JEWS - JEWS - JEWS!!! There, I feel better already 

by Edgar J. Steele

September 20, 2001

September 20, 2001.  Who dunnit, why did they do it and how do we get even?  All good questions.  The Internet is surging with  speculation and then some.  Jews, in general, and Israelis, in particular, have been fingered by many of a more conspiratorial bent.  Well, maybe so and maybe no, but at least we've got a bit of a dialogue going, which can only be healthy for our country, regardless of the outcome or the conclusions reached along the way.
I will have more to say as to the who and why of the World Trade Center carnage and what to do about it, but today I would like to pause and clarify what I believe is not to be laid at the door of The Chosen.
Many mistook, as I knew they would, what I said in my last two lemming reports ("I'm Mad as Hell" and "Would You Like Fries with that New World Order?") for my accusing American Jews of getting together regularly to conspire against everybody else.  That would be racist, of course, and incredibly stupid of anybody to allege such a thing.  I have been called worse and survived, however.  To those who have leveled such charges, I say, please do not presume to place such motives upon me.
Most Jews have gotten so used to being under fire that they take umbrage at the least little thing and seize upon it to start labeling as anti-Semitic anybody who does not profess their undying love for, and devotion to, all things Jewish.  To them, I say, "Lighten up."
Especially you, Irv Rubin, and your henchmen in the Jewish Defense League, some of whom threatened members of my family and myself merely because I dared to defend the free speech rights of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations.  To the woman who told my little 8-year-old daughter that she was going to kill her: I keep a special spot in my heart for you, in hopes that one day we might meet so that I can share the special feelings I hold...just for you.
I have paid the price of admission and insist upon the right to discuss the role of Jews in America today.
The vast majority of American Jews are fine people and have nothing to do with what is happening today.  Some are total meatballs and have nothing to do with what is happening today.  There are a great many that I number among my friends.  I will personally vouch for each and every one of them and state uncategorically that none of them had anything to do with the WTC attack and that they are not conspiring against the rest of us during secret late-night meetings in the Poconos.
Now I'll get hate mail from the neo-Nazis who follow my mutterings, complaining that I'm not being enough of a brownshirt to suit their tastes.  Happens every time I venture into this topic.  No way to win.  Emblematic of why we need to be able to have this sort of dialogue, of course.  Brown clashes with my hair color, anyway. 
What I am interested in is fairness and equal opportunity for everybody.  I think it ironic that people like myself, who are generally accepting of most everybody else, end up being the only ones dumped on by everybody else just because we won't join in the chorus of hate chanted by one group or the other.  But, I digress.
Like it or not, Jews are disproportionately (and massively so) at the helm of media, government and business, as previously pointed out.  That is an indisputable fact.  Those people are a substantial portion of "the inner party" that really calls the shots.  There are others in there along with them, of course, including our last three presidents (and a few of those before Reagan, too).  America hews to the commands of this crowd and its objective to pacify the world via what is commonly called the "New World Order." 
There is a sound reason for the heavy Jewish composition and it is not some sort of Israeli plot.  They're smarter than the rest of us.  Really.  About 15 IQ points smarter, on average.  That's why, like it or not, they have accumulated most of the goodies in life.  15 IQ points is a gulf, the difference between Archie Bunker and Archimedes.  Yes, Virginia, there are differences between the races.  What a surprise. 
These "one-worlders" do what they do out of self-interest, to consolidate and perpetuate their own control and power.  Their agenda reflects the Israeli party line because of the heavy Jewish representation among their numbers.  These people are the problem.  We are the sheep to be shorn: "the majority."  That's "lemming" to me.
America and Israel are marching lockstep toward world domination.  Empire, if you will.  Israel sometimes seems to be running America today through its sympathizers and proxies, but the reality is that both are being run by the same crowd.  The relationship is similar to that between the FBI and the ADL, where the ADL is the shadowy enforcer and gatherer of information by illegal means
