On Timothy McVeigh and Coverups

April 27, 2001

Below is reproduced the letter that allegedly was just written by McVeigh to Rita Cosby of Fox TV News, and released today, in lieu of his appearing in an on-camera interview, an interview blocked by our new Attorney General.  Pretty innocuous stuff, unless you consider the concept of executing capital criminals who happen to hold high Federal office to be shocking.  As you read it, ask yourself if it has any ring of truth to it, as actually coming from the sort of man who could have killed so many people, including children, as retribution for Waco.
Now, I don't know McVeigh - never even met him - but I have a lot of trouble envisioning this young fellow expressing himself in this fashion.  Of course, I have a going-in bias against believing that he voluntarily would write anything except a round condemnation of the US government.  I also firmly believe that the OKC bombing is the nexus of a massive government conspiracy and coverup.
The idea of government coverups finally is getting to be readily accepted, whereas a few years ago practically nobody believed our kindly, benevolent "leaders" would lie to us. 
People are gradually coming around to the idea that Waco was a massive government screwup, resulting in an unspeakable act of tyranny, followed by an equally unspeakable coverup. 
Ever so slowly, the truth about the JFK assasination is coming out (of course, the first time I saw the Zapruder film, I thought it obvious he was shot from two different directions, given that dramatic snap to the rear his head took just as the back of his head exploded in a red fog). 
There are many, many others, but these are the coverups that are becoming mainstream and palatable to the average lemming.  As we go along and I get more comfortable with this forum, I'll throw in a few of the seemingly more outlandish ones (only seemingly, though, as you will see).
It appears that McVeigh was either a dupe or a Manchurian candidate of sorts.  However, there seems to be some pretty impressive evidence that there wasn't even a fertilizer bomb that went off (absolutely none of the extremely messy and high-volume residue - "prill" - was ever found at the scene and the billowing smoke on the TV news was mostly white, rather than the characteristic black that diesel fuel would have emitted). 
And absolutely nobody has been allowed direct access to McVeigh, except for those two so-called reporters who wrote that ridiculous book (they claimed to have 30+ hours of taped interviews with McVeigh, but they conveniently won't let anybody else listen to any of them).  Maybe the government did a better job with McVeigh than it did with Oswald, which is why they have let him live this long, but they aren't pushing their luck, nonetheless.
This letter and the book that was just released are potent evidence of massive government involvement, once you reject the mainstream notion of how OKC happened.
I'm working on a recap and review of all the evidence of the OKC bombing being a government operation, from start to finish, and will send that around when I knock off the rough edges, which is why I sound so certain of the government conspiracy angle.  If you don't buy it yet, please just keep an open mind, because the evidence is truly overwhelming. 
This is a monster story, as David Hoffman, author of "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror" found out.  Upon publication, his book was immediately banned by order of a Federal judge and all existing copies were collected and destroyed (and you actually still think the 1st Amendment exists?).  There are very few copies that escaped the bonfire and they are bringing a serious premium of several hundred dollars in the underground economy.  I finally located one back east that an obscure second-hand bookseller had advertised on the internet.  I got it for the bargain price of $80.  What's the big deal about the book?  Well, it tells quite a bit of the truth about what happened, and documents it with inescapable logic.  After all, if it was just lies, why on earth would the government need to suppress it?
By the way, notice that it was our current Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who refused to allow McVeigh to appear in a televised interview with Fox News.  Ashcroft is the most controversial and supposedly conservative appointment of our supposedly conservative new President.  What does that suggest to you, if you buy that OKC is a government coverup-cum-conspiracy?  Well, it tells me that these things transcend partisan politics, assuming there is any difference between Democrats and Republicans, which I don't believe for one minute.  It certainly suggests a more enduring power structure than our presidential election cycles would permit...but that's a story for another day altogether.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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