Never Trust a Jew
by Edgar J. Steele

September 21, 2005

"This group of humans is apparently so special, so great, so awesome, so incredible, so protected and possibly so powerful that a strange situation has arisen in the Western World. We non-Jewish humans can write about most any other group of humans, but we cannot write about this group called "Jews" without a creating a firestorm. There are exceptions. We can write about "Jews" if we adopt a slavish, worshipful tone that emphasizes how wonderful, special, perfect and totally awesome this group is."
  --- Robert Lindsay, Racial Holy Wars, Real and Phantom (3/10/05)

"I think the strongest anti-Semitism sometimes exists among Jews. To this day a German Jew often hates Russian or Polish Jews. There are German-Jewish clubs around this country that did not allow Russian or Polish Jews when they first started. Some have relented a little, but not all. I'm sure that when Hitler started, many German Jews didn't mind what he did to other Jews. They didn't expect him to turn on them. Isn't it ridiculous? But if anti-Semitism can exist among Jews, why shouldn't it exist among others?"
  --- actor Kirk Douglas (neť Issur Danielovitch, son of Russian-Jewish immigrants), The Ragman's Son - An Autobiography, p. 23 (Pocket Books: New York, 1989)

"Anti-Semitism is a disease - you catch it from Jews."
  --- Edgar Steele, Anti-Semitism is a Disease  (www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, 10/24/02)

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I rarely use this space to respond to critics.  Somehow, it seems to me to be in bad form.  Besides, I find that list members and other supporters generally do a far better job than could I in nailing down the occasional oddball who tries to enhance his own name by degrading mine (the relative motion, you see, looks the same to the detractor as if he actually did something on his own to deserve acclamation - it's why bullies pick on little kids on the playground).

"Never stoop to conquer," a retiring judge told me during my first month as a licensed attorney.  Some of the best advice I ever received.  Every time I ignore it, it seems I regret the result.  Today, however, I yield to that temptation because of the important lesson that I see available:  Never trust a Jew.

The older I get, the less inclined am I to believe in coincidence.  How often, do you suppose, does genuine coincidence account for things?  5%?  2%?  Less?  I am inclined to believe in less - far less, in fact, based strictly upon personal observation conducted over a lifetime.

Coincidence, of course, means simply what the word suggests:  events that occur totally independent of one another, yet with an apparent relationship, such as time, location, etc

I once had a client who came to me four times in three years to represent her for auto accidents wherein her car was rear ended by another's.  The insurance adjuster on the other side of the fourth accident didn't believe in coincidence and insisted that she was at fault, despite the fact that she simply was a passenger in accidents 2, 3 and 4.  Negligent riding, I suppose, was the tort or crime of which he was suggesting that my client was guilty.  Clearly, her accidents were simple coincidence.  Coincidence does happen.

In a legal career as long as mine, involving many thousands of clients, mere probability suggests at least one case like hers might fall into my hands.  Hers was the only one, though I had several clients who had been rear ended twice and virtually none of them, it turned out, were responsible (as in slamming on the brakes repeatedly without checking behind).  That's what coincidence looks like.

Strictly for the sake of argument (arguendo, as we in the law business pompously like to say), let's assume that true coincidence occurs, say, 1% of the time.  That means that those who like to "give others the benefit of the doubt," to "wait and see"  or to "wait until all returns are in," are wrong 99% of the time!  Think about that for a moment. 

Fence sitters don't believe that Blacks are more violent than are Whites, for example.  They think it simply coincidental that FBI statistics prove individual Blacks commit 50 times as many violent crimes (rape, murder, mayhem, etc.) as do individual Whites (7 times the crime as a group, yet only 1/7th the total population - do the math).  "Prove it!" they demand, choosing to ignore statistics and probability as constituting proper evidence.  So, they naively sailed their boats into downtown New Orleans and were surprised to find themselves turned into alligator bait.

Fence sitters believe the fact that both George W. Bush and his father became Presidents of America simply was due to coincidence.  Without his father, Dubya would have been President anyway.  Riiiight....

So, out of 100 occurrences of anything, a fence sitter will be wrong 99 times.  How often does someone have to be wrong before you completely discount what they have to say?  I'll bet it is well shy of 99 times.

There is a reason that people become crusty as they age:  experience proves that coincidence rarely occurs.  That's why you can't tell an older person anything.  We're worse, even, than teenagers, if you can believe it. 

At some point in your life, you almost certainly will decide that you are sick and tired of being wrong almost all the time.  That is when you cast aside coincidence as the explanation for anything.  That is why I now say I do not believe in coincidence.  As soon as I made that transition, so many things simplified for me and so much effort went out of my life.  And I hardly ever am wrong.  Only 1 time in 100, if you extend our hypothetical, but much, much less in my own experience.  That's why you can hardly tell me one damn thing.  I can live with being dead wrong 1% of the time.  Believe me, it beats being wrong 99% of the time.

