Ron Paul - Our Last Chance
by Edgar J. Steele
November 4, 2007

Visit www.RonPaul2008.com on November 5 and pledge $100!!!
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My name is Edgar J. Steele. 

I don't often forward the work of others and very, very rarely do I make a direct pitch for contributions.  Today, I do both, possessed of the certitude that this really is America's last chance. 

Make a difference.  Be part of the solution.  It may already be too late, but that does not mean that we cannot do that which we should have done so long ago.

We must do our dead-level best to ensure the Republican nomination of Ron Paul for the Presidency, then we must see to his election.  Then, we must keep him alive and help him to carry out the program - our program - he espouses.

I am deadly serious about this.  I have, until now, hesitated to fully embrace Ron Paul publicly only because I feared that might be used by some to "taint" him, somehow.  Now they are smearing him as a radical anti-Semite, regardless, simply because of his traditional, Constitutional positions, so my concern no longer seems well placed.

I have met and spoken with Dr. Paul, Texas Congressman, and found him to be the real deal:  thoughtful, considerate and passionate about making real change in America - our America! 

If elected, Ron Paul will end the Iraq war. 

If elected, Ron Paul will reduce government.

If elected, Ron Paul will eliminate deficit spending.

If elected, Ron Paul will restore our civil liberties.

You have my word on it.

Go here for a killer article in the Boulder Weekly on Dr. Paul and his platform and beliefs.  (http://www.boulderweekly.com/?site_id=619&page_id=10556&id_sub=10556)

Go here for the YouTube.com video of Dr. Paul's very recent appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, during which he made a spectacular presentation of himself and his positions.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q9bS6FeELg)

Trust me when I tell you this:  RON PAUL CAN WIN!!!

Tomorrow morning, I will log onto www.RonPaul2008.com and I will make a $100 contribution to his campaign.  So will each member of my family.  This will not be my first, nor will it be my last, but it very possibly will be my most important contribution to our retaking America.

Please consider doing the same.  Please.

Now, honestly, how often have you heard me ask anything like this of you?  (hint:  never)

In his own words, here is, I believe, the young man responsible for this valiant November 5 effort, Kevin Moore:

"Tens of thousands of Americans from all over the world who support Congressman, Doctor and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and his message of freedom, peace and prosperity have committed to donate to the Ron Paul For President campaign on Monday, November 5th. 

"Every one of the 62,607 Ron Paul Meetup members have been notified. 

"Over 76,000 Ron Paul Friends on MYSPACE.com are dialed in. 

"More than 17,000 have signed an on-line pledge to donate at least $100 guaranteeing at least 1.7 million in one day! The ball is in our hands. We are poised to accomplish the most successful single day fundraising event in American political history. Be a part of it.

"Please consider the responsibility and the opportunity.  Visit RonPaul2008.com on Monday.  Watch the live count skyrocket, tell your friends, forward this e-mail and of course make a generous donation:  http://www.ronpaul2008.com/

"This will shock the media senseless and be talked about for years to come! 

"May our efforts in support of Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul's Campaign to be the next President of these United States of America be blessed with supernatural productivity and success."

            Kevin Moore - KMoore1223@aol.com

Friends and fellow ConspiracyPenPal list members - this is important, both for the funding and for the symbolic statement that we can make by logging on and each and every one of us contributing $100 to the Ron Paul campaign for the Presidency.  Ours is a very large Internet list.  Together, we - just us here on this list, you and I - can make a significant difference and create a serious increase in the statistics logged and funds collected tomorrow.

The media has bound and gagged Dr. Paul, claiming that he is not even placing in polls when, in fact, he is winning virtually every, single poll taken in any medium.  The establishment is deathly afraid of Ron Paul actually achieving the critical mass necessary to become the national phenomenon that I never have seen rise up during my lifetime.

A great many of you have made a lot of money by following my financial recommendations.  This is pay-back time.  What would be fair?  10%.  Take 10% of the profit you have made by buying and selling GG, PAL, SLV, PAAS, SSRI, SLW, gold, silver and others, through the years, just as I have recommended. 

Did you buy gold at $300 and silver at $5, as I suggested?  Did you dump stocks for the SLV ETF?  Did you switch from physical gold to physical silver in late 2005 as I recommended?  Did you switch out of SLV and into PAAS, SSRI and/or SLW as I suggested just a month or so ago?  If you did any one of these things, then you made a ton of money that you would not otherwise have made!  10% of your profits, that's all I ask!  That seems only fair to me.  If you do this one thing for me now, it will result in millions of dollars being added to the Ron Paul campaign coffers tomorrow.  Millions!!! 

Until today, not once have I asked you for one penny for the free advice I have given you that has made you so much money!  And I don't ask it for myself now - I ask it for all of us.  Send it to the Ron Paul campaign tomorrow. 

We must not only support Ron Paul, we must see to his election by such a staggering landslide that they dare not rig the vote results.  We must ensure that Ron Paul becomes so popular that they dare not assassinate him either before ascending to the Presidency, as they did Robert Kennedy and Huey Long, nor afterward, as they did John F. Kennedy. 

We must do this, folks.  We have no other choice left to us.  Otherwise, hunker down and "may your chains rest lightly upon you."

This is it.  Gut-check time.  Do you have what it takes?  Do you deserve a free America?   Just what are you willing to do to help walk the walk you have taken with me for so many years now?

Talk to me - do it by sending at least $100 to the Ron Paul campaign tomorrow via www.RonPaul2008.com .

Together, we can take back America!

New America.  An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


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