The Truth Shall Make You Mad

by Edgar J. Steele

February 15, 2004

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."
--- George Bernard Shaw

"Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act."
--- George Orwell

"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool."
--- from "Needful Things," a novel by Stephen King

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad."
--- Aldous Huxley

Once upon a time in America, truth was an absolute defense to any charge of libel or slander.  Indeed, the whole point of trials and open-court litigation was pursuit of the truth.  No more.  Trust me - I'm a lawyer (said with a straight face, too).

Throughout my career as a trial lawyer, always I have given the following advice to my clients, be they plaintiffs or defendants:  "Just tell the truth.  Then you never have to worry about what to say or what you already might have said."  Whenever a client then has lied during the course of a case and refused to let me tell the other side and do my best to compensate for that lie, that client has had to find a new lawyer on the spot.  Admittedly, mine is a minority opinion in a profession that richly deserves all that is said about it.  

Nowadays, though I still insist upon the truth (call it a weakness), I tell my clients that likely it is irrelevant what they say.  Of course, most of my clients these days are politically incorrect.  As I have pointed out at length elsewhere (see "Injustice for All," for example), there simply is no justice to be obtained for the politically incorrect in America these days.

Increasingly, litigation simply is window dressing, especially criminal litigation.  Particularly when it involves politically-incorrect defendants.  Many procedural and substantive reasons exist for the loss of truth and justice, such as media vilification and prosecutorial misconduct (beginning with gross overcharging), but they serve merely to mask the true objective:  silencing dissenters through the exercise of power simply because that power is available.

Used to be, we considered the role of truth merely when a legal case already existed.  Today, simply telling the truth can get you put in an American jail.  And it is about to get worse.  Much worse.

America has crossed the line into the prosecution of pure thought crimes and there will be no turning back without a revolution.  Yes, it is because of the Jews.  Hear me out, please.  You need to understand what I am about to tell you.  You needn't agree just yet, but you really need to understand the rationale.

Many ask why I so condemn the Jews.  In truth, it is a minority of Jews to whom I really object:  the Jewish supremacists.  

If you feel negatively about White supremacism, then merely imagine that same concept, but from the point of view of the oppressed in Palestine; that's Jewish supremacism, also known as Zionism these days.  Through silence, the rest of the Jews let the Zionists get away with their brand of supremacism; they allow the transgressors to fall back into their ranks and hide behind the hurled epithet of "antiSemite."  

Those who stand silently and wait also serve, as they say, so the Jewish bystanders properly are charged with the crimes of their supremacist brethren.  That is why I rail against Jews, not just Zionists.

Jews really do run most of the world.  Certainly, all the Western world.  If you do not agree with this, then you need to do some basic spadework, work that is beyond the scope of this piece you are reading.  It is so obvious, once you are willing to see it.  

All the power positions in government, both here and abroad, are occupied by Jews, generally with only the head of state not being a Jew.  

The media, virtually every last little scrap of it, is owned and managed by Jews.  

Most of business is owned and/or controlled by Jews.  The recent transfer of ownership of the Russian oil empire known as Yukos to the Rothschild family, because the owner was indicted for corruption and fraud, illustrates how true Jewish business ownership exists in many cases without being at all apparent.  

The central banks, especially the US Federal Reserve Bank (which is neither Federal nor has any reserves) are owned and operated by Jews.  Again, Rothschild is a major player, even in ownership of the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The legal and medical professions have been taken over.  

These, and more, are facts.  Cold, hard, unassailable facts.  But they are facts that are unprintable, because they involve Jews.

Yet, when Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir recently said the world is run by Jews by proxy (that is, through their goyim puppets),  he was roundly condemned.  And what he said was called a lie by Israel, where a furor erupted.  You may recall that Israeli Prime Minister Sharon has said, "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."   (Tar Baby II)  Why do you suppose was it necessary for the American President, of all people, to denounce Mahathir?  If not acting at Jewish direction, why would Bush II even care?  Mahathir told the truth, after all.  Problem is, the truth involved Jews.

America outlaws boycotting the products of only one country in the world:  Israel.  And that law is enforced, as Cook Composites and Polymers Company recently found out.  Cook was fined $6,000 merely for responding "to a request from a customer in Bahrain...stating that the goods being shipped were not of Israeli origin and did not contain Israeli materials."  (North Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel, Kansas City Star, June 25, 2003)  Again, merely telling the truth runs afoul of the law, when the truth involves Jews.  And, as this boycott law blatantly shows, it is the truth about only a single ethnic group that counts:  Jews.

Enter Historical Revisionism, the quest to set the record straight.  During war, governments issue some of the most ridiculous statements and push them as fact, in order to get their citizens on board with their current war effort.  The American claim during Baghdad I that Iraqi soldiers stole a Kuwait hospital's incubators, leaving babies to die on the cold tile floors, is a particularly egregious recent example.  It could have been a scene from "Wag the Dog," it was so outlandishly false, as since admitted by officials.  The idea was to get Americans behind the effort to intercede in the Middle East.  It worked.  Problem is, the story still occasionally surfaces and gets passed around.

