"Jesus Had It Coming..."

by Edgar J. Steele

March 25, 2007

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"...and I'm glad we killed him!"  Thus went one of the more virulent of my recent hate mailers, who went on to proclaim the racial superiority of his being Jewish.  He never said what, in particular, set him off, or if, in fact, it was anything I ever had written.  His intent seemed merely to stun and outrage me.  He failed. 

A great many other Jewish haters have echoed this fellow's vitriol-laced message by threatening to kill me, my wife and our children.  Click here for a recorded example (this particularly arrogant Jew actually identified himself - he is Mark Wiles, Nevada-based thug for the Jewish Defense League).  Or here (left for my wife).  Or here (left for my little ten-year-old daughter, believe it or not).  Just examples, mind you, left on my home answering machine.

Internet Graffiti

Call it Internet graffiti.  I've gotten used to it.  However, I invite you to be outraged.  In fact, I encourage you to be outraged.  But, don't even pretend to be amazed at the brazen and incredibly hostile behavior of the Jews behind it all.  You have known about it all along and you have known full well that it is no coincidence that the perps are Jewish.  You know that is the very reason for their behavior.  You have pretended not to notice.  Well, I am not inclined to allow you this little self deception any longer. 

It is the general lack of outrage on the part of most Americans in the face of the Jewish campaign against Western civilization in general and Christianity, specifically, that I find amazing. 

This is Not a Religious Issue

Now, don't confuse this ranting of mine today with anything resembling a religious diatribe.  Or me with a rapture bunny.  Why, I don't even go to church - but, then, I doubt that Christ would attend, either, given the state of modern religion (a discussion for another day).

If you are not religious or if you actually dare to admit you are not a Christian, the Jewish assault upon Christianity still is your fight, because Christianity merely is the symbol.  You, gentle reader, are the target.  You know it is true, too.  Admit it. 

Do not stand idly by and allow others like myself to carry our standard into battle alone, simply because you pretend not to be at war.  You may not be interested in this particular war, but rest assured that this war irretrievably is interested in you. 

 It may be that I will be among the second or the third wave of casualties (the first wave already has been taken down and killed or imprisoned), but that does not mean that you will escape the onslaught.  On the contrary - rest assured that, should you allow the battle line to reach your ranks before bothering to pitch in and help, then you will be praying to God to save you, regardless of your particular religious leaning today.

That's Mr. Anti-Semite to You!

Do not mistake all the Jewish hatred being spewed in every direction these days for justifiable responses to anti-Semitism (whatever that means, since the very term presumes no provocation).  The threats to which you just listened, above, were delivered to my wife, my little children and myself before I ever said one word, aloud or in print, that could even have been mistaken for being anti-Semitic! 

Both the ADL and the SPLC claim that, only in recent years have I "disclosed" my inherent anti-Semitism.  What they refuse to consider, as always is the case with Jews accusing others of being anti-Semites, is the fact that they made me into what you see today.  Unlike so many others today, I offer no apology.  They should be apologizing to me.  To all comers, I say, "That's Mr. Anti-Semite to you!"

"We killed Jesus and We're Proud of It"

You think the email I mentioned above is just one nut case venting?  You may be right about the nut-case part, but his attitude is far more prevalent and hostile than most possibly could imagine.  Visit this web site and click on the picture for an unsettling video of an Israeli threatening Palestinian Christians in their own home, telling them, "We killed Jesus and we're proud of it."

This increasingly-open assault upon the sanctity of Christianity has nothing to do with religion.  If, like most, you are not a participating member of organized - dare I say "institutionalized?" - Christianity in America (or elsewhere, for that matter), this still affects you.  You can be an atheist, yet still you should be outraged!  Why?  Because Christianity so firmly is embedded in our racial background, that's why. 

Christianity is an inextricable part of our heritage - of all that makes us who and what we are.  Not the religious stuff, whatever that means, but the ethos ... the lifestyle ... the principles and creed by which we conduct ourselves and treat others.

Take it Personally

Take it personally, in other words.  Believe me, those who send me such sentiments as I have today recounted take personally anything they decide is anti-Semitic and their response is anything but religious in nature or intent.

