None So Blind, None So Deaf

by Edgar J. Steele

August 18, 2002

Hear now this, O foolish people, 
and without understanding; 
which have eyes, and see not; 
which have ears, and hear not:
Fear ye not me?

    ---Jeremiah 5:21-22

Football again!  Kids getting ready for school.  Shorter summer days.  Barbecues.  Family.  The Dow is rallying.  Normal.

Life is good.  Enjoy it.  Savor the taste.  Pack away memories to caress in future years, because America as you know it is over.

No?  You think not?  Just more conspiracy ranting from the Internet?  Like Y2K, maybe?  Not a chance.

There are none so blind, as those who will not see.  The evidence literally surrounds us, yet most refuse to see it for what it is.

Look - you can see the stock market sucking in the last possible bit of the rubes' money, before heading for the cellar.  Right out in the open, the American government is frantically consolidating power for the terrible struggle it sees just ahead, a struggle for its very survival.  The rest of the world, which sees so much more clearly than America, is girding for hard times.  They know that hard times means war. And war means death - on a global scale.

None so deaf, as those who will not hear.

Listen - you can hear the death throes of the American economy, the engine that drives the global economy.  Record (and massive) corporate bankruptcies.  Record personal bankruptcies.  Unemployment as far as the eye can see.  Public debt has advanced so far and so fast that when interest rates rise, as they always do, there will not be enough tax revenue, even, for the interest on the debt.  

All major banks, every single one of them, are teetering right on the edge, owing to their unprecedented derivative "investments" (which are what kept the stock market up and the gold price down for so long, incidentally); it is not a question of "if" they will fail - they will, and soon.  Right now, you can see the effects of this policy spreading from one South American country to another, as their banks fail and their economies follow.

The stock market bubble gave way to the real estate bubble, but that finally is starting to deflate, too.  Things are spiralling out of control for the wunderkinds who knew better than those who had gone before them, and therefore thought they could make the good times last forever.   They forgot that it all boils down to spending more than you make leading to disaster.

Nobody but the Zionist Neo-Conservative is happy with the warpath America has set upon.  Remember when the sole objective was to root out Bin Laden?  Then, Al Qaeda?  Then, the Taliban?  Then, all of Afghanistan got carpet bombed?  

Now, we're going to kill Saddam and replace the Iraqi government with puppets like those in Afghanistan.  And, we're tuning up for Saudi Arabia, can you believe it?  

We have declared war on Islam, pure and simple, and we are not going to stop until we make the world safe for Israel.  

Whatever happened to Bin Laden, by the way?

With hard times and an increasingly unpopular war will come public protest on a scale never before seen in America.  Prompted by the entitlement mentality created within the last generation and fueled by the massive immigration of the past two decades.  

America's black underclass is seething (no, not the people you know - the people in the very substantial ghettoes throughout America).  Hispanics have all but made Aztlan a reality.  Whites are confused and getting angry.  Bush knows this.  

Bush also knows that survival of his government depends upon its ability to control the American populace.

Just this past week, Bush authorized American military and intelligence services to begin murdering suspected terrorists in whichever country they found them...including America.  Read that last sentence again and let it sink in for a moment.

People, including American citizens, have already been disappearing - literally - with their families frantic with worry and knowing not what has become of them.  So far, most of them have Muslim names they adopted when they embraced Islam.  How long before Bush and his henchmen begin to apply the terrorist label to people like the author of this essay - or its reader?

Ashcroft publicly acknowledged for the first time, also this past week, that huge concentration camps in remote areas exist.  For years, rumors of these camps have been on a par with UFOs, but now they are legitimate.  Some are for the expected refugees from city bioterrorism and some are for "enemy combatants" within America.  Makes you wonder just how long this War on Terrorism has been planned, doesn't it?  Lincoln had thousands of his critics arrested and held in such camps during the civil war.  We rounded up Japanese-Americans for such camps during WWII.  Don't think for a moment that Bush won't do the same.

All in addition to recent radical changes eliminating the need for search warrants or probable cause, establishment of military tribunals, elimination of posse comitatus restrictions (so that soldiers may be used in American streets) and a host of other police-state directives.  

The gun grabbers have been frothing at the mouth.

Little girls snatched up and carried away, all over America and Great Britain in record numbers.  Is it just coincidence that the implantable chip is being actively promoted just now?  Is it possible to be too cynical about this sort of thing any more?

In short, America's government has abandoned all pretense that the Constitution still has any effect.  Now exposed to full view, the globalists must dart to the finish, before many more of us wake up.

Bush knows the only way out of the coming Depression (yes, grasshopper, not merely a recession) is war, just like the last time.  Also just like last time, Bush knows that he will need an excuse to go to war, just as Roosevelt needed an excuse to enter his war.  Did you know that, already, we occupy both northern and southern Iraq?  All Bush needs is the trigger event - an Archduke, a Lusitania, a Reichstag Building, a Pearl Harbor, another 911.

Wake up.  Look.  Listen.  Do the math.  Your mileage may vary, depending upon how you position yourself for the road ahead.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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