June 5, 2001


Many thanks to Billie Nix for this transcription. Remember, 8pm tonight for
another live on-air session with Roger. I picked this up on my laptop
while waiting for a plane change here in Portland, enroute to SF. I'll
forward other interesting stuff as it comes in....


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This interview with Edgar Steele, Joann McGuckin's atty.
was just aired (9:50pm pacific) on the Roger Fredinburg
radio show: (I'm transcribing as I grammar/spelling
police, PLEASE!)S=Edgar Steele, F=Roger Fredinburg.

S: I was her lawyer until Friday morning when the local
authorities cut off all contact between me and my client.

F: Is that what happened?

S: And it was demanded that I communicate with them in
writing through the court appointed attorney.

F: We have the attorney in exile, Edgar Steele. First and
foremost the information is that you were fired by Joann
McGuckin, true or false?

S: False.

F: How does the state remove a lawyer from representation?

S:The STATE does not remove a lawyer from
reperesentation..... I withdrew ... They refused to let me
talk to her.....I said I gotta talk to her in person. They
said, well you're not the lawyer, and I said but I AM. They
said no, this other guy is.......I said he is the criminal
defense lawyer, I am her personal civil lawyer....people DO
have more than one lawyer for things in life. They said,
sorry, we are under orders of the Bonner County prosecuting
attorney, Phil Robinson, to NOT allow you to talk to her.

F: Well, that's just plainly idiotic! So what's his phone
number so people can call him and tell him what an idiot he
is tomorrow??I'm Serious!(laughter from Mr. Steele) S: Oh,
I LOVE it!.....I'm not going to subscribe to that, of
course (faciously).

F: You can't, no, let me do it. Let me call him an idiot!
You're an idiot, PHIL!

S: His phone number is 208-263-6714.

S:You see this was at the time the standoff was still going
on. Now, I could of gone into court, I could have gotten an
order and I could have forced them to produce my client,
Joann McGuckin, in person. But, I felt that was non
productive, given the sensitivity of the situation at the
time. And I still think that was appropriate, however,
given the representation that she wanted to communicate to
me only in writing and ONLY through the court appointed
attorney, according to bar ethics rules, I had to comply
with that even though she hadn't personally told me. I
didn't want to do that. She hired me and by God, she was
the one I was going to talk to. I wasn't going to open my
files to this guy, I wasn't going to take orders from this

F: NO! Oh, I'm with you 100% on this, Edgar, that' good

Let's talk about the child abuse garbage that Joann has
been accused of, any reality, any truth there?

S: I think you charactarized it just right. I don't think
there's any reality to it at all. Consider the following:
The kids were spirited out of that house Saturday night,
taken directly to the hospital and the word that came out
of the hospital was that they were quote" in good

F: Did they force vaccinations or anything on those kids
that had otherwise been disallowed by their family?

S: They haven't announced that, but, what do you think??F:
I think that probabaly they did.

S: If they were in good condition after 5 days being hold
up in the bathroom , WHICH is where they WERE, because they
were convinced that any moment the storm troopers were
going to break in and kill them. The same way that they
thought their mother was already dead! SO, AFTER 5 days of
THAT, they are in good shape..clearly...what WAS the felony
injury to these children for which she was originally
arrested??S: It's not real clear, but it appears that it's
the oldest daughter, Erina (sp??)who had returned from out
of town, was somewhat estranged from the family,and
contacted the local authorities.....they were on the outs
because they considered that she had abandoned them because
she left home just as the father was really sinking into
the final part of his illness.

F:...So, we need you the MOST, and YOU'RE gone!

F: The property. Who bought it?

S: It was bought in May 25, 1999, by Bonner County for
$8700.00 in back taxes. A year and 3 months later, Bonner
County then sold it to some people with the last name
Korengutt(CHECK SPELLING!), who we have not been able to
track down.

F: I called JT Deihl's office several times, he refuses to
return my calls. What do you know about him?

S: YOU TOO!! He won't talk to me either.

F: It looks to me like there was a little , uh, of "help my
friends make money" deal goin' on here, but I can't prove
it until I find the evidence.

S: Yea, it would be inappropriate to speculate in that
regard, however, it stinks to high heaven.

F: Did the McGuckins own the property?

S: Yes, free and clear, worth half million dollars,
minimum, it's gorgeous property.

F: So, we KNOW what the motivation is, we just have to find
the evidence. How about redemption laws in Idaho?

S: Idaho has a one year redemption law. It's cut off once
the county vends the property, so it was cut off when they
sold it to these Korengutts. However, my staff and my
lawyers and investigators have been booking on this, even
over the weekends since I've been in exile as the lawyer,
and we've identified a number of points upon which we feel
we can not only file a lawsuit but survive demurers
(sp!!)and we think that there is a reasonable chance of
success in undoing this sale.

F: Have you looked at the federal law?

S: ..There are federal statutes, I think the most
interesting one regards the violation of her CIVIL RIGHTS.

F: My focus would be to generate revenue by using the
national show and asking people to donate to the trust
fund, if the money was going to be used for something we
could all be sure of.

S: Well, the money's been coming in, my wife added it up
tonight, comes out like $2500.00 that came in over the last
2 days and my prime motivation in calling you up was to say
THANK YOU for publicising it and to thank your listeners
for being so kind. AND I want to guarantee you, I will
PERSONALLY see, with my last dying breath that every penny
of this goes to JoAnn. There will NOT be any of this paid
EVER to any lawyer or ANY court, as long as I breathe.

Submitted by Billie Nix, Central Point, Oregon


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