This is a racial war and, like it or not, you are a participant.  The quote that I paraphrased above,"You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you," is an aphorism generally attributed to Leon Trotsky, Russian adherent of Karl Marx and a prime architect of conditions leading to the mass execution of upwards of 80 million White Christians in Russia last century.  It is not at all ironic that Trotsky (born Lev Bronstein), like virtually all of his fellow Communist travelers, was Jewish.

My experience isn't unique, nor is it confined to those of us who dare to use the "J" word in the context of what is wrong with the world today. 

All who dare suggest a racial basis for the avarice and  aggression now carrying America over the edge and into the maw of the coming world conflagration and, what's more, who dare identify that race as Jewish, have grown accustomed to my low-browed correspondent's sort of harsh rhetoric. 

The Cut that Hurts

Here's what hurts:  Getting similar hostility  from my own countrymen of European extraction.  No, not specifically comments like today's about Christianity, though that occasionally does issue forth from our side of the fence.  It's the hostility and anger, even the marginalization and indifference concerning any sort of warning or complaint that links danger to Jews, generally.  No good deed goes unpunished.

Notice that I do not resort to the common cop-out of most who venture into these waters and merely bemoan "Zionists."  That is the politically-correct way of being politically incorrect these days. 

Yes, it is the racially-supremacist, "me first, you dead" outlook of the Zionist that I find particularly offensive, but that outlook, in itself, is racially based.  How could it be otherwise?  Think about that for a moment, because the logically-inescapable racial basis of Semitism and anti-Semitism generally goes unrecognized. 

When is a Jew not a Jew?

And, yes, I know all about Khazaria and true Semites and the results of the Roman diaspora (dispersion of a people formerly concentrated in one place) of Biblical Jews.  You and I both know what I mean when I say "Jew," so don't get distracted with irrelevant, albeit true, history.

Consider the following proposition very carefully - no, seriously, get ready to do some slow, clear thinking right about ... here:  How could it be possible for racial antipathy to be based upon anything but race, both coming and going? 

Stop right there!  I saw that.  Go read that last paragraph again, even twice. 

Is It Racial, Religious or Something Else?

No, we aren't all the same under the skin just because we all bleed red.  Frogs and bugs bleed red, too.  This isn't the place to develop the genetic origins of modern cultural bias and limitation.  I have developed that concept extensively elsewhere, in my book, Defensive Racism, which I commend to your attention.

You might be one who has looked down your nose and dismissed my "sort" as racist or, worse, anti-Semitic.  In fact, I'd be surprised if you didn't have some degree of that attitude present in your thinking at this very moment, as you read these very words.  Fair enough ... please just read on, though.  Having acknowledged your thought, don't you think that, in fairness, I deserve a hearing?  I'll be brief.

I called this a racial war.  Even the most casual observer now must acknowledge that what is taking place in the Middle East is a war fought for Israel and against Muslims.  The oil simply is a cynical excuse.  We could have bought every last drop of Arab oil, and for much less than we are paying for this insanity. 

Here's what all our targets have in common:  they are the Muslim enemies of Israel.  Muslim, not just Arab.  Our next target, the Iranians, predominantly are Aryan, not Arab, even if mostly Muslim.  Iran ... Aryan.  That is no coincidence.  One derives directly from the other.  Look it up for yourself. 

What you see in the Middle East today is a war between Judaism and Islam, simply put.  Oddly enough, however, it is not a religious war, but a racial war.

America - Just Another Jewish Nation ... Or Is It?

That's why the Arabs that Americans fight every day refer to Americans as "Jews," a fact you don't see or hear reported by our controlled media. 

Even more oddly, Islam is much closer to Christianity than is Judaism, the latter of which is nothing more than secular humanism, or self worship, in the final analysis.  Muslims revere Jesus Christ and acknowledge His special place.  Muslims regard their own Mohammed as only a prophet, though held in very high regard.  Again, go look it up for yourself.  You won't believe me, otherwise.

That business flying around the Internet about the Koran being a book of exclusion and a manual for aggression?  About Islam's objective being the killing of all infidels, with all infidels being non-Muslims?  About Islam being so unforgiving as to require the mutilation of children for stealing bread?  Pure propaganda, false in every regard, designed to whip up Western support for the racial war being waged against the followers of Islam.

