Me Neither!
by Edgar J. Steele

September 13, 2005

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
  --- Friedrich Nietzsche

"There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should it ever come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence."
  --- Daniel Webster

The real value of this column derives from being able to follow the many embedded links; therefore, I will not be recording it.
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As with any major event these days, conspiracy rumors are flying around the Internet concerning Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. 

Some say the government is squelching news reporting of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in an attempt to lull the public concerning the horrific nature of this catastrophe.

Some government officials say the New Orleans storm scenario never was contemplated; others say they are lying, lying, lying.

Some say that, once underway, Gulf Coast rescuers and relief workers were subverted and misdirected on purpose.

Some say that FEMA attempted to keep relief workers away from New Orleans, then did its best to deny and delay the arrival of help, supplies and fuel, thwart the delivery of food, reject offers of assistance, deny the provision of desperately-needed emergency medical personnel, equipment and facilities, ensure nobody got out of the area and, then, when the failures went beyond mere ineptitude, blame others.

Some say that FEMA's head is the poster boy for incompetent political appointees.

Some say that some New Orleans residents who stayed behind have gotten so desperate as to resort to cannibalism.

Some report that alligators are rampant in downtown New Orleans and eating corpses.

Some say the only people that local government made a serious effort to find and evacuate were Jews

Some say that many non-Jewish New Orleans residents too inconvenient to evacuate simply were killed.

Some say the reason so many poor Blacks were left behind was due to rampant incompetence and the result of political cronyism, largely attributable to the man responsible for the evacuation, the Black Mayor of New Orleans.

Some claim that the Federal government is jamming cell phone and radio transmissions in and around New Orleans in an attempt to prevent the truth escaping.

Some say that the levees holding back the water from below-sea-level downtown New Orleans were blown up intentionally after the storm, to facilitate reclamation and exploitation  of prime oil properties and key shipping lanes by private and government interests.

Some say that, like Iraq, New Orleans has become another boondoggle designed to further enrich corporate friends of this Administration, prevent private enterprise from assisting and further impoverish the lower class workers of America.

A great many members of this list have written to tell me of the countless rapes, robberies and assaults that have been perpetrated by refugees shipped into the midst of their communities from New Orleans.  In one town, the local police car actually was stolen!  A great many teenage girls have been raped.  Gang fights break out in schools that never have seen violence.  Wherever New Orleans evacuees have been settled, a crime wave erupts.

Over a half million Blacks are being redistributed throughout America, enabling some Americans to see, for the very first time, exactly what it means to live alongside Blacks.  Already, some communities have pulled up the drawbridge after seeing the reality of what their much-sought-after diversity has wrought in their own home towns.

All conspiratorial nonsense, I say.  Just like the rumors swirling around 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco holocaust and the Israeli treachery concerning the USS Liberty and so many other tragedies that have befallen America.

Why, there are even nuts running around out there who claim that the official story concerning the assassination of JFK is a lie!  Can you believe it?

Is there no level to which some people will stoop to breed discontent, doubt and dissent among the upright, God-fearing, educated and aware citizens of America?  Now, of course, if those people were to provide citations and proof for any of their allegations, that might be a different matter. 

Autopsy photos of JFK, for example, showing the back of his skull missing a large segment (classic bullet exit damage), with the entry wound hidden above the hairline (his head was bent down while he clutched his neck wound, remember), consistent with the unedited Zapruder film depicting the red spray to the back, coming from the rear of JFK's head, proving that the true kill shot came from in front of the limousine.

Eyewitness accounts from Waco survivors. 

Eyewitness accounts of Israeli jets strafing the USS Liberty while she flew the stars and stripes. 

Testimony from witnesses and bomb experts, swearing there were other bombs secreted in the building itself and that a fertilizer bomb never could have done all that damage to the Murrah Building. 

Proof it wasn't just coincidence that those four airliners, normally packed to the gills on a business morning, each took off on 9/11 with just a 25% load (lessee now - 4 times 25%....and the remains of only one jet was found....nah, it couldn't be - could it?) and the one plane verified to be a bona fide commercial airliner actually was shot down by American forces over Pennsylvania.

Or...pictures of Alligators in downtown New Orleans with blood on their snouts, perhaps.

Do you think that, maybe...just maybe, if any of the foregoing could be produced, then people might actually start to believe that there is something rotten in the Maryland tidal flats known as Washington, DC?

Nahhhhhhhhh.  Me neither!

In all seriousness, while I obviously wrote this article, tongue firmly in cheek, there are a couple of Internet conspiracy allegations with which even I have some difficulty:

Some say that Katrina was a storm created or, at least aggravated, by secret government technology, then guided atop the Gulf Coast.  Some say the government that is responsible is America's own; others say Russia.

