The Conspiracy Grows Ever Larger

May 7, 2001

Those of us who pay attention (and that includes everybody on this list, of course) are now fully aware of the role played by the media in suppressing politically-incorrect news, while boosting anything that fits their leftist agenda.  That, in itself, constitutes what I have repeatedly called the biggest conspiracy of our time. 
However, the specter of this conspiracy grows even larger when one considers how other elements of Western society help out.  Indeed, as can be seen if one roots far enough beneath the surface, we merely have hold of the elephant's tail (as in the old adage), leading many of us to believe that what we have in our grasp is anything but what it truly is. 
Here's another piece of the puzzle. Most of us already have a healthy level of contempt for our legal system and those who toil within it, but things are far worse than you might imagine, believe me. Judges and lawyers actively use existing rules and laws, or simply make it up as they go along, in furthering the leftist agenda, particularly when it comes to keeping the spotlight off things they don't want you to know.
Reported below, by the Washington Times, is how one judge has elected to try to keep the lid on those recent Wichita black on white murders, by issuing a "gag order" to keep as low a profile on the case as possible, supposedly to ensure the perps get a fair trial.  You still haven't heard about this case on the network news or seen it appear in the local paper, now have you? Naturally, neither have the perps been charged with hate crime enhancements...that's reserved for honkies only, donchaknow.
Funny how even the local Kansas newspapers weren't too concerned about reporting this case until the gag order hit, isn't it? 
Hand in glove, that's how the papers and the courts often work with high-profile cases. 
In my case with Morris Dees and the SPLC last summer, I was merely told that there would be no cameras in the courtroom; I was never asked and there was no formal motion by Dees, who made no secret of his antipathy for direct coverage of the trial.  Had there been cameras there for the trial, though it might not have affected the verdict, I have no doubt but that the national opinion of Butler and the Aryan Nations would be appreciably different today.
Of course, the perps in the black dragging and homo-on-the-fence cases never got this sort of consideration, nor will you ever see anybody like them get it.  Richard Butler could have used a little of this in his case last summer, but nooooooooooooooo............ 
Actually, we did have a gag order in the Aryan Nations trial, but it involved my keeping silent about evidence that came into my possession concerning the subornation of perjury of witnesses during the trial.  In chambers, out of sight of the public and the jury, I outlined some of the evidence to the judge and presented some of it by testimony, only to have the judge refuse to allow me to present it to the jury unless it came up in the course of witness examination.  I also offered evidence of another time and another trial that Dees got thrown out of for witness tampering of a similar nature.  Then, back in open court, as we began to elicit some of this evidence from witnesses, we drew objections from Dees that were inevitably sustained by the judge. Lessee now, judge - I can't talk about it unless it comes up and I'm not allowed to let it come up, so that means........what?
And this interaction between the media and the legal system isn't all, not by a long shot.  There is a common thread, but first we've got to see a lot more trees before we can back up and hope to make sense of the forest. 
Stay with me and I'll turn you into a first-rate lunatic zealot in no time.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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