Edgar J. Steele Speaks - Florida, July 8

June 22, 2006

I'm pleased to announce one of my rare public speaking appearances, this time near Tampa, Florida on July 8, 2006.  The event is called SummerFest, sponsored by The Nationalist Coalition.  The event flyer is reproduced below and the public is welcome. 

The public.  That means you.  I hope that you seriously will consider making the trek to Tampa on July 8.  I'll stick around for most of the day, so please be sure to come up, introduce yourself as a member of this list and allow me the honor of shaking your hand.  Dress is casual, of course.  I'm not sure what time they have me scheduled to speak, but I assume it will be early to mid afternoon.  Arrive early, though, and bring the entire family, as this is a genuine family event.

The public also means those of you in the Patriot community, that to which we often refer as "The Movement."  Please rest assured that you are welcome, too, even those of you sporting tattoos and/or skinhead outlooks.  Like true Nationalism, this is an inclusive event, not exclusive.

What's a Nationalist?  Good question.  I will explore that question some during my talk in Florida, but rest assured that you can't tell a Nationalist by dress or appearance.  You can't even tell the modern American Nationalist these days by what he or she might claim to believe.  Oddly enough, they look and sound just like you and I - the increasingly disaffected American of European extraction.

Oh, then a Nationalist must be another of those White Separatist types?  Not necessarily.  In fact not at all, though thinking cohesively and recognizing the reality of racial differences absolutely is a prerequisite to thinking in Nationalist terms.

In another time, those who call themselves Nationalists today went by the name of Patriot.  I've been thinking and developing my outlook on this topic a good bit lately and found it has become a personal philosophy in progress which I hesitate to label Nationalist, since it borrows heavily from Populism, Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism and PaleoConservatism.  Also, my brand of Nationalism certainly will not fit all those who think of themselves as Nationalists of one stripe or another. 

America is ready for a new way of thinking about politics, race, religion and society.  I think we may be on to something here.

I prefer speaking at venues like this, where the ax being ground is one that I carry around a lot; one of the reasons I speak in public so infrequently.

Prussian Blue to Appear

Here's your chance to meet Lamb and Lynx Gaede, too, also known as Prussian Blue, who will be performing.  I have been honored to serve as their family's spokesman during the recent difficult period while the California judicial system weighed their family's future in the balance.  They recently secured all that they sought from the California court system and will be leaving that state for another ... permanently ... after which Prussian Blue once again actively will be performing.  We will have a good deal more to say about their recent ordeal at that time, but I intend to talk some about that on July 8, as well.  Note to the media:  our strict no-interview rule for Gaede family members still is in effect and will remain in effect until the family has moved and established legal residency outside California, later this summer.


Prussian Blue recently recorded and released a single in honor of Fathers' Day, entitled "Your Daddy," and have made it available for free from their Internet web site:  http://www.PrussianBlue.net/YourDaddy.mp3 .  Meanwhile, they have released their second CD, which is available for purchase directly from their web site:  www.PrussianBlue.net , which it is my pleasure to shamelessly plug for them.

Please find a way to attend this event.  It is high time we met and who knows when I might next be speaking in Southeastern America?  In fact, who knows how much longer America as we have known her might even exist?

Note that the exact event location is not given on the flyer.  You must call (727) 526-1526 or email info@ncoal.com in advance and make reservations in order to receive that information.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


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