Some say the storm itself, or the nonexistent-cum-inept rescue/relief effort after, was by design, to assist with the NWO population reduction goals.

Still, given the obvious lies and coverups concerning everything else listed in this column, all of which have proven to be absolutely true (just check the embedded links!), are even these allegations really too far fetched?

New America, an idea whose time has come.


A few of your recent Emails (the general increase in volume and thoughtfulness of these is representative of the total that I received, a total far exceeding that seen here).  In what might be called misplaced modesty, I cull out the bulk of those which are effusive in praise of my writing, though I appreciate getting them, certainly.  In fact, I include a disproportionate number of critical emails simply because they need to be answered:

Re: Ducks, Morons and George Bush ---

    Rob writes:  "America is currently descending into a 3rd world level, and the only thing that will help is total revolution.  I hope I am around when it happens, and I hope my family and I survive to see the next America.  Even my wife, an staunch disbeliever of the obvious, said the other day 'Iím afraid to live around here.'  We live in Mississippi."
    I'm sure that Rob means a peaceful revolution, for the government agents reading this...

    Charms writes:  "There have been a couple nasty swipes to women in posts of late...."
    I bashed A woman, the governor of Louisiana, in this piece.  She deserved it.  But, I also said there are inherent differences between men and women.  There are.   It is genetic and it goes beyond the size/strength differential, which is substantial (yes, there are exceptions, but on average the difference is substantial).  It also goes beyond hormones and the fact that men have much more testosterone. 
    Look, humans evolved eating meat and the occasional root or fruit.  Not grains.  Not refined sugars.  That's why a diet rich in red meat actually lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and provides a host of other benefits, as well, contrary to the lies propagated by the medical/industrial complex.
    So, too, did men and women evolve DOING different things.  That's why men ended up with more testosterone.  The ones who didn't have the bigger supply died off and never reproduced.  That also is why men ended up bigger and stronger.  The little, weak men got eaten by animals and killed in battle. 
    Men can throw their DNA forward in five minutes or less.  Women require a minimum of 9 months and, more likely, several years, during some of which time they are incapacitated.  That mere fact led to a radical difference in evolution.  Nurturing, child bearing, mothering women survived while others died off and failed to pass on their genes.  Non-protective men also failed to throw their DNA forward, as did men who were too weak or nonaggressive to protect their women. 
    Facts are facts.  That's why men make better fighters than women.  That's why men make better leaders, capable of making split-second Hobbesian choices and living with the consequences without remorse.  That's why male generals can send some of their men to their death while a female general dithers and gets everyone killed. 
    Not better people.  Better fighters and leaders.  There is a difference and, as the French say, Vive la difference!
    I intend to cover this in great detail in a book I have outlined, entitled "Love and Other Four-Letter Words."

    FB writes:  "Those friends whom I told N.O. would sink into anarchy within 3 days and that blacks would be at the forefront of it laughed and said I was "full of sh*t."  Yesterday, they thought I was Nostradamus' nephew..."

    Kurt writes:  "I don't really care to hear from you again.  You spout off how 'American' you are yet you refused to help me...At least when I talked as a Patriot, I walked the walk and stood in the front lines, toe to toe with the sons of bitches who wanted to crush people like you and me.  I placed my life, my fortunes and my honor in the front of this fight.  And when I finally had to ask for help to stave off the evil called "our government" from destroying my family and business, all I got was the cold shoulder from everyone, including you.  If you aren't or haven't the ability to feel shame, I feel enough shame for you, and all the other blowhards who are too cowardly to actually HELP when they're needed...I am insulted and disgusted by your willingness to stand by as "another one bites the dust."
    I get close to 2,000 emails per day.  At least 30 of them are pleas for legal help - usually, like yours, asking me to work for free.  Some do offer to pay.  I dare not even respond to most of them, else I expose myself to a future malpractice lawsuit for being misunderstood or a criminal prosecution in states where I am not admitted to practice law.  Believe me, it is not because I am unfeeling or do not care. 
    As longtime followers of my work will attest, I certainly have placed myself on the front line, along with my family, for "this fight."  I have paid dearly in a great many ways and earned my stripes the hard way, but there is no turning back - nor would I if I could, because this work is so dreadfully important. 
    Besides, when I enter a courtroom today, my client already has two strikes simply because I am his or her lawyer, which is why I find it so difficult ever to agree to take any case. 
    Finally, I am having a far greater impact with my writing than I ever had or will have in the courtroom, regardless of the injustice involved or the notoriety of my client.  I am refocusing my effort on a much larger scale than allowed by making examples of ridiculous cases of injustice wrought by American government today.  Members of this list, every day, tell me that it is working, too.