And that's why I say to you today:  Never trust a Jew.

Are there some trustworthy Jews?  Sure.  But not many.  My experience has proven otherwise.  It is not coincidental that Jews are avaricious, cunning, verbal and always angling for an opening, an opportunity to get on top of others.  What, exactly, does "I can get it for you wholesale" suggest to you?  That the speaker is Jewish, of course.  There is a reason, just as there is a reason why the word Jew became a verb, as in "to Jew someone down."  And that same reason is why the verb form now is verboten in our society, of course. 

Being Jewish is genetic...and cultural, which means the same thing.  Culture practiced long enough leads to natural selection for the practiced behavior.  Culture gone to seed is genetic, as I like to say.  Please consult my book, which expands upon this thought at length - at book length, in fact, since Defensive Racism is all about the genetic role of behavior.

That brings us to a fellow named Henry Makow and an Internet forum entitled Etherzone, for which Makow regularly writes.  Do you think it coincidental that Makow's writings appear at Etherzone regularly while mine never do?  In fact, the owner of Etherzone banned me from his forum simply because I responded to another of his writer's false attack upon myself a few years ago. 

Makow just wrote an attack piece on me for Etherzone, entitled "Edgar Steele's Racism - Why Jewish Bankers Love anti-Semites."  Is it simply coincidental that I am unable to respond to Makow's allegations in "The Intelligent Alternative," as Etherzone likes to bill itself?  Alternative to what, by the way?  Free speech?  Is it simply coincidental that Makow is a Jew?  Of course not. 

Free speech in America is reserved for Jews and their politically-correct sheep and rarely accorded the likes of me.  Ask Cindy Sheehan, who was silenced and some of whose followers just were arrested in New York City for speaking out against America's war against the Iraqis, a war conceived, financed and pressed by Jews for the benefit of Jews, yet not actually fought by Jews, but by our own sons and daughters for them.  Sons like Ms. Sheehan's, who gave his life in defense of Israel in that Arab hellhole.

Makow likes to present himself as being a good Jew, allied with good Americans against bad Jews, best exemplified by the never-named members of the banking elite.  And he likes to point his finger at people like myself, saying that we are bad Americans for playing into the hands of Zionists and scaring all Jews, so that they flee into the protective arms of the Zionist banking elite.  Without people saying the sort of things that I say, suggests Makow, we would all be just one, big, happy, multicultural family in America.  Oh, and of course he claims that no Jewish behavior is genetic - it's just coincidence.

Is it just coincidence that Jews own every single major media outlet?  Not some.  Not most.  Every single one, as in every single one.

Is it just coincidence that the international banking families are virtually all Jewish?

Is it just coincidence that, of the nearly half million American boys and girls who have been sent to Iraq, only four have been Jewish?

Is it just coincidence that the fellows who conceived of and pressed for the Gulf War are all Jews?

Is it just coincidence that Jews possess true power positions in government at all levels ten to twenty times that of their population percentage (2%)?

Is it just coincidence that every single country down through recorded history, of which Jews managed to get control similar to what they have done today in America, has ejected them en masse?

Do you believe in coincidence?

Makow is a Jew who apparently has taken up Christianity, which is a major reason, he argues, why he is a "good Jew."

Makow essentially says that bad racists and anti-Semites like myself (that's Mr. anti-Semite to you, incidentally, Makow) play into the hands of bad Jews, while good Jews like himself really are trying just to fix society.  By racism, he means anti-Semitism, of course.  Why use just one epithet when you can use two?  After all, he's a Jew.  He doesn't have to choose.

What Makow conveniently neglects to mention is that my brand of "racism" extends only to 3 or 4 racial groups, those who have demonstrated a proclivity to harm us:  Blacks, Mestizos, Jews and some Pacific Islanders.  My "racism," which advocates only racial separation for protection, is designed to prevent our daughters being raped and murdered and our government and industry plundered, all of which are taking place at breakneck speed in today's America.  In fact, I readily accept more than 90% of the human race as being non threatening and have no problem with living alongside them, but that is something that Makow doesn't want you to know.

You see, as I argue in my book, there are two aspects to racial separation:  First, one should be able to separate from any and all other races as a matter of preference, without having to give reasons (what used to be guaranteed by the American Constitution as the "Right of Free Association").  Second, we must separate from some for protection.  My "no problem with living alongside" does not suggest preference, but merely lack of fear of my daughter being raped by them.  And, needless to say, there is a big difference between advocating racial separation and pushing racial supremacy.  After all, supremacy is what Judaism and Zionism are all about.