Israel is set upon from every side in the mideast.  Look at what they do to their neighbors, if you wonder why.  The Arabs perceive Israel to be their enemy, and rightly so.  We finance and support Israel at the behest of the inner party, owing to the strong Jewish contingent therein. 
Arabs see "Made in the USA" on the munitions used against them and connect the dots.  Ergo, we become their enemy.  They cannot match us with conventional warfare, so they employ what is left to them.  Their goal is to divest Israel of our support and exact a form of vengeance.  Do you blame them?  What would you do, backed into their corner?
Of course, that doesn't mean I don't think we should kick some serious Arab butt over the WTC carnage.  And real soon, too, so long as it is even remotely guilty.
The Mideast is simply the next stopover to world domination by our masters.  The real struggle will be with the Chinese, of course, and you cannot rule out the Russians, either, though they are still struggling with their own "inner party."
The modern American lemming is so dumbed down and trusting in government that he/she refuses to think in a straight line, preferring to take his/her outlook from those he/she reveres:  media, political and business "leaders."  Yep, the same people in the "inner party."  Lemmings are convinced by them en masse and taken back by us one at a time.  As a numbers game, it is one we cannot win.
Ok.  Now that we've got the players straight, how do we fix it?  By voting?  Yeah, right.  Remember the numbers game gap is growing every day, and has been seriously aggravated by immigration policies of late.  " that's why we have let in the third world and barred Europeans," says the awakened lemming
Sorry, but the deck simply is stacked, dude.  And my personal experience has shown that, even when you are winning an election, they jigger the count and take it away, anyway.   Therefore, the game is rigged from the start, to boot.  So, what will work?  Glad you asked....I guess.
The system is broken.  Irretrievably.  Working within it to change it won't work.
I can not and will not advocate the overthrow of our own government, though I do believe it has been hijacked by interests adverse to those that established it in the first place.  Merely extracting them (impossible) still leaves what they have wrought in terms of the welfare mentality, tax code, judicial structure, administrative bureaucracy, etc.  Good luck fixing all that.
It's hopeless?  Well, maybe not completely, but it is pretty bleak.  Someplace along here is where our forefathers pulled up stakes and headed for America.  Problem is, about all that is available to us today is Antarctica and the moon, else I would already be out of here.
As for myself, I am simply waiting for the system to fall apart under its own weight.  It can't go on like this forever, I believe, perhaps naively. 
The ever-expanding money supply and debt eventually will lead to an economic implosion.  The stock market debacle now under way and only about half done, if that, is a prime example and leading indicator. 
When tax revenue falls radically, the government checks will still be getting written.  Either the dollar then self destructs, leading to the end of civilization as we know it, or our "leaders" make the hard choices and stop writing many of the checks, with the resultant civil unrest leading to the end of civilization as we know it. 
Or, we get our butts nuked out of bed one morning by (pick one:  Arabs, Chinese, Russians) and that is the end of civilization as we know it. 
Then, America will break up in a fashion similar to what Russia went through recently and I will pick the part that best suits me and hope we can start over, using the Constitution as our takeoff point.
I believe in the Constitution and what used to be the American way of life.  Problem is, America doesn't seem to believe in either of those things any more.
Meanwhile, I speak out in an attempt to wake up lemmings to what is going on, so that we have the best chance, by virtue of sheer numbers, of picking up one of the bigger pieces when things fall apart.  It may not be much, but it is something I can do, so I do it.
Finally, for the numerology and cabalistic freaks - We have all heard the various "11" permutations connected with the WTC disaster.  Now comes the mystical mumbo jumbo trick to top everything else.  The radio call sign for one of the planes to hit the World Trade Center reportedly was Q33NY.  If, in MS Word, you type in that flight number, enlarge the font size to 26 and then change the font to Wingdings, you get this:


Do you ever wonder just who sits around figuring out this sort of thing?  Aside from the usual suspects, that is....


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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