This Just In - OKC Bomb Crater Picture!!!

May 21, 2001

As luck would have it, just as I send out my opus on the OKC bombing, stating repeatedly that there are no photos of the truck bomb crater, what should show up in my mailbox but that very thing!   I enclose it with this email. 

I also reproduce below the narrative that accompanied the photo, which was sent to support the story about the government's having been busy taping plastic over portions of the damage to ensure photos were not taken, even while victims were screaming for help beneath the debris!
Of interest is the fact that it depicts precisely where the truck was supposed to have been parked.  Note the curb at the right-hand side.  Note the severest damage in the middle.  Connect the dots.  Note the plywood sheets covering the "crater," the same ones supporting that fire truck while it was hosing the fire down.  Wow.  Must be some kind of extra-extra-duty CDX that just isn't available down at Home Depot, huh?
So much for all the crap about a crater, eh?

Also, note the surviving support columns close to the street, while some of those inside clearly collapsed.

Michael & Claire Rivero
Re: Experts say Murrah Building damage not done by truck bla
Mon May 21 17:36:18 2001

The minister who married my wife and I was in OK City at the time of
the bombing and volunteered to help. Along with being required to show
his ID six times before being allowed to help dig for survivors, he
reported that even while the screams of the trapped people could be heard
under the rubble, men in suits and ties were taping thin plastic sheeting
over portions of the wreckage. The sheeting was too thin to provide any
support to the wreckage or stop debris from faling off. he only purpose
seemed to be to make sure that certain pieces of the Murrah Building
could not be seen or photographed.

In the following photo, one such piece of plastic, shiny and new and
free from dust, proving it had to be applied AFTER the bombing, is seen
at the far right. Note the ladder leaned up against the flat piece of
floor in the foreground to get a sense of the scale of the piece of the
building that has been wrapped in plastic.













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