I'm Mad as Hell

by Edgar J. Steele

September 12, 2001

Some have asked my take on yesterday's horrific events, knowing that I started this series of communiques as a sort of post-graduate course in the examination of mass conspiracies of a political flavor.  It was a little-kept secret that I am writing a book on that subject by installments, posted to this list as I went along.  The ultimate objective is to reveal the hand of the forces that now guide this country and intend to rule the world.  Good luck getting it published, of course.

Lately, I have allowed these missives to be hijacked into a reporting of the goings-on of my high-profile legal cases, which is fine since they are of import and interest to far more people.  And, my clients in those cases are in reality victims of the very forces that I seek to unmask, anyway.  Eventually, those cases will wrap and I will get back to constructing my Unified Conspiracy Theory.  If it isn't too late, that is.
But, I simply can't not say anything about this.  I can't be silent while so many morons, many in high government positions and the rest in media, drone on about measured responses and tracking down the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.  I'm way too pissed off.
I'm mad as hell...that anybody would kill so many innocents to make a political statement.
I'm mad as hell...that so many passengers meekly stood by while some loonies with pocketknives, of all things, drove those jetliners into buildings.
I'm mad as hell...that so many being interviewed are calling for a crackdown, requiring us all to give up more of our personal liberty to gain a bit more security.   David McCullough, author of the current bestseller, "John Adams," particularly infuriated me with that advice when he spoke up yesterday.  I've come to expect it of our government officials and the leftist media, but not of someone who has so thoroughly studied and understood one of the true patriots of modern times.
I'm mad as hell...that Senor Bush and others in his government promise to "track down" and "bring to justice" the "cowardly perpetrators" of this cataclysm, as though it were some second-rate burglary.  To hell with justice.  I want vengeance, and I want it now...in spades. 
I've explained to my son that the only thing a bully understands is force redoubled and applied directly to his nose.  In my son's presence, I have excoriated school officials for telling him to turn the other cheek.  I have pledged to support and protect him for responding in kind to bullies.  I will not let him down.  Nor will I let my country down for acting similarly. 
The other day I sent Senor Bush an email, calling him a traitor and demanding his resignation.  Too bad he didn't do just that, because I don't think Dick Cheney would be wimping out like this.  Of course, Clinton didn't resign when I asked it of him, either.
This was an act of war, done in the only way possible against America today.  Done by the only ones who can get away with it - with an organization that transcends national borders.  And they were anything but cowards, Senor Bush. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Like it or not, we are now at war.  History may well record this as the seminal event in the start of World War III.
Ok.  So we agree?  Kick butt.  But whose?
Though I am tempted to take a shot at our having opened our borders to the third world, while posting a "keep out" sign for Europeans, as being a root cause, I doubt it was hungry Meskins at the controls of that 767 when it plowed into the south tower.  Interestingly, none of the cell-phone callers referred to the apparent race or nationality of the hijackers, giving rise to an inference that they looked like most everyone else aboard - white, in other words.
How about the Ayrabs?   The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) reportedly has claimed responsibility.  While originally based in Syria, the location of the DFLP's current headquarters is unknown.  It receives financial and military aid from Syria and Libya.  It operates in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the occupied territories, per the Israeli-based Interdisciplinary Center.

The DFLP claimed responsibility for an Aug. 25 attack against an Israeli military post in the Gaza Strip that left three Israeli soldiers dead.  Until now, the DFLP has operated only within Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza strip, with typically small-potatoes stuff.   Originally split from the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of
 Palestine years ago, the DFLP recently reconciled with both the PFLP and Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. 
Though I can't understand why the DFLP would want credit in the first place, I confess to being unable to fathom the Islamic mindset.  Somehow, I just can't buy that the DFLP, or the Palestinian Authority, or any of the Arabs, pulled off something like this.  Of course, if the passengers had reported that boys with rocks had hijacked the planes, then I might get behind their story, but then, just who was at the controls when the planes broke their programmed flight plan and eventually banked into the towers?  Obviously, not the original flight crew.