By preaching racial separation from those who would harm us, rather than Makow's hugs-all-around-let's-sing-Kumbayah brand of togetherness, you see, I allegedly play into the Globalists' (that's Jew to you and me) hands.  I'm the divider.  By separating us Whites into Racists and anti-Semites and good guys, Makow thinks to create "universal brotherhood" which then will do battle with "the real enemy:  a satanic cult empowered by a banking monopoly that pervades every aspect of Western society and culture," to use his own words.  Lessee now, isn't that kind of like how we destroy Iraqi villages in order to save them?  Makow does his best to divide us in an effort to unite us in "universal brotherhood?"

"Anti-Semites are like dogs who drive the Jewish sheep into the bankers' pen," says Makow.  Just get rid of us evil anti-Semites and then the fundamentally good and benevolent Jews will fix things for all of us.  Makow doesn't mention if he has prime New Orleans waterfront property for sale, incidentally.  Kumbayah, my Lord...

If, as Makow argues, anti-Semites are instrumental in the plans of those bad Jews, the bankers and globalists, then query why those very same bankers and globalists are so intent upon outlawing all expressions of anti-Semitism throughout the Western world?  Indeed, here in America the ADL just shepherded its newest and broadest "anti-hate" bill, which will prosecute expressions of anti-Semitism, through the US House of Representatives.  It just doesn't make sense, does it?  Or, perhaps it is just more coincidence.

Consider the following:  Makow lives in Canada and his web site is hosted there, as well.  Canada's is one of the more repressive Western governments, one that prosecutes and jails people simply for proving false many of the Holocaust lies. 

Stand up in Canada and say, "6 million Jews did not perish in the Holocaust," and see how quickly you are prosecuted for hate speech.  Never mind that the plaque at Auschwitz has been changed out several times, reducing the number of Jews claimed to have been killed there from 4 million to 1.5 million.  Oddly, however,  that reduction never has filtered down to the figure of 6 million.  More coincidence, presumably.

What's more, Makow argues for the authenticity of the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," an anti-Semitical screed that perhaps is the number-one enemy of the Jewish forces of political correctness.

6 million Jews did not perish at Auschwitz.  In Canada, believe it or not, it is no defense that this statement is absolutely and undeniably correct.  Just for saying it, I dare not even visit Canada.  Yet, somehow, Canadian Makow gets to claim that the New World Order is a Zionist conspiracy involving "satanic" and "Masonic" Jews, not to mention promoting "The Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion." 

Is it just coincidence that Ernst Zundel goes to prison in Canada for saying something milder than does Makow and, what's more, Zundel's wife is the one who said it - and on an American web site, at that.  You have to wonder how Makow gets away with it, don't you?  Is it just coincidence that he is a Jew?  Do you believe in coincidence?

Or, when you read Makow's attack upon someone like myself, while he pretends to be one with us, consider the following possibility:  How better to divide us than with the very sort of article that Makow just has written?

And, let us not forget that Makow posted his little piece of disinformation at Etherzone, a Jew-controlled web site that long ago forbade me entry. They believe in free speech for Jews like Makow to attack me, but deny me any opportunity whatsoever to defend myself, just the way that Jew-controlled The Free Republic operates.  Isn't that just special?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I entitled this piece, "Never Trust a Jew."  Makow, in particular, is the very sort of Jew that cannot be trusted, a Jew who pretends to be one of us.  From one side of his mouth, he seeks to divide us.  From the other side, he seeks to force us to live alongside Blacks and "good Jews" (don't worry, Henry Makow will tell us who they are) in "Universal Brotherhood."

Like a lawyer saying, "Trust me," Makow expects you to line up behind his particular brand of hatred, which looks suspiciously like the same old brand of Jewish hatred and divisiveness.

Do you believe in coincidence? 

Never trust a Jew.  Rarely will you be wrong.

New America, an idea whose time has come.


A few of your recent Emails:

Re:  Me Neither ---

    Tim writes:  "I have friends that are in the search and rescue business on the west coast.  They went to help!  Said it is much worse than being reported and news is being stopped or just downplayed by the media."

    Jack writes:  "It is interesting that you seem convinced that being GAY is not Genetic.  I have no idea whether Gays have different Genes or not...whether genetic or based on their soul / horoscope I think most Gays have behaviour patterns from birth that they have nothing to do with and have very little control over."
I really should turn you over to those who roast me for saying that being gay is totally genetic and let you all duke it out and then let me know who won.  Read my book and you will learn that I quite clearly come down on the side of it being, not genetic, but more an accident of conception - a miswired brain.  It couldn't possibly be genetic, as gays rarely have kids to inherit their DNA, after all.

