by Edgar J. Steele

July 20, 2003

Me again, already.  

I try to put something out to this list just once a week, so as not to wear out my welcome.  However, I feel compelled to interrupt my current rant-in-progress (In Defense of Racism) to plug something that now seems possible:  impeaching President Bush.

I previously have railed against this administration and its controlling interests almost nonstop, ever since 9-11, and finally summarized why I felt Bush must be removed from office in Bush Must Go! ( ).  I have not changed my outlook one bit.

What differs today is the rising cacophony calling for his impeachment, which suddenly is being covered by the controlled media.  His blood is in the water, to put it in shark terms.  The Chosen apparently have decided they can do without him, needs be.

Of course, recall that they did this with Clinton ("I did not have sex with that woman"), just before they got him back in hand and off he obediently went to bomb Arabs.  It may well be simply a device for scaring Bush into submission.  Rumor is that he is refusing to invade Iran before next year's election.  Not sure he is smart enough to understand his danger, though.  Hope not.

So, I just want to chime in at this historically-important juncture and underscore my previous demands for Bush's removal from office.  When the wolves are nipping at the alpha male, every little nip helps along the process of his replacement.

If the public suddenly clambers on the bandwagon, it may well gain so much inertia that the Chosen will be incapable of getting it back under control.  In that event, of course, Cheney also must go.

Go here for an important flash presentation concerning Bush and Iraq: 

Remember, Nixon was impeached for trying to cover up a botched burglary of the Democrats' office during an election campaign.  Nobody died (unless you count all the Americans killed in Viet Nam after Nixon was reelected on a false promise to end that war, the same false promise that got him elected in the first place).  He resigned "for the good of the country," rather than face his inevitable removal from office.

Clinton refused to resign for having committed perjury concerning his sexual liaisons.  Nobody died (unless you count Vince Foster, Ron Brown and a host of secret service agents and others who died under mysterious circumstances).  The senate, led by Republican Trent I'm-so-ashamed-of-my-past-racist-affiliations-and-promise-to-toe-the-line-from-now-on Lott, refused to remove Clinton from office.

Thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis have died on Bush's watch, and as a direct result of his orders.  Hundreds of Americans have died and continue to die in the Middle East, for the sake of Chosen ambitions and American gas prices.

Thousands upon thousands of Iranians and Syrians are now marked for death, as well, to be sacrificed for Israeli hegemony.

We are on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea.

America has become a literal police state, with political dissidents being rounded up and jailed every day by Reich Marshal Ashcroft.

Bush's profligate economic policies, including deficits unimaginable just a few years ago, are leading us to genuine ruin, which he may or may not be able to defer until after next year's election.

Once the beacon of freedom and free enterprise to the rest of the world, America has become the most-hated nation on earth - all on Bush's watch.

All this, and more, I lay at the doorstep of America's current Administration.

IMPEACH BUSH NOW.  Say it out loud.  Get used to the way it rolls off the tongue.  Write it in letters to editors.  Scrawl it on restroom walls.  Put a sign in your front yard.  Have t-shirts made.  March.  Join demonstrations.  Murmur it around the water cooler.  Explain why to your children.  Don't bother to write your congresscritters, though - like trying to teach pigs to dance, it merely annoys them and wastes your time.

This is something upon which both the Left and the Right can agree (excepting only the wacko fundamentalist war mongers marching in lockstep to oblivion with their former communist neocon buddies).  No longer is this a political issue.  Now it is an American issue.

Why, it is almost politically correct to say it.

IMPEACH BUSH NOW.  An idea whose time is well overdue.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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