The Other Other White Meat
by Edgar J. Steele

March 6 , 2009  


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My recent appearance (March 4) on Rick Adams' Internet Radio show (here) covered the basics of where I see America heading in the next few years.  I repeated things I have been saying for years, and then some.  What seemed to get people stirred up most was my prediction of more than a little cannibalism in America in about 3 years, long after the food riots begin early next year.
Two weeks ago, I recorded several segments for a test radio show of my own that I increasingly doubt will see the light of day unless I simply release them on my own web site, which I may well do, as the contents rapidly are becoming stale.  Stay tuned.  I have had discussions with an upstart Internet radio network about a regular weekly show, but they seem unable to deliver the freight even on my test show, so I doubt the viability of a weekly show with them.
My stuff is too hot for established radio, both broadcast and Internet, and I simply haven't the time, capability or financial resources to produce a program myself, to answer the many, many list members who ask why I don't just produce my own show.  I am interested in content production, not bit twiddling, and cannot afford to hire it done.
If anybody on this list has contacts with an established Internet (and/or broadcast) Radio network site not already populated with racial and/or religious crazies, I will be happy to discuss with them the possibility of my doing a weekly show for them, which would include the week's formally-recorded Nickel Rant, a half-hour live expansion upon that theme (with or without notable guests) and, in the second hour, taking your calls.
Yes, I have toned down my discussion of the racial stuff significantly in recent months, but not the underlying causes.  The financially disaffected of America are a rich source of new converts, which is where I have been doing my prospecting of late, much to the dismay of choir members.
This Karl Denninger guy (article below) tends to be an apocalyptist every bit as bad I get when I get going, though he hews more to financial market specifics.  I like his stuff a lot. 
I see all that Mr. Denninger says here happening, just over the next couple of years, rather than telescoped into what's left of 2009, as he thinks.  He could be right, though I doubt it.  Regardless, we differ only in our timing of near-term events.
Think not?  Show me where I have been wrong during the past few years.  As I am fond of saying, what should concern you is not what I have predicted that already has come true, but what I have predicted that has yet to come true (see my book, Defensive Racism).
What happens after the events described by Mr. Denninger below?  Complete societal breakdown, civil war along racial lines, World War III, the balkanization of America, biological pandemics and even widespread cannibalism (the other other white meat)  as we wind down to the end of 2012.
These are the proverbial interesting times and we have ringside seats, folks.
Itz coming...


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