Into the Dust
by Edgar J. Steele

October 24, 2005

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"I can think of few things more degrading than being proud to be white."
  --- Maggie Gallagher (White columnist), The Rhetoric of Race (NY Post, 10/20/95, p. 25.)

"White people are scared, because minorities are taking over...minorities in numbers alone are taking over, and white folks are scared because they are afraid that we are going to do to them exactly what they've done to us.  And they are absolutely right."
  --- Danyel Smith, quoting Black comedian Paul Mooney, Full Moon (The Bay Guardian, 3/3/93)

"Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks!  Go back to Woodland Hills!  Go back to Boston!  Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims!  Get out!  We are the future.  You are old and tired.  Go on.  We have beaten you.  Leave like beaten rats.  You old white people, it is your duty to die..."
  --- Barbara Coe, quoting Augustin Cebada, Reconquista, The Takeover of America (California Coalition for Immigration Reform, 1998)

"Neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."
  --- Deuteronomy 7:3 

Into the West is a new, four-disc video release on DVD.  Rent or borrow it.  Watch it.  Learn.  It operates on many levels simultaneously, the most important of which clearly is unintended and the one with which I will deal after we examine the more obvious messages of this extended video.  Don't buy it, however, as the makers do not deserve the revenue. 

Into the West chronicles the surge of White America during the 1800s from the East Coast into all the rest of America, ending finally with the massacre of defenseless Indian men, women and children at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.  So near as I have pieced together from other sources through the years, the general depiction of what actually went down at Wounded Knee in 1890 is accurate.  And, the general thrust of all six episodes seems accurate, as well, but the spin - ah, the spin - now, that is another story altogether.

At its most superficial level, Into the West depicts a form of self-contrived manifest destiny, whereby White America relentlessly drove to the Pacific, killing everything along the way while terraforming the land to meet White expectations and needs.  Like the American Indian, the buffalo was hunted to near extinction in the name of vanity, protection, pure sport and downright meanness. 

Many believe that America was a vast, empty wilderness when the Pilgrims arrived.  Not true.  America was fully occupied by a huge, complexly-organized Indian population.  A huge population that gave way to the inexorable and incremental advance of White European civilization.  By "gave way," I mean that America's founders and their progeny simply killed most of them.  Sometimes with disease and famine, but most often with bullets and swords.  Nothing can excuse what was done to the American Indians by White Europeans.  Nothing.  That is the first clear message borne by Into the West and one with which I wholeheartedly agree. 

It is important to remember that you and I were not there and are not responsible for what took place, despite what some of our ancestors may have done.  Nor are the few, rag-tag remnants of Indian civilization heir to damages for what was done to their forebears.  What happened was reprehensible, but, like slavery, we didn't do it.  Don't buy into this potent, secondary White-guilt message of Into the West.  That was then.  This is now.  That was them.  This is us.

Into the West depicts American Indians as having been noble, forthright and naive, similar to what is taught throughout America these days.  Some were all that, to be sure, but a great many were savages in every sense of the word.  Even without seeing what was being done to their comrades, some took up the killing and torture of Whites as a sport.  That brutal and unforgiving face of the Native American Indian seems to have been lost.  A great many deserved just what they got.  Dead, that is.  Of course, the same could be said for a great many of the Whites who died at the hands of Indians, as well.  General Custer had it coming.

Fact is, though, just as we Americans are interlopers in the Middle East today, so, too, were White Europeans interlopers in America two hundred years ago.  They (not "we," don't forget) wanted the land, the gold, the rivers, the game...they wanted it all.  So they took it.  They stole it, fair and square, goes the joke.  But it was no joke at the time, certainly not to the American Indians, who were on the business end of a massive campaign of genocide, fueled by ignorance, propaganda and greed.

Ethnic cleansing is a euphemism for genocide these days, but it still involves killing people.    Today's closest parallel to what happened in America of the 1800s can be found in Palestine, as the Palestinians are made to give way to bloodthirsty and soulless Israelis possessed of a state of mind eerily similar to that of many of America's westward-bound pioneers.  And, of course, America carries Israel's water throughout the rest of the Middle East.  The ignorance, propaganda and greed fueling America's current march through Afghanistan and Iraq, soon to be Syria and Iran, as well, in pursuit of oil and Israeli hegemony, is not much different from that extant in America as recently as just a few generations ago.

Into the West begins with miscegenation, the marriage of a White man to an Indian woman, and the series roughly chronicles the travails of their resulting extended family's members over the next three generations.  That is another clear message of the video - that racial mixing is good for everybody involved.  The reality was and is different, however. 

