That's Mr. Anti-Semite to You!
by Edgar J. Steele

December 19, 2003

"By their enemies shall ye know them."
   --- Proverb

David Irving doesn't know what an antisemite is.  Shhh...don't tell him he is one.  Or that, in fact, he is the archetype antisemite.

Irving is a historian of some note, primarily as a result of having been targeted by worldwide jewry as a major enemy.  He should be proud.  He isn't.  

Banned from most western countries and his books outlawed, Irving has been reduced to traveling in his native England (but not speaking his mind there) and America (where one gets the sense he still declines to speak his mind).  Yet, nothing that Irving has said or written ever has been proven to be false.  

Because the official story about so much history is actually false, Irving is known as a historical "revisionist," simply because he seeks to set the record straight.  The jews prefer to call him a holocaust denier, of course, since he does not agree with the six-million/gas-chamber/lampshade/soap story.  Never mind that he has proven his contentions time and again, with actual records from that era.

Yes, things have gotten that bad.

I heard Mr. Irving speak the other night in Moscow, Idaho.  The location was changed at the last moment because the hotel at which he had a reservation buckled under jewish pressure, closed its meeting room and restaurant for the evening and tried to have him arrested for trespassing when he insisted upon looking in the lobby telephone book for another hotel.  The Moscow city police responded in force and were appropriately menacing.  You'd think they had been lined up in advance.  Just try to get them to respond that quickly if you are in trouble sometime.

This is but one of the many ways that jews shut down those with whom they disagree.  They find where someone they dislike plans to speak, then bring to bear their substantial economic boycott muscle on the owners to cancel at the last minute.  I have seen them pull this time and again.  Of course, they are doing their best to make it illegal for any of us to criticize them for it - and already have made it illegal for any American to try to boycott Israeli products.

The hotel?  The Mark IV Motor Inn.  Their email address is markfore@earthlink.net .  Their phone number is (208) 882-7557.  Let them know what you think of their reprehensible conduct.  

I called the Mark IV Motor Inn after being turned away and asked why, after driving three hours to get there, I had to be inconvenienced to seek out Mr. Irving's new location and their response was for me to speak with their attorney, John Walker.  I called Mr. Walker's office, identified myself as an attorney, and asked to speak with him about it.  He has refused to call me back.  

Mr. Walker's email address is and-walker@moscow.com .  His telephone number is (208) 882-4536.  Let Mr. Walker know what you think, too, since the hotel refuses to collect enough backbone to speak for itself.  Reportedly, Mr. Walker was personally offensive to David Irving, as well.

David Irving has made a career of historical investigation and writing, primarily concerning the World War II era.  His landmark work, Hitler's War, is what first got him in trouble.  He made the mistake of depicting Hitler truthfully.  Not as the made-up monster that the ADL would have you believe, but as a highly charismatic and effective, albeit flawed, national leader.  For that sin, Irving must pay with his reputation and livelihood.  Nothing less will do, of course.

Throughout his prepared remarks, Irving was pointedly careful to avoid even mentioning the word jew.  He was quick to respond to questions with his belief that he is actually a liberal and certainly not antisemitic.  As some sort of proof, he offered up his belief that Franklin Roosevelt was America's greatest president.  

Irving misses the point of the label altogether, of course.  As Joe Sobran has observed, an antisemite simply is someone that the jews hate.  Sounds like the punch line to a bad joke, but it is true.  And, just as Clint Eastwood says in the film "Unforgiven" to a man he is about to kill, "Deserve's got nothing to do with it," either.

I asked Irving why he does not simply acquiesce, as I do, and say, "So what?  Do you blame me, after all that the jews have done to my family and me?"  He visibly blanched at the suggestion and allowed as how he did not wish to attract the wrong element.  

I looked around and saw that most of the fifteen attendees were just like myself.  Three identified themselves to me as being members of this list.  Two others, also members of this list, traveled to the meeting with me.  The lone skinhead present struck me as being the duty ADL/FBI plant.  There was a University of Idaho history professor sitting in the corner, who gave the impression of having just slipped in a mud puddle and who hurried out the door as soon as the talk was over.  

In other words, Irving already is drawing the very people he claims to be avoiding; in fact, we are the only people he seems to draw.  And, what's more, he draws us precisely because of the disrepute heaped upon him by zionists around the world.  But he doesn't seem to know it.  He pretends we're there because we're after the skinny behind his massive two-volume work on Churchill.

One has to wonder what it is that Irving is after.  Why does he lurch from town to town in the dead of Winter in his rented SUV, personally selling copies of his books at poorly-attended and furtively-held meetings?  The only people that will have him are those that he wishes to avoid.  Like it or not, he is one of us.  

The jews have spoken, after all, and that concludes the matter.  David Irving is an antisemite.  In fact, Irving is the penultimate antisemite, so hated is he by jews around the world.  How ironic that he plays into their hands and tries so hard to appear otherwise.

Tired and truly alone, David Irving seems to have missed the fact that great swaths of humanity now are awakening to the misery caused by zionists and their jewish brethren who provide them cover.  He is uniquely situated to provide perspective and truth to a movement growing throughout America and Britain.  Events make the man.  Irving is a man that coming events could make into a giant, if only he would awaken to the destiny that could be his.

A vast and violent storm is rising up in the distance, a storm that will sweep away jewish control in Western civilization as surely as it was swept away in pre-WWII Germany...and for precisely the same reasons.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


Copyright 2003, Edgar J. Steele

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