Historical Revisionists endeavor to get history written correctly.  Currently, their main effort concerns World War II and the propaganda pushed, first, to get America into the war and, later, to keep it there until its bloody end.  That propaganda has endured and grown, in fact, turning into a major industry, the main purpose of which is to advance Zionist interests.  

Even though the stories about lampshades made from human skin and soap rendered from the fat of Jewish victims have been as thoroughly debunked as the Kuwaiti baby incubator fable, they still occasionally bubble to the surface.

The lies about the gas chambers and the ovens have only partially been revealed.  Similarly, though Jewish historians themselves admit that far fewer perished, the myth that 6,000,000 Jews perished in German concentration camps persists and is actively promoted at all levels of society.

A side note:  outlandish claims of Jewish casualties is nothing new.  They claimed 6,000,000 in WWI, too, believe it or not.  And, as historian/journalist Michael Hoffman has pointed out:  There are two early 'Holocaust' tales from the Talmud.  Gittin 57b. claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar.  Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans."  Judaism's Strange Gods, Michael Hoffman (Independent History, 2000)  The Bible abounds with outlandish claims of Jewish casualties, as well.

Publicly challenging Jewish "Holocaust" claims will lead to a prison sentence in most Western countries.  And truth is no defense.  The mere revealing of the lies and their machinations is deemed antiSemitic, you see.  In fact, attempting to defend oneself against these charges in court, once one is charged in some countries, such as Germany, will result in fresh charges being filed.  Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.  Repeating the offensive statements in court is a separate offense!

The Jewish ADL (AntiDefamation League) has been instrumental in getting hate crime laws passed in most of America's states.  Now they endeavor to convert those laws into pure hate speech laws, as now exist in Canada and most of Western Europe.  Already, the American laws are perverted to punish mere speech, but that is not enough.  Once speech itself, with no accompanying crime, becomes formally illegal in America, then eradication of truth as a defense will follow, as it has in Canada and Western Europe.  And it will be the truth concerning a single ethnic group that will be most disallowed, of course:  Jews.

You needn't believe just me that Jews are special when it comes to suppressing the truth.  Listen to none other than America's Attorney General, John Ashcroft, as he prostrates himself before the ADL:  "Ninety years ago, the founders of the Anti-Defamation League dedicated themselves to the noblest ideals. They vowed to use their time, their energy, and their earnings to stand against intolerance and to stand for freedom...This administration believes that acts of anti-Semitism must be confronted, condemned, and denounced...As history shows, verbal attacks on the Jewish people are portends (sic) of more savage criminality to come...The ADL has proven time and again its ability to warn of the dangers to the innocent when the good and truehearted do not band together to oppose hate."  Prepared Remarks to the ADL of Attorney General Ashcroft, New York, New York, November 7, 2003

And Ashcroft's is not a lone voice in the Administration, either.  FBI Director Mueller pandered to the ADL at its 24th Annual National Leadership Conference in May of 2002:  "I have long admired and respected the work of ADL, and I appreciate your longstanding support of the FBI.  I know that under my predecessor, Louis Freeh, this partnership reached new heights...I am absolutely committed to building on that relationship." 

This is the same ADL, by the way, that has been adjudged guilty of massive theft and illegality in assembling a computerized database of Americans it dislikes.  And this is the same FBI that busted the ADL in 1993, a bust which led to the judicial ruling that the ADL violated a number of state and Federal laws when it stole data from a variety of government offices, including the FBI itself. 

They steal from the government, yet that same government then turns around and praises the ADL and the partnership it has with one of the very agencies from which it stole!  Meanwhile, it is just business as usual for the ADL and the Jewish interests it advances.

It should not go unnoticed, either, that the guy who was responsible for the ridiculous prosecutions of so many white American dissidents lately, Michael Chertoff, is a Zionist who, as Director of the US Justice Department's Criminal Division, directed the efforts of the FBI for Ashcroft.

Clearly, the Jews are getting their way in America, as they have in Canada and Western Europe; just as they did in Russia early last century.  Today, of all Western Countries, only in America can I get away with writing this article.  However, even in America I get roundly condemned and widely censored...for telling the truth...about Jews.

Bush II has proven himself to be nothing but a water carrier for Zionism.  With the eight original Democrat Presidential candidates each being either Jewish or married to a Jew, it is clear that there will be no change in the upcoming election.  Some choice, huh?  Things will only get worse.  Making Bush a one-termer (inevitable now, I believe) merely will provide the illusion of "throwing the rascals out."

Tomorrow I will be unable to bring these truths to you.  Tomorrow I will be imprisoned, or worse, for even trying to do so.  So will you.  Already, tomorrow has come to Canada and Western Europe.  

Consider what the day after tomorrow might bring.

Are you getting mad yet?  I am, and I'm not alone.

It is time.  Time for a change.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

Copyright 2003, Edgar J. Steele

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