I grew up next to an Indian reservation in Washington State and went to school with Indians, both full- and half-breed.  Trust me on this one.  I know that, even a century after the times depicted by Into the West, racial intermarriage simply did not work very well, particularly for the children.  One of Into the West's main characters, an Indian simply schooled in White ways, said it best:  "I don't belong here and I don't belong there.  I belong nowhere."  The growing Mestizo problem throughout America, legacy of Spanish miscegenation with southern, Central and South American Indians, bears strong witness to the failure of racial mixing.  There is no significant northern American Mestizo problem simply because most northern American Indians were killed, thereby leaving too few descendants to create a problem.

As Into the West wound to a close, I was struck by how lacking the script had been in honest, thoughtful and compassionate White men.  Even the educated White men in this production were both venal and avaricious.  The only token good White guys were the ones who married Indians or their mixed-breed progeny.  This, too, is a lesson intended by the series, the same lesson being pounded into us by every aspect of modern American media:  White European men are stupid, shiftless and unworthy of surviving, sort of a nation of Homer Simpsons.  The reality, George W. Bush notwithstanding, is quite the opposite, of course.

So, given all that, why do I tell you to watch this video?  Because there is yet another message, one that I consider to be vitally significant to White Americans today and one that I guarantee you Steven Spielberg, who produced Into the West, did not intend.  Yes, he intended the viewer to identify with the Indians, to be sure.  However, he did not intend that we identify with them racially.  Racial identification with Into the West's Indians is easy because of their noble and sympathetic depiction throughout the video.  It was a point of view that I adopted about halfway through the six episodes.  Put yourself in their place.  Walk a mile in their mocassins, so to speak.  Got that concept fixed firmly in your mind?  Good.  Hold onto it, because you're going to need it for the rest of this piece.

Here's the punch line:  White Americans are the modern American Indian.  Bear with me for a few more minutes and see if you don't agree.

Currently, we White Americans are so numerous and seemingly so in control of things that the possibility of our eradication must seem as alien a thought to most as it would have seemed four hundred years ago to Pocahantas and her tribe.  Yet, the seeds were being sown, even in the early 1600s, for the genocide of all Native American Indian nations less than three centuries later.  It took about two hundred years to get into full gear.  Then, when the dust settled, one hundred years later, the American Indian was all but a memory.  Things move faster these days, however, and already we have been on the same path for nearly one hundred years. 

By analogy, just now we seem to be coming into a period which looks a great deal like that which immediately preceded the Indian wars of the mid-1800s.  No, we are not being encroached upon by a technologically-superior or smarter race, as were the American Indians.  But, then, what really conquered the American Indians was not things like the railroad or the repeating rifle.  America's Indians were forced to yield to the sheer mass of White humanity, just as we now face and must inevitably yield to the burgeoning non-White mass in America.  Let's take a few events from just this past week to illustrate my contention that the end draws nigh.

Riots take place all the time throughout America.  The media simply does not report on these everpresent riots because of their politically-incorrect nature.  These riots always involve Blacks and/or Mestizos, you see.  Always.  Post-Katrina New Orleans was a riot that simply got too large to ignore, but it took only a couple of days of our watching Blacks looting and sitting around on their fat asses with that expectant look of entitlement on their faces, not to mention hearing about the countless Black beatings, rapes and murders, particularly of Whites, before the media bosses shifted the emphasis to White America's failure to render disaster relief to Blacks.  Remember the shift?  Sure you do.  Do you remember any serious reporting about Whites who also got wiped out all along the Gulf Coast?  Consider the contrast for a moment.  Now contrast all that with a riot that did make the national mainstream news a few days ago.

You remember the Toledo, Ohio riot just a few days ago, don't you?  The one conducted by those nasty White supremacist Nazi types.  Yes?  Well, it didn't happen - not the way it was reported, anyway.  Media outlets like ABC News labeled that riot "White Supremacists Riot in Toledo, Ohio." You see, a few members of a National Socialist group took out a permit and were set on holding a march and demonstration to protest recent, outrageous Black gang criminal behavior in Toledo.  The city's Blacks were mobilized in force and started rioting, then looting local stores, then attacking and burning vehicles, including police cruisers.  Well over one hundred Blacks were arrested.  Not one single White demonstrator was arrested.  Not one.  But the news reports never spoke about anybody's race except them nasty Nazis, and those reports left you, intentionally, with the impression that, not only were the Whites the ones rioting, but also the ones arrested.  In fact, the demonstration got cancelled by the police before it even got underway because of the Black rioting.  ABC, taking point on this story for America's media community, wanted us all to believe that it was "White Supremacists" who rioted and who were arrested.  Though Time Magazine's reporting superficially was more honest, even it excused the Black rioters and looters by blaming Whites for having "triggered" the Black rioting and looting. 