    Zehm writes:  "This diatribe is one of the most racist pieces I have ever encountered.  The sad thing is - is that it is filled with a lot of truth.  And while I don't feel that most blacks have the huge proclivity to rape, murder and rob that you do, the New Orleans disaster makes even a non-racist (like myself) wonder what exactly is wrong with some of these people."
    Zehm's response is illustrative of the depth of reaction that this piece evoked from even the most liberal on this list.  Essentially, I boiled about ten chapters from my book down into a single sentence.  What it lost in equivocation, it gained in impact.  If Zehm would read my book, I'd give odds that he no longer would think me a racist...what's more, he likely would begin to wonder if he, himself, is a racist.

    Ron writes:  "Oh, and I would add to the list all elected officials, all media heads as well as religious leaders. And in the new beginning, we, the People, should steer away from federalism at all cost and return to a more local self-reliant way of life and give up this notion that just because we can, we should." 

    Paul writes:  "Another powerful rant.  It burns like acid because itís true."

    Al writes:  "As you yourself have noted, when I have tried to have discussions on these subjects with people, they absolutely go nuts and refuse to even consider any point of view that is outside of what they were taught in the  (govt. funded) classroom...When I mentioned the simple concept of balkanization of America (treated in legitimate mainstream media (such as the atlantic monthly) I am called a right wing whack job.  And a racist.  Go figure.  Yes, new Orleans is the future of America."

    Lisa writes:  "I live in one of the "whitest" counties in the country, from what I'm told.  We didn't know it when we moved here.  I think I've see one or two "Afroed Americans" since we've lived here (2 years).  What's Whitey up to?  Domestic abuse, child abuse, drug running and murder by the white county and state governments, thieving, petty theft, etc. etc.  We live near a medium-small town, and the first two weeks we were here, I saw two elderly white people at different stores shoplifting what they did not need, was mooned by local public school white neighbor youth as my homeschooled children and I drove down the road in front of our house, and had bullets ricocheting over my house and front yard from the neighbors who had rented out the house and pastureland we bought to their friends without checking with the newly widowed owner who'd just moved out of town.  So I think white folks just like to steal, murder, and create mayhem on a different level than black folks, don't you, Ed?"
    No, I don't.  America wasn't like this when I grew up in the forties and fifties.  Don't confuse modern America with a White society.  It isn't.  Life comes in one size now, dispensed through your TV set.  That's why your neighborhood kids emulate what they see Blacks doing on TV - that, plus the fact that Blacks are all but idolized in media of every sort.  And all the crime, especially the white collar stuff a la Enron, is Jewish based, as is virtually all the pornography.  This isn't your father's America, Lisa. 
    Look at any of the old black and white movies being broadcast late at night - that was the America of which I speak, particularly the values being emphasized.  Then look at the America depicted on MTV and any of the networks - that is America on Jews.  Any questions?

Re: The Big Uneasy ---

    Adriaan writes:  "I am a local Afrikaans publisher in Mossel Bay, South Africa, trying to survive in a pool of black filth.  Forgive me for saying it, but when I saw the shocking scenes in New Orleans (shooting, looting, raping, killing, power failures, flooding sewerages) I couldn't help giving a sigh of relief.  You see, Sir, since the crack of creation's dawn we have been told blacks loot, shoot, rape, etc., because of the curse of Apartheid.  Some years ago one of our black minister in Parliament even came to the conclusion that the war in Kosovo was a direct result of Dr. Verwoerd's Apartheid regime; and recently our black President, Thabo Mbeki, came to an even more brilliant conclusion:  "The Whites are all ecstatically happy in the New South Africa, because I have never seen a White man go on strike, toi-toi (dancing in the streets, while smashing everything in sight), hi-jack, rape, loot and shoot.  A friend wrote Mbeki and told him its not because we are happy in his pool of faeces called the New South Africa, but because it is not in the White man's nature to toi-toi, rape babies, kill helpless old people, hi-jack cars and go on looting sprees.  Mbeki never bothered to reply."
    Not until America experiences, first hand, what you have, will she awaken.  This is a beginning, but it will get much worse before it gets worse.

    Lebrule writes:  "Ok. white trash....good luck in your white supremacy carrier....idiot! Your inferior mental midget mind and your kind is what America should be prejudice against, and not the pigment coloration of its population.  The threat to the human race progress is the trash your infertile brain brings to the table."
    Classic Jewish ad-hominem attack, start to finish.