Why on earth leave behind flight manuals in Arabic, as has been reported, even if you are on a jihad?  A little like the murderer flipping his business card onto the corpse as he walks out the door.
Did China do it?  Korea?
Patriot nuts?  And the nuts are starting to climb out from behind the shrubbery again.  Someone sent me the following this morning:  "Happened on 9/11...First plane to hit was flight 11...11 crew members on the first plane...WTC resembled a big number 11."  Yeah, right.  Pass me the Maalox, please, because I've been this way before.  And I've lost track of the number of people who have emailed me excerpts from Revelations 18.
Did our government do it?  Seems awfully horrific, even for the gang that couldn't shoot straight.   There were reports yesterday of secondary explosions just before the total collapse of each tower, but no mention again by the media of such - shades of Oklahoma City, but no reports of big, yellow Ryder trucks.   Remember that, at a minimum, the FBI and ATF knew of OKC in advance and, more likely, actively participated in the bombing, just as they did in the 1993 attempt on the World Trade Center.  Don't forget what they did at Waco or Ruby Ridge, either, or a number of other lesser-known acts of tyranny against America's own.  Our government has already demonstrated a taste for the blood of its own citizens.
Did Israel do it?  Remember the Liberty ship that they intentionally tried to sink and blame on others?  This has already fomented hatred for Islamics in our country and could well force us to join Israel at a time when public opinion was going in the opposite direction.  Immediately after the carnage yesterday, Israel publicly supported America and called for a unified response against all things Arab. 
The stock market has been in a controlled crash that the Fed and the "plunge protection team" haven't been able to stop.  The economy is in extremis with recession/depression, like a ship locked in a collision path with another that it is too cumbersome to duck.  There will be hell to pay with all the defaults and bankruptcies coming.  Gold has been controlled for years and been showing signs of breaking out.  COMEX, the exchange where precious metals were traded, was located in the World Trade Center.  Social Security has become just another form of welfare for too many of the undeserving and teeters on the brink of destruction.
A war right now would be very convenient on a number of counts and for a number of interests, both within and without this country. 
Likely, Osama Bin Laden had something to do with this, but does it really matter?  To the Arabs, America and Israel are the same.  In a very real sense, they are absolutely correct, of course.  America is Jewish controlled now, at all levels.  America IS the Jews.  Without America, Israel would never have come to be and would, in any event, have been snuffed out of existence long ago.  Without America, Israel would die a horrible death tomorrow.
Here is the Islamic credo:  kill the infidel.  To be a nonbeliever is to be an infidel.   It is a holy war to them, a jihad.  To them, it's them or us.  Besides, we have been kicking them around way too long to now be their pals.
We bombed Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Serbia.  We invaded Iraq, Grenada and Panama.  Then we left their leaders in power, anyway.  We took sides in the Mideast; we are indisputably the world's bully - just ask anybody except Israel and Britain.  Recently, it was the US and Israel, only, that dissented and walked out of a UN peace conference.  Much as I hate the UN, what does that tell you?
Like it or not, we and Israel have our futures bound together.  There is no changing that.
We have made ourselves into the most hated country in the world - and for good reason.  This tragedy yesterday didn't happen, as Senor Bush said, because we are the shining land of liberty.  We aren't, in any event - we are the shining land of TV sets, beer and take-out pizza.  This happened because we have been the assholes of the world for way too long, because we have been arrogant and because we have been wrong.  This happened because we have been taken over from within by people that see that the only way to remain in power is to conquer the rest of the world - one-worlders, that is - America writ large, but without the Bill of Rights.
We brought this on ourselves, truth be told.  And, no, it wasn't lax security or defensive capability.  Nobody attacks Switzerland, you might have noticed.  We don't need an anti-missile defense for this sort of thing.  Metal detectors won't register plastic knives.  Body cavity searches at the boarding ramps will not disclose murderous intent.  And gun confiscation won't stop this, either, though that was being noised around by some of the usual miscreants last night.  Indeed, had a passenger or two been armed, do you suppose those planes would have reached their targets?
A broken CDROM can be as lethal as a pocket knife - even the most casual traveler knows how many laptop computers come out once the planes rise above 10,000 feet.  Or a pen stabbed into the neck...remember the assassin in Godfather II that used the temple of his "unreachable" victim's glasses to stab him in the jugular?
Nope.  There is no defense to this sort of warfare.  None at all.
If you want to be loved more, be more lovable.  That's the best defense.  But, we have to deal with the here and now, with what is, not with what could have been.
There is only one possible response to the events of September 11:  in the teeth - anything less shows us up for the weak sisters that we truly have become.  We must wade in and take over a country or two.  Else we must nuke them, which will precipitate WWIII.  Else, we roll over and it continues.  Say, Syria and Libya.  Afghanistan, for good measure.  That's what we have to do now.  Right now.  Tonight.  But we won't.
We will roll over.  It will continue.  WWIII will happen anyway.  We will lose.  So will everybody else.  Lots of us will die.  No more TV.  No more beer.  No more takeout.

There is a way to fix things, though.  It starts with cutting ties to Israel and joining the world in condemning its behavior.  That will require that we first oust the entire "leadership" of our country (you know, all those guys and bluehairs that dove for cover yesterday morning, then came together and sang 'America the Beautiful' when it was obviously safe for them to come out of hiding), right on down to the local level.  And telling 90% of all government workers to get a real job.  We will also have to wrest control of the media - all of it - from the interests that now possess it.  And completely change the banking system to eliminate the Fed and its many travesties.  These things will only happen with a civil war, of course.  I have trouble envisioning all of us lemmings coming together to peacefully effect these changes.  And a vote?  Yeah, right.  You forgot about all those immigrants, didn't you?  And government workers.  Mind you, I am not advocating the overthrow of our government, just saying what it will take to avoid WWIII.

Eventually, though, these things will happen.  And America will get carved up into Balkan-sized countries, probably along racial lines of one sort or another.  I want my children to be in the one that erects the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, has so small a government that an income tax is unnecessary and denies the vote to any citizen that receives a government check for any reason.  Long before that happens, though, I and those who talk as I do will have been picked up by what America is in the process of becoming and silenced...permanently.  Meanwhile, break out a cold one and let's see what's on the tube tonight.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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