See how it works?  Even when civil disruption and crime gets reported, somehow the blame always shifts off the perps and onto White America.  Just the way that the media fed propaganda to White America throughout the 1800s about wild Indians murdering Whites, though just the opposite was taking place.  We are the modern American Indians.

Here's another example, also from just a few days ago:  Cable-TV's CSPAN carried, nationwide, the "Millions More Movement" forum.  Billed by CSPAN as "an independent discussion on creating unity among activists and media," the forum focused exclusively on Blacks and showcased speaker Kamau Kambon, who made the following statement"...and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea.  And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people?  Because that, in my estimation, is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off of the face of the planet to solve this problem."  Nice, eh?

You didn't hear about Kambon's call to arms, did you?  Made on TV, too.  Nationwide TV.  Imagine the sort of jail cell into which you or I would be tossed and therein held, indefinitely and without charges under the Patriot Act as a domestic terrorist, were we to make such a public statement about Blacks or, more to the point, Jews.  Some are more equal than others, to paraphrase George Orwell, who fashioned the statement in an attempt to account for Jewish hubris.  They actively discuss our demise, all while a racial street war of epic proportions rages in America's cities; a war which has claimed more White American lives than were lost in either the Viet Nam or Korean wars.  Like the Indians in the mid-1800s, we act oblivious to the open plotting of our genocide.  We are the modern American Indians.

Want another example?  Admittedly, the newspaper article from which the following item comes was printed at the end of August, but it was only within the past few days that it made its way into generalized distribution around the Internet.  The Washington Post reported, in an article entitled "Deejay's Appeal: 'Kill The Whiteness Inside,'" that a Brooklyn disk jockey has developed a following for parties at which he appears and repeatedly exhorts attendees to "Kill Whitey!"  "I'm trying to kill the whiteness inside," said the DJ, who calls himself "Tha Pumpsta," to the Post's reporter, who went on to speculate in print that "it has something to do with young white hipsters believing they can shed white privilege by parodying the black hip-hop life.  In this way, they hope to escape their uptight conditioning and get in touch with the looser soul within them."  Going native, in other words.  We are the modern American Indians, with some of our number, like Custer's Indian scouts, actually assisting in our own demise.  For extra points, guess the ethnic background of "Tha Pumpsta" (hint:  remember, this is in Brooklyn, where almost everybody's last name rhymes).

Here's another:  It may seem that I am picking on ABC, but it's just the luck of the draw this week.  Other weeks see each of the other major media outlets foaming at the mouth to denigrate White Americans and thereby elevate all other races.  A couple of nights ago, ABC's magazine news program, PrimeTime, featured a young White Nationalist singing duo, thirteen-year-old twins named Lamb and Lynx Gaede, who call themselves Prussian Blue and perform songs that they, themselves, have written.  ABC's on-line article about the segment is entitled "Young Singers Spread Racist Hate" and, like the program aired, bemoans the "indoctrination" of children like Lamb and Lynx, as well as misrepresenting them as using "their talents to preach a message of hate."

The hatchet job conducted by PrimeTime's interviewer and editors was among the worst I have seen, given the manner in which they attempted to skew the appearance of these fine young girls.  To their credit, the girls' answers to direct questions were far better than I have seen most adult White Nationalists give during interviews.  The overlays of the interview with pictures of Nazis, book burning and David Duke in his Ku Klux Klan robes all were attempts to misportray Lamb and Lynx as haters. 

Why must it always be racial hatred when Whites talk about racial pride, yet it is admirable when members of other races do the same about their own race?

Why is the way in which the Gaede girls are being raised any different from the manner in which other children are raised into the Presbyterian faith or the Amish way of life or preened for membership in the Black Panthers?  Why? 

As I discuss at length in Defensive Racism, unless we White Americans actively participate in our own racial demise, we are branded as racists and haters.  ABC's treatment of the Gaede twins more than amply demonstrates the truth of my argument.  Nor is it just ABC, either - all media outlets do the same, day in and day out.

