague have to do with Jews? Well, aside from the issue about mistaken carriers, they're similar. Citizens not swept under when the Jewish tribe devours a nation develop an immunity, much as the Russians and many older Germans now possess. I like to think of that immunity as an awakening. You can see it happening all over, in both America and Western Europe at this very moment, just as it did in Germany a half century ago.

Here are just some of the symptoms of America’s Jewish plague:

A declining standard of living for all but the privileged.

The taking of all but the most visible government power positions by Jews, along with ever-increasing governmental control and intrusion.  The proof that even the Presidency now is irrelevant can be seen in Bush having recently signed into law a bill requiring the US State Department to monitor anti-Semitism all around the world.

A complete Jewish takeover of professions like banking, medicine, law and media of every sort.  This really requires no discussion, now does it?

The unending Jewish legal assault upon Christianity, forcing removal of all symbols of Christianity from all public venues.  They have gone so far as to stop little girls from quietly and privately saying grace over their own school lunches. 

Prohibiting positive portrayals of Jesus Christ while encouraging those which disparage Him.  Witness the Jewish response to the release of Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ.  That it is enroute to becoming the biggest box-office hit of all time is a tribute to how out of step with regular Americans are the entertainment press and the media bosses.

Massive job losses caused by Jewish industrial owners shipping jobs overseas, even while demanding more cheap illegal immigrant labor.  Official American unemployement figures, like those for price inflation, industrial production, American deaths in Iraq and almost anything that might get the average lemming worked up, are grossly understated, just as they were in Russia a half century ago.  Of course, it's the same people, exactly, keeping the tallies.  Look around yourself and guess at inflation.  Hint:  It isn't the 2 or 3% claimed by the federal government.

Now guess at unemployment.  If you didn't guess something north of 12%, more than twice the official figure, then you simply have not been paying attention.  Add in the underemployed, such as the programmers flipping burgers, and the figure could well be over 20%.  It hit somewhere between 35 and 40% during last century's Depression.

Monster price inflation is due in no small part to our Jewish-controlled government’s obscene and totally out-of-control deficit spending.

Back-breaking interest payments just around the corner because our Jewish banking system made credit much too easy.

This is precisely how the bankers took our family farms and homes during the last Depression.  It is time for another harvest by the same International Bankers as before.

Rigid Jewish control of American educational institutions, with our children becoming dumber every year.  Nobody left behind means everybody left behind, of course.  How could it be otherwise with our kids tossed in with 'Rastus, who simply can't learn, and Jose, who could learn some, if only he spoke English?

Yielding our civil liberties to the phony “War on Terrorism,” yet we are no safer.

Censorship and selective prosecution, often under false charges, of those who speak out against the Jewish takeover of America… such as Matt Hale getting forty years for not being demonstrative enough in rejecting an FBI agent’s suggestion of killing a Jewish judge, while Black rapists and murderers are out in four years.

Neverending war against the enemies of Israeli Jews.  Afghanistan, then Iraq.  Though we won neither and steadily are losing ground in both - with a very high likelihood of an outright loss in Iraq - now the connivers and shysters who overthrew our legitimate government plan on taking us into Iran, then Syria, so that a great many more of our sons and daughters can die for the greater good of Israel.

The descent of mass entertainment into the pit of filth, degradation, miscegenation and open, deviant sexuality.  I blocked MTV, Nickelodean and The Disney Channel, among others, years ago on my family's satellite receivers because of the degenerate filth being broadcast.  Now it has come even to broadcast television - and on all three of the major networks, at that.  Think it is just coincidence that all three have seen market share drop like a rock in recent years?

Absolute control of American news delivery services of every sort.  In response, Americans are canceling newspaper and news magazine subscriptions in record numbers and increasingly looking with hostility at television news programming.

This list could go on for page after page after page.  The symptoms of America's Jewish plague seem endless, so entrenched and so in control has this less than 1% of America's population now become, just as it did in pre-WWII Germany.  Incidentally, this list is almost identical to lists I have seen in books from the 1930s and 1940s, complaining of precisely the same ills in Germany prior to Hitler's ascension to power.

If you would like to see just how brazenly Jews are willing to depict their own morals and scruples on the big screen, rent the two following movies:  Meet the Fokkers and People I Know.  While you're in the video store, rent a copy of They Live, too.  Take all three home and watch them in one evening in the following sequence:  Meet the Fokkers, People I Know, then They Live.  You will awaken the next morning with a whole different outlook on Jews, believe me.  I'm not going to tell you about any of them and spoil the effect.  Just do it.

Teetering on the edge of an economic abyss of Jewish proportions, some of us look down and see the grisly fate awaiting all of us on the jagged rocks below. We call out to others, much as I do with pieces like this very one today. We are responding to the pillaging of America.

Yes, anti-Semitism is riding a huge upsurge just now, but wait until America’s wheels come off completely.

Jews are right about anti-Semitism being a disease, you know, just as Fourteenth-Century Europeans were right about the nature of Bubonic Plague. However, just as with Bubonic Plague, American Jews seem not to have identified the Jewish Plague’s real carriers. But you and I know who they are.

Anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


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