NJ Brutal Riots/Carnage 'finally' reported... well, sort of

April 28, 2001

There was a race riot in Jersey last weekend.  You didn't hear about it, did you? 

Even though my eyes have now been opened as to how things of this sort get swept down the memory hole, I still shake my head in disbelief every time I see the way the leftist media distorts reality which doesn't fit the party line being pushed; that is, when it can't be ignored altogether.

Here's a first-hand account of events, as written to the "reporters" whose article appeared in a local paper, followed by that article as it was printed.  Of course, even their cleansed version never made it to you via the media you see, did it?  I don't get these contrasting views very often, so this one is particularly instructive.

Remember how I said, when Cincinnati first broke the wires, that it was just the tip of an iceberg?  Then, like Seattle, it just got too big for the mainstream media to ignore.  How many of these bona fide race riots take place somewhere in America every day and never get reported, or get reported as being mere police blotter activity, like this one?

It's gonna be a long, hot summer...especially once the brownouts begin.....


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
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Asbury Park Press
Jackson, NJ

Colleen Platt and Chandra M. Hayslett...
           In your article, reproduced below, there is no mention at all
that the perpetrators of the riotous behaviour beginning Friday were ALL
black, nor that the victims were ALL White. 11 Blacks gang raped a White
girl. Yet you merely mention that the first people robbed were from
Franklin Township, and the perpetrators were from Queens and Staten
Island, NY.
      I believe that -- had the invaders been White, and the victims
Black -- your report would certainly have taken on a "hate-crime' mantra.
That's the way the media has acted in the past, although it is becoming
more widely known that the NCIC/FBI reports that White people are the
VICTIMS of over 90% of the 'racially-motivated crimes of violence.'
    You completely minimize the fact that the 'Six Flags Great Adventure'
Theme Park was totally trashed. You fail to mention that 13 police are
not called for venues that local people attend. Nor do you mention that
13 police officers were not nearly enough, for they were unable to
contain the violence between the out-of-town gangs that came to see the
'entertainers' called 3LW. Why not tell the whole story?
    A large number of perpetrators attacked police - not just those
mentioned regarding arrests. The perps also trashed the WAWA convenience
store. The store, one of the largest in NJ, was totally trashed by the
Africans, as was the McDonalds next door. Roving gangs of blacks were
driving like maniacs, running local Whites off the road and causing a
considerable number of traffic accidents.Over thirty auto accidents were
caused by the perps in the ensuing pandemonium, fueled by their frenzy.
There was shooting going on, and the bloodshed was immense, but that was
left out of your story as well.
     I must be very confused, as the TV constantly tells me that
diversity makes America strong. My wife and other Whites were locked in
the walk-in cooler for our safety, thanks to quick-thinking employees.
     On Sunday, I sent out some information to correspondents on the
`Net, in which I noted that the local press had been quiet about the
insanity from New York that started Friday. In part, I wrote:
  "The media will say some 'youths' got into a minor fracas."  Your
article proves I was right. Will you continue to avoid being as brutally
honest as the perpetrators are brutal in their invasions?
4 charged in theme park incidents

Published in the Asbury Park Press 4/23/01

JACKSON -- At least four people were arrested during a weekend melee
after a concert at Six Flags Great Adventure, and police are looking for
six people involved in an armed robbery there.

Several other people reportedly were involved in minor fights and motor
vehicle accidents.

Sgt. John Siedler said yesterday that the theme park called police on
Friday and requested about 13 police officers to help staff a concert at
the park.

Siedler said two incidents in which police were assaulted included a
fight at the main gate around 8:05 p.m. and another where New York
hip-hop station WQHT-FM (Hot 97) was conducting a live broadcast.

Two groups of people began fighting at the gate, and several Six Flags
security officers responded to intervene, but the crowd began to push the
officers, Siedler said.

Police used pepper spray on two people, he said. They subsequently
arrested and charged two people, Nkrumah Caldwell, 20, and Andre Kane,
both of Queens, with assault in that incident.

About an hour and a half later, the concert had just ended, and what
Siedler described as a "large crowd of several hundred people" gathered
at the radio station's broadcast site.

Two women began fighting, and when police attempted to intervene, a women
attacked the officers, Siedler said.

Shanelle Browne, 24, of Staten Island was charged with aggravated assault
on an officer and resisting arrest after she reportedly fought one of the
arresting officers, Trevor Crowley. He sustained a minor concussion,
police said.

Sharon Wladarczyk, 23, Staten Island, was charged with aggravated assault
on an officer and resisting arrest after police said she bit arresting
officer Sgt. Richard Wagner.

In addition, around 10:30 p.m., police took a report of an armed robbery.

Three people -- Charles Franklin, 19, Terance Franklin, 18, and Lorenzo
Moye, all of the Somerset section of Franklin Township -- told police
they were approached by six men, two of whom reportedly had handguns, and
were told to "hand over their stuff." Police said two gold chains, a
camcorder, and two wallets containing a total of $120 were stolen.

Siedler said the department also responded to a number of minor motor
vehicle accidents and fights as people left the park for the night. Road
work on Route 537, the main road into and out of the park, resulted in a
four-hour backup, Siedler said.

"People became frustrated with the delays, and it created confrontations
with some of the guests," said Kristin Kocher, public relations manager
for Six Flags Great Adventure.

Traffic has been entering and leaving the park "smoothly" since an
additional lane has been opened, Kocher said.

Of the incidents that happened inside the park, Kocher said they were not

"That is not the norm at the park. We regret anytime there is an
incident. It was certainly an isolated incident," she said.

Colleen Platt: (609) 978-4584 or at cplatt@app.com

Published on April 23, 2001