Jews vs. Everybody Else

A different sort of war is being waged throughout Western civilization, with countries like Germany, Austria, Britain and Canada farther along and actually imprisoning those who speak just as do I today.  That is why I dare not visit those countries, even if I never said a word while within their borders.  It, too, is a racial war, being fought in the classic Jewish way:  Brother against brother, while Jews stand by, wailing loudly about their victimhood, all the while supplying both sides.  This peculiar war ultimately pits Judaism against Christianity.  Again, however, it is not really religious, but racial.  Christianity solidly is in the heritage of Europeans and European-Americans.  Religion is the excuse.  Race is the target.

We Love Jesus ... Not!

Just as always, they have us fighting each other, with even America's Christians now participating in the demise of Christianity.  Consider the abject, written apology offered recently by a Virginia Beach Catholic school principal because some of his students chanted "We love Jesus" during a basketball game with a rival Jewish school.  Last I heard, the moron had enrolled all those kids in mandatory sensitivity training

(March 26 Update:  Just as the on-line Catholic Virginian has censored itself by killing its own story, Yahoo has just pulled the URL I listed above for the primary news report - Jewish media control in action, of course - but you can find the same thing here and here and here.  I couldn't google up any mainstream print media sources, interestingly enough - guess why.  You'll find some really interesting Jewish responses here and here.  My favorite of the many Jewish on-line observations:  "As a Jew I would have followed up 'We Love Jesus' with 'We Killed Jesus.' That’ll learn 'em," Left by an ever-so-brave-but-anonymous Jewish poster February 26th, 2007, on the website of TheBigLead.com.  Perhaps the best overall response was delivered by Conan O'Brien on his Late Night TV show:  "In Los Angeles, a Catholic-school principal is making his students go to sensitivity training because they started chanting 'We love Jesus!' during a basketball game against a Jewish school.  In defense of the students, Jesus had just hit two really clutch free throws.")

Follow the URL in the previous paragraph and note well that it is not reported just what the Jewish students had been chanting.  Does it matter, though?  Think about it for a moment.  If you are a Christian, how could you possibly consider any context in which saying "We love Jesus" requires an apology?  Didn't Christians endure death in the Roman Coliseum for their faith?  Isn't this precisely the manner in which Christ was thrice denied prior to His crucifixion?  Would somebody out there who knows the guy please point this out to that school principal for me? 

What Does It Mean to be a Christian?

Now, I am not particularly religious, I confess, but I am deeply spiritual.   What's more, I do my best to lead my life in accordance with the very principles enunciated by Jesus Christ.  Yes, I know that true believers need more:  they demand that one utter the magic incantation, "I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior," or words to that effect.  What on earth does that mean?  No, it is a rhetorical question, so please don't send me endless religious tracts, but please do think about it. 

What would Jesus say about one who acts in accordance with His teachings versus another who merely pays Him lip service?  You know the answer, of course.  Some of the finest Christians I know never go to church.  Some of the most clearly un-Christian hypocrites out there are knee down in pews every Sunday and walk around with Bibles in their hands at all times.  You know who you are. 

Christianity is a way of living, not talking ... action, not posture ... being, not pretending.  As I said, this is about culture, about race and heritage, not religion.  It is about what we are and the way we are at our very core.  Our very existence is a constant reminder to others of what they are not.  It may not matter to you, but it certainly does to Jews, regardless of what you might think.

Are We What We Do, or What We Say?

Here's the punch line:  Christian countries do not bomb third-world countries like Iraq and Afghanistan back into the stone age.  Jewish countries do, though.  Just ask any Palestinian.

It was no coincidence that those Lebanese ambulances targeted by Israeli jets during its recent genocidal campaign against the civilian population of southern Lebanon (principally Christian Lebanese, by the way) were holed directly in the center of the red crosses on their roofs.  (Ambulances...carrying injured children, of all things.)

Nor is it coincidental that the international Red Cross now has agreed, at Israel's insistence, to replace its traditional symbolic cross with ... well, I'm not sure what to call the symbol on this flag held by a Red Cross official, nor am I sure that the organization even will continue to call itself the Red Cross.  I am ashamed to admit that, in the past, I have contributed to this shameless, so-called charity with its grotesquely overpaid executives.  Never again, however, and don't you do it, either!