I know Lamb and Lynx.  I am a fan of their work.  By the way, Lamb and Lynx' newest album will be out soon and can be ordered from their web site, www.prussianblue.net.  They are fine young girls with strong family values, character and manners beyond their years.  I am more than a little proud of them, as should be any White American.  Their music is uplifting and positive, in that it promotes White racial awareness without relying upon the hatred of others.  Unlike "gangsta rap," which is perfectly acceptable to American media and which advocates "pimps," "Hos," White hate and cop killing, all the while spewing the vilest of language, Lamb and Lynx rely upon building up the esteem of White Americans.  Like the Indians of the Old West, we need it

Blacks advocate killing Whites and that is acceptable.  Whites advocate preserving their own race and get roundly condemned for their racism and hatred.  Go figure.  Seriously.  Go figure it out.  You have all the tools you need, just from this single article.

The girls of Prussian Blue were grilled on camera about their placing on one of their albums' liner notes what has come to be known as "Fourteen Words," a phrase first articulated by David Lane that has come to symbolize White Pride:  We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. 

No.  Stop right there.  I saw you running away.  Come back in here and read that phrase again.  Here, let's do it together:  We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.  Now, tell me - what is wrong with that sentiment?  Seriously.  Tell me anything that is wrong with it.  Tell me why that White ABC interviewer wielded it like an accusation against someone who had just proposed we shove Jews into gas chambers.

Tell you what:  Let's look at it from a different angle.  If Fourteen Words is racist and hateful, let's try an exercise.  Let's simply restate it in opposite terms, which should make it all warm and fuzzy if, indeed, it is so racist and hateful:  White people need not survive and White children need no future.  Let's call this phrase "Eleven Words."  So, Eleven Words must be acceptable, huh?  Well, it is - to Mr. Kambon and many others, since it unequivocally calls for the extermination of White people

As I said before, unless we actively participate in our own demise, we White people are deemed to be racist haters.  This is just the way that so many Indian leaders were tricked into keeping their people in check while the White European interlopers were picking them off, at first, then conducting wholesale slaughter.  They have been picking us off for years.  Next up:  wholesale slaughter.  You think it can't happen here?  You haven't been paying attention.

Meanwhile, White Nationalist leaders who don't go along end up being unjustly jailed or killed, just as has happened to David Lane and so many others who refuse to subscribe to the politically-correct tenor of our time.  This is exactly what happened to Native American Indian leaders like Sitting Bull, don't forget.

There's more from the past week, just like the items I have herein cited.  Lots more.  This was just a typical week in America these days.  An America in which the modern American Indian's days are numbered, just as they were for the Native American Indians a few generations ago.  The modern American Indian, of course, being White America. 

Long before White Europeans breached the Mississippi and began to flood into the West, Native American Indians could have banded together and thrown them back into the Atlantic Ocean.  But, the Indians saw no need for that.  They saw no danger to their existence as a race.  So they stood by while their country was flooded with Whites, until the sheer number of Whites present made inevitable their demise.  And now they are all but gone...forever.  That, gentle reader, is a most powerful message and the very reason I want you to see Into the West.  That, too, is the message that Spielberg certainly did not intend with his most recent piece of propaganda.

Stephen Spielberg is, of course, Jewish.  The single most successful movie maker of all time, Spielberg has in recent years taken to producing only movies and videos with strong, politically-correct messages.  Movies like Schindler's List, for example, which now is touted as a dramatization of real history.  Schindler's List was a novel - a complete fictionalization about events connected to the so-called Holocaust.  It never happened.  In its first editions, the book was clearly labeled fiction and placed on book store fiction shelves.  Try this, however:  go into any bookstore today and ask for Schindler's List.  You will locate it under nonfiction.  Open it.  No longer does it admit to being fiction inside the covers.  This is how history gets rewritten.

We modern American Indians now stand on the cusp of a racial divide.  We still are strong enough to throw off our interlopers and eject them from our country.  Before long, however, our fate will be sealed and we will come to an end no better than that which we accorded Native American Indians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota a century ago.  Perhaps a century from now, others will lament our passing with a video entitled something like Into the Dust

Got White Pride?  Get it soon, before it is too late.  It is a matter of life and death.  Yours, too, not just that of your children.  Become who you are.

New America, an idea whose time has come.


A few of your recent Emails:

Re:  The World is Ending...Maybe Tomorrow! ---

    Amazingchem writes "from abroad":  " I disagree with Steele.  The end is not here.  Bush does not know enough.  He is an idiot...If a society does not reward a human characteristic that trait will disappear from the genetic pool of the society.  And that's what you see today.  What made America great in the past is gone.  Those characteristics are not rewarded by society and the laws of today...have 10 children, the government will support you...and these 10 will share the goodies of society with your 1 child.  Your child will be outnumbered by the idiots.  Steele is trying to soothe the wounds that the people of the US are not guilty.  Of course they are.  Don't kid yourself !"