     Bruce writes:  "There are two things that really stick in my mind (And craw) here...Apparently, the convention center and Superdome are above sea level... Barely, but still.  They weren't under 6 ft of water or anything like that.  Anybody there could have just walked away after the storm blew over.  Yet these blacks stayed there in deplorable conditions (Brought on by themselves) whining and bitching about 'Somebody HELP Us!!' Good Lord, they acted as if they were all pinned down by collapsed girders or something! Shit, if it's that bad, then just leave! Walk away! 

    Secondly, I wonder why nobody is asking any of these idiots... Uh, excuse me, 'victims'.... "You knew the storm was coming. You had several days advance notice. Why didn't you stock up on some bottled water and a case of Dinty Moore beef stew?"...
    I guess that's the difference between White people and the welfare state. I'm starting to feel more and more that perhaps 'we' are responsible for the chaos going on.  Not because we 'made' them what they are, only because we allowed it to happen.  I'm also starting to feel that maybe it's too late to make a u-turn..."

    Michael writes:  "I found this ('Too bad Hurricane Katrina didn't wait a week to strike, when it could have caught over 125,000 drunken homosexuals in the streets of the French Quarter, gathered for their annual " Southern Decadence" festival and "engaging in sex acts in the public streets and bars') disturbing and somewhat out of character with your normal statements, which usually express a desire to simply be left alone and have not in the past advocated the harm of anyone (to my knowledge or recollection).  I understand it is not your right to seperate, but I believe it should be, as long as you respect the right for any other adult who chooses to integrate..."
    Faggots who publicly display their deviance, usually so as to specifically annoy and aggravate people like me, deserve anything they get.  No sympathy from me.  Do I wish them harm?  You bet. They refuse to leave me alone, you see. They harm me by impacting society in general and my children, specifically, with their depravity.  Fair's fair.  Harm me or mine and you can expect the back of my hand.  I do not apologize for that behavior one iota.  If they stayed in the closet and kept their mouths shut, then I wouldn't take offense.  Indeed, I couldn't take offense.  After all, do I foist my heterosexuality upon them?  Besides, they scream loudly about democratic principles...well democracy is rule by the majority and homosexuals are far from being that.
    It's different with Blacks. With them, it's genetic and they can't help themselves.  Fags go out of their way to offend me and it sure isn't genetic.  I want separated from both, but I also want to punish those members of either group who harm me or mine.

    Moira writes:  "My husband and I are impressed by your observations and fully agree with you.  Here in Sunny South Africa, we are so used to their habitual laziness and lack of initiative, it doesn't surprise us in the least what we have seen on TV when the destitute are seen sitting on the filthy pavements waiting for a hand-out!  To us that is their normal behaviour - what a difference to those early photographs taken in Germany after a bomb raid where you can see the old women with their scarves and warm jackets bending down and picking up the broken bricks and rubble - just to tidy up and to re-use any available building material which can be recycled.  They weren't prepared to sit down and wait for outsiders to help them!!!"

    Joe writes:  "In nearby St Petersburg (Florida) a group of frothing at the mouth Marxist n i ggers -- AND I DO MEAN N I GGERS! -- who call hemselves The Uhuru - - were allowed by a local TV channel ( more of the Comrades of course) to air their racial hatred of any and all things and people that are white.  Their plight ( the n i ggers in New O) was of course the fault of Pres. Bush who of course 'hates African Americans' - not that these illiterate savages could even find the continent of Africa on a map.  Pres Bush was charged with 'holding these fellow African Americans HOSTAGE' so as to purposely starve them and kill them.  I kid you not!  They called for aid and assistance to their fellow niggers  -- NO WHITES allowed.  But of course that is not racist.  Of course Jesse Jackson was there on site to keep the anti-white hatred going...
    "They photoed some REALLY scary folks - dreadlocks and all.  Couldn't buy $1 gas (to leave before the storm) but there they were - smoking those $3/pack cancer sticks.  All these people could do...was to demand 'something be done' - and that they were not treated with respect, etc, etc.  Bitch, whine and complain as if the sinister white man had 'done this to them.'  I did not hear ONE white victim whine or bitch or yell obscenities.  I did not hear ONE SINGLE  black speak against their 'bros' looting and killing.
    "I guess that my disgust with these animals comes from seeing my father and mother struggle through the worst of economic times with NO welfare checks - NO TV reporters to let them vent their frustration - no handouts - no Federal forces or donations or help from ANYBODY to help them survive -- and they NEVER bitched or moaned or blamed ANYBODY else - and my father ALWAYS let us know how fortunate we were to be in America.  Just a simple little man who kept his eyes on the goal -- take care of his family - no matter what adversities befell him.  These lazy, irresponsible n i ggers could have learned a LOT from dad.  In fact - they could have learned a lot from the blacks of those days.  I don't remember thinking of ANY of them as 'n i ggers' - just decent hard working black folks.
    "We have created this monster and today's blacks are doing EVERYTHING in their power to be hated, despised, distrusted, feared and generally loathed.  NOT for the color of their skin -- BUT for their horrid behaviour and conduct.  I shudder at the thought of a REAL national disaster but that is exactly what it may take to allow decent whites to see their true nature.  There WILL BE LOTS AND LOTS of killing in the streets to defend what we have labored a lifetime to achieve."

