Legacy of Resentment

by Edgar J. Steele

August 21, 2004 

"The modern definition of a racist:  someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."
    --- Peter Brimelow, Alien Nation (1996)

Imagine that you are talented, Black and truly deserving of all that has come your way in life.  How can you ever know whether your achievements were born of merit or skin color?

Imagine yourself a Black doctor, every bit as talented as White doctors on staff with you at the hospital at which you practice medicine.  Now imagine the rage you feel when both Blacks and Whites express a preference for "another" (White) doctor because of their unstated belief that you couldn't have earned your position and therefore are not qualified to minister to their needs.

Now imagine yourself untalented and Black, knowing that you don't deserve that which has come your way in life, yet resenting having it handed to you in so patronizing a fashion.  Can the resentment of the undeserving somehow be denied the same gravity as that possessed by the unrecognized but deserving?

And the racism of the politically correct now has become institutionalized throughout America, such that Blacks are never expected to comport themselves properly, learn adequately or compete without the fix being in.

There are no teachers and no students in America today who are unaware of the intellectual disparity between White and Black (and, to only a slightly less degree, Mexican) students, save those yet to occupy integrated classrooms. 

Now schools are resegregating, a result that both Blacks and Whites desire.  Yet, America does nothing to address the real problems with Black educational shortfalls, just as it does nothing to deal with the real problems of Black underachievement in all areas of life. 

We do not demand that Blacks actually do the homework that Whites regularly turn in.  We do not demand that Blacks achieve test scores which show that material has been learned and retained.  We do not demand that Blacks comport themselves properly, treating others with respect.  No longer, even, do we require that Blacks speak understandable English.

Instead, we provide Blacks with the bare necessities of life, much as we do the family dog, and expect nothing in return except that they lick society's hand.  We implicitly expect only second-rate performance of Blacks at home, at school and in the workplace.  Blacks know this and have come to expect it of themselves, as well.  Is it any wonder that our hands get bitten, not licked?

How demeaning it must be for Blacks of every stripe in today's society, which refuses to expect excellence in minority performance, a refusal born of a very real racist belief in the inherent inferiority of Blacks.  A belief held by the very people who claim to be concerned for Black interests.

And the resentment isn't confined to Blacks.  Imagine being White and coming to a hospital emergency room, only to find that your attending physician is Black.  You don't know if he is qualified to operate on your badly-injured child, yet they refuse your request for another doctor.  Your child's life hangs in the balance.  What will you do? 

Imagine your resentment if your store-clerk son just missed out on a spot in the freshman class of medical school because several less academically-qualified minority students were admitted.

Many Blacks, both talented and untalented, are awakening to the legacy of affirmative action and they don't like it.  Some Blacks today speak of the creation, in a single generation, of an entire subculture that cannot stand on its own, so crippled by handouts has it become. 

What's more, those Blacks who are awakening resent White America for what has been wrought in the name of equality.  They scarcely can be blamed.  They wanted equal opportunity. We gave them equal outcome.

And we provide equal outcomes with mechanisms that reek of an expectation of failure and inferiority on the part of Blacks.  Relative merit is disregarded in favor of skin color.  No attempt whatsoever is made to limit society's largesse, either quantitatively or temporally, implying a belief in perpetual, inbred inferiority.  All this and more is put in place by the politically correct, who universally accuse others of being racist, all the while showing favoritism in a way that belies their own truly racist beliefs that Blacks are too inferior to earn their own way.


The foregoing is an excerpt from Chapter 9, "The Real Racists," of my soon-to-be-released book "Defensive Racism" (title changed from the less-descriptive "In Defense of Racism").  

Predictably, my book takes on both Black and Jewish America in the bold and straightforward manner you have come to expect of my writing ("writing with a blowtorch," as one reader put it), which is what led to the trouble I had with finding a publisher.  I never even approached traditional publishing houses, since they all are firmly in Jewish hands.  I started with "subsidy" and "vanity" press companies which publish on demand, for a fee paid by the author.  I found that they virtually all are in Jewish hands, too.  One of the biggest signed a contract, then strung me along for three months before reneging once they read the book, though it had approved the basic concept long beforehand.

Once I decided simply to have a couple thousand copies printed up and shipped directly to myself for distribution, things became much simpler.  I have had to set up my own publishing house (ProPer Press) just to get the book to market and I will need to handle distribution and promotion entirely, probably a good thing in the case of "Defensive Racism."  

Amazing what it takes to get the truth out in America these days.  I'm counting on word of mouth, starting with this list, to promote the book.

With luck, "Defensive Racism" will be hitting its stride along about Black History & Awareness Month, February 2005.  How appropriate.  Call it my little contribution to increasing the general level of awareness about Black America.

This first edition will be hardcover, run 374 pages, and retail for $24.95, a bargain price in the day of the $50 book.  Once the supply of first edition copies is gone, I will update the latter chapters to reflect the reality of a world under the new American administration and an expected concomitant increase in fascism.  The second edition will be in paperback and sell for slightly less (hardcover actually adds only a couple of dollars to the cost of printing).

As soon as "Defensive Racism" actually is in production at the printing plant, I will send to this list the formal notice and a form to order copies of the book, which I will be delighted to sign for list members.  I do not want to be receiving money and then making buyers wait more than two or three weeks.

Oh, and I've started work on a novel entitled "New America," wherein I put to use many of the projections and predictions I make in the latter part of "Defensive Racism."

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

Copyright 2004, Edgar J. Steele

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