    Arlene writes:  "I'm beginning to understand you. I used to think that you were a racist, but now I realize that not only are you not, but you understand that the conspiracies are just that, conspiracies...You have a dry sense of humor, but I didn't realize it."

    Gary writes:  "I don't really watch TV much but did you notice that all bad guys are now white?  You got balls, maybe you should  let everyone else in on your diet."
    Thank you...lots of red meat, incidentally...

    Martin writes:  "Please drop dead and due the world some good.  You anti-Semitic lies could only be believed by someone with no intelligence.  Please remove me from your list."
    Martin's last name rhymes - but, then, you knew that, didn't you?

    Lynn writes:  "I'm very thankful that there are Americans like you who are both aware of what's really going on and willing to take the risks to keep the rest of us educated.  Exactly as you point out, it's the only chance the citizens of this country have.  Ignorance and deceit will ultimately destroy our current way of life."
    Unnnnhh, Lynn - I don't know how old you are, but my "current way of life" in America got destroyed a long time ago.  All things are relative, I suppose.  You may long for the good, old seventies or eighties, perhaps, but I nostalgically recall the fifties. 

    Mike writes:  "I don't know if it is our network in Japan, but the links didn't work.  I was a little disappointed.  Just wanted to let you know. Keep humping the ruck sack of reality for us up the hill."
    Try the on-line version:  http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/neither.htm

    Nick writes:  "I'm surprised that no one has added this:  while in Vietnam we had jeeps, trucks, tanks, food, water, clothes and many other things DROPPED in by helicopters every day!!!  This could have been easily done in New Orleans!!!"

Re: Ducks, Morons and George Bush ---

    Tom writes:  "I don't care who calls me a racist.  I came by my  racism the old fashioned way.  I Earned it.  It did not start out that way.  I am a "live and let live" kind of guy.  But by recognizing what is real, and defending yourself from the predators, today that means that you are a bigot, a racist and an anti semite.   A lifetime of experience has taught me that there is a group of people out there who NEVER stops making war on Caucasians.  Never!!!!  The attack is relentless and on all fronts.  And, we both know who that is. The blacks are just one of many tools --- you might say they are weapons of mass destruction."

    Louis relays the following from one of his correspondents:  "My son lives in Sulphur Springs (TX.)  They took in some of the N.O. critters.  His friend is dating a police dispatcher there.  Found from her that 12 whites are hospitalized with stab wounds from a fight at a football game, critters did the stabbing.  Should be educational for the white trash here that thinks race makes no difference."

Re: The Big Uneasy ---

    Desere writes:  "Screw New Orleans...The Outer Banks in NC just got pretty torn up as well.  Some friends in Atlantic Beach just lost their whole business and beach front Condo as well.  No one was killed, thank goodness.  Absolutely no help offered thus far...Guess FEMA doesn't want to help middle class working folks......"
    Funny, but I never did see the newsreels of all those Whites just sitting around on fat asses, crying out, "He'p us!  Oh, Lawdy, why won't none o' yo' White folk he'p us?  Why, yo mus' be racists!"  Of course, I didn't hear about all those White folks looting or raping or killing little children, either, or specifically targeting members of other races for death.
  However, I did read about Bush musing over how especially nice will be the view from the front porch of Trent Lott's rebuilt residence.

Re:  Escape from New Orleans ---

    Pete writes:  "Yikes!  this could pass as a realism in this day and age, not far out fiction..."

    Grant writes:  "Please finish your story.  Iím holding my breath for the next chapter.  The best read Iíve had in quite some time."

    Thanks.  I appreciate the encouragement.  This is among the first fiction I have written and the very first that I actually have released to others.  Because of your feedback, it won't be the last.
Re:  Make a Difference! ---

    Chuck writes:  "I remember as a kid (I am 48 now) hearing about the first heart transplant with an artificial heart.  I think it was Doctor Christian Barnard in South Africa that did it.  The first in World History.  And thinking to myself, WOW, those people are even ahead of America in Medicine.  I was just taken aback, thinking that America was first in Everything.  But I did feel a kindred connection to those in what must be such a wonderful place as South Africa.  Look at what it has become now."

Re:  Defensive Racism ---

    Neil writes:  "Since reading your book I have come to understand... thank you. I sent your book to my sister in Nashville, Tenn."

    Dean writes:  "I ordered several copies of your book when it first came out.  I read it and try to get my extra copies into the hands of those who will understand.  Not an easy task.  Most people are simply brain dead."

   Thanks for sharing, folks.  Again, I wish I could reproduce every single one.  Rest assured that I do read them all.



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