    Evan writes:  "What is 'Mestizo?'  What is a Mestizo member of 'society?'  Haven't heard that one before.  Cheers from Australia."
    Indians, mostly....crosses from the Spanish conquistadors, but who have remained native.  Differentiates them from Latin society members derived more fully from European stock (and, as a result, who are much more civilized and intelligent).  I have begun using it to keep from saying Mexicans, a great many of whom are fine people.  In your parlance, mestizos are somewhat equivalent to aborigines.

    Sam writes:  "While the cameras were focused on New Orleans to the exclusion of the surrounding taxpayers, 65,000 folks in St. Bernard Parish - including me and my family and my wife's relatives - were losing everything they had.  It is likely that hundreds of thousands of taxpayers in the path of the storm lost everything they had."

Re:  Escape from New Orleans ---

    Skip writes:  "I think Edgar should forget about jurisprudence and focus on writing full time.  'I dun tole you so.'"

    Rod writes:  "Two thumbs up."

    Emil writes:  "I loved that old movie! Actually, I was thinking exactly the same thing a few days ago, about how nice it would be to have snake plisken in NO right now!"

Re:  You Knew I was a Jew ---

    Barbara writes:  "Do you know, personally, any Jew?  I'm one.  I grew up in England and now live in Israel.  All we Jews want is to be left alone.  We're not interested in gaining power over the world.  We want to live in our own country - Israel - and have a bit of peace."
    Yeah, sure.  And to control America from top to bottom and side to side, while forcing us to pay for Israel's every misstep, such as $200,000 to each of those Israeli squatters just evicted from Palestinian land in the Gaza.  And to put people like me in jail for exposing your (you did presume to speak for all Jews, by the way) hubris and criminal behavior.  And to cover up killing 20-80 million White Christians in Russia last century.  And...and...and....better yet, read more here:  It Wasn't Arabs.
Re:  Make a Difference! ---

    Marge writes:  "I have heard so much about you, even prior to you giving this speech at the Aryan Fest in Portland.  And now I have been wondering how I could possibly thank you in person for what you have done for us here on the southern most tip of the African continent.   And now I get this copy of your speech.  Thank you.  Your words are inspirational and I commend you on your outstanding knowledge of the South African situation, pertaining in particular to the white race.
    "I read your speech a couple of times, then I phoned my friend Ria, who runs Afrikaner Charity with me, and read it out to her on the phone.  Unfortunately she doesn't have a computer, so I will print your speech for her and when next I go to see her, when we visit the Vanderbijlpark camp again, I will take it along for her and her husband Kobus, to read.  Both of us had the proverbial 'goose bumps' when reading your speech.
    "You are so right when you say that Zimbabwe was the blueprint for South Africa, and South Africa in turn is the blueprint for America.  The unbelievable political manipulation which has paralyzed just about everyone who has a white skin, is quite frightening.  Thank you for standing up and saying it like it is.
    "Also our most sincere and warm thanks for your contribution to our kiddies and poverty stricken Afrikaner adults, who are victims of the affirmative action policies of this government.  When we deliver the food to the camps, believe me, you see the gratitude in the tears that roll down the cheeks when the residents of the camps help us unpack.  That alone is thanks enough for us."
    It has been my honor, entirely, to have been of some small service to you...

Re:  Kelo, Roe and the President's Liver ---

   Chad writes:  "I thought you may be interested in this quote from, 'The Rights of The British Colonies Asserted and Proved' by James Otis (1764):  'I say men, for in a state of nature, no man can take my property from me, without my consent: If he does, he deprives me on my liberty, and makes me a slave. If such a proceeding is a breach of the law of nature, no law of society can make it just.'"

   Thanks for sharing, folks.  Again, I wish I could reproduce every single one.  This time the electronic mailbag truly was overwhelming.   Rest assured that I do read them all.



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