Yes, of course the Israeli Jews intentionally blew up those ambulances with pinpoint guided rockets simply because of the presence of the crosses on the roofs.  Yes, it is far more than coincidence that the penetration was directly in the center of the cross.  Don't be naive.

Do You Believe in Coincidence?

Nor is it coincidence that the nonstop legal assault upon Christianity in America is being brought by Jewish plaintiffs, through Jewish lawyers, heard by Jewish judges.  It is America's European culture they are after eradicating, of course, which means our elimination altogether.  It's racial, not religious.  Stop and think!  Why are the borders of every Western civilized nation being held wide open to the third world, after all, quite aside from the profit motive inherent to killing all American industry by moving it overseas?

I've said it before:  America has become Jewish.  By culture.  It has crept into our outlook and our attitudes, dispensed largely through the major institutions firmly in Jewish control:  media, entertainment and government.  Of course, American industry also is largely Jewish controlled, but that, too, simply is another expression of how Jewish we have become.  Think not?  Just look at the corporate scavengers carving up the spoils in the Middle East.

True Blue Jew

The coarse nature of our entertainment, which degrades each year to levels unthinkable a generation ago, is yet another mark of America's Jewishness.  And Jews themselves proudly point to the pornography industry's effect upon America:  "Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue’ Jews."   (Jewish professor Nathan Abrams in an article titled, “Triple Exthnics,” published inThe Jewish Quarterly, winter 2004, extensively quoted by David Duke at his website.

America's greed and sharp dealings internationally, regarding oil and the supremacy of the US dollar, are singularly Jewish in nature.  Oh, come on - why do you think it is that "Jew" is one of the very few racial identifiers to come down through history with a whole separate meaning as a verb?  We don't talk of Brit-ing someone or China-ing others, after all!

America's new-found international aggression and hostility quite simply is Jewish.  No?  Then I suppose it merely is coincidence that America is taking down Israel's enemies in order of their threat level.  Saddam's fate was sealed by the first scud missile heaved into Tel Aviv during that first Gulf war.  Next up, of course:  Iran.

I suppose that it really should be no surprise that there is no place left in America for those of us who dare to criticize her ever-increasing Jewishness or the bloodthirsty savagery of that other Jewish country:  Israel.  Why else do you suppose that the Kennedy hate-speech bill keeps getting reintroduced into Congress?  Eventually it will pass - probably very soon now and due to the Democrats now in control on Capitol Hill.  That is when my voice will be silenced.

Here Come Da Pain

My prognosis?  Pain.  Lots and lots of pain.  Both economic and physical.  Our very destruction as a people and a nation is the objective of our Stockholm-Syndrome-like captors.  We are doomed.  Even without the coming outright destruction, our cultural conversion to Judaism almost is complete, anyway.  How many generations before natural selection would ensure that only the most Jewish acting of those among us would prosper or, even, survive?

Always, Jews overreach, create a backlash and then get tossed aside.  This time will be no different.  Already, the reaction is in motion.  Witness my own conversion and newfound mission in life.  Before my awakening, I was as unaware of Jews as most of America until just very recently.  They created me out of whole cloth.  9-11 and Iraq have been opening many Western eyes.  Israel's outrageous conduct in Lebanon and Palestine, coupled with the obvious Jewish control of America through her leadership, opens even more eyes every day.

Destruction and Salvation

But our society's imminent destruction contains the seeds of our hope and renewal, as well.  Only through the utter destruction of American society can our grandchildren and their children hope to be free of the cultural Judaism that now has all of us in its grip and thereby respond to their own inborn genetic imperative, the same as that which motivated America's founding fathers.  That will be their salvation and that of our culture, our race.  We, of course, are doomed, as are our children, whom we have offered up on the altar of political correctness.

In reality, perhaps utter destruction is the kindest thing that awaits us, if only for the sake of our descendants.  As a race, I am confident that we will survive.  We always have.  It's what we do best.  This will be no exception.  We who are alive today will not see it, of course, but it is coming.  Of that I am certain. 

Meanwhile, we all must do what we can to make a difference.  Living my life by rock-solid principles, raising up strong, alert, morally strong and mentally healthy children and writing things like this. That is what I do.  We all have a role to play.  What is yours?

New America.  An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


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