    Randolph writes:  "I do not believe it to be a stretch of the imagination for GWB to take on Caligula, Hitler or Stalin in destructiveness to his own as well as others.  Also, at age 63 now, I suddenly have no qualms about not leaving children or grandchildren of my own to have to live with what GW will leave in his path."

    Conrad writes:  "It is my opinion that failure to confirm Miss Harriet Miers will destroy the GOP!!"
    Well, we can hope, can't we?  Too bad that wouldn't take down the Democrats, too.

    Gregory writes (from England):  "There was a very good newspaper headline here in Britain after last Novembers election which you'd have liked... 'How could 57,642,877 people be so stupid!'"

    Robert writes:  "So...What's the bad news?"

Re:  Peak Silver ---

    Burgess writes:  "You don't mention mortgages as a means of  'shorting' the dollar and thereby hedging against a future decline in its value.  Everyone who believes the dollar will decrease in value should obtain the biggest, lowest rate, longest term mortgage that it is prudent to get, i.e., which has a reasonable relationship to property value and which can be readily serviced within one's income level.  Join our wonderful government in disadvantaging its creditors by paying back debt with ever cheaper 'dollars' in terms of real purchasing power.  And, don't forget, the interest payments are tax deductible!"
    You make a good point, but one that I have been hesitant to recommend to others because its success depends upon someone assiduously taking the entire proceeds of their new mortgage and converting them into an investment guaranteed to rise against the dollar.  Yes, I am certain the dollar is doomed, but I would hate for someone to do this and use some of the mortgage proceeds for something else, then be left with an investment that might not rise as fast as the value of their house might decline, despite what might be happening to the dollar.  Result:  They get squeezed out of their home by a mortgage they cannot service, particularly if they lose a job.

    Franklin writes:  " I was very sorry to see you passing along Mr. Patterson's speculations about gold confiscation.  In my opinion, this fear aids only those selling numismatic coins, scaring their customers into buying numismatic coins "to avoid confiscation" so they make a 25% commission instead of 3.5% on bullion.  Think about the difference between 1934 and 2005.  In 1934 the banking system's reserves were largely kept in gold.  Roosevelt needed to get the gold to conduct his inflationary scheme.  In 2005 governments & central banks have spent 71 years conducting a propaganda campaign to demonetize gold, have removed gold convertibility from the system, and rely only in small part on gold as a reserve holding.  Bush/Greenspan can inflate at will, gold or no gold.  Why would the government go to the trouble of confiscating?  It makes no sense."
    Actually, I merely pointed to Mr. Patterson as one who agrees with me; in fact, who agrees with the position to which I now have shifted.  I used to think as do you.  I no longer do so.  Too much gold and silver rests in the hands of mere mortals such as you and I for the powers that be to want to allow us a windfall profit that they believe rightfully belongs to themselves.  Ergo, confiscation.  When the dollar fails, as fail it now must, the Fed will lose the power to inflate, because never again will American money serve as the world's reserve currency.  It doesn't matter how our government views gold and silver.  What matters is that the rest of the world deems gold and silver to be money.

    Shirley writes:  "I sure have enjoyed reading Peak Silver.  As I am very interested in investing in Silver, I need some info about buying and I have a question. What kind of silver do I buy? Do I tell the broker I want Silver Bars, Silver Stocks or Mining Stocks or what?"
    I have received hundreds of inquiries just like yours.  My income in recent years has been so minimal as to not allow me personally to buy precious metals (or make any other investment, for that matter), so I am a little out of date on sources.  I inquired of a supplier I found reliable several years ago in California if he would be willing to sell to my list members at his lowest prices and give them good service, with nothing to myself, in exchange for my referring you to him, but he ignored me.  So be it.  His loss, not mine.  A mark of my political incorrectness, I suppose.
    Put half your investment, at least, into the physical metal, take delivery and keep it somewhere safe (not a bank safe deposit box!).  Call local coin dealers and pay cash for what you buy without identifying yourself to them.  If you either can afford larger purchases or buy via mail order (do Google searches on line for dealers), then you will not be able to avoid having your name recorded.  Records make confiscation easy, if it comes to that.
    Buy gold Eagles.  Buy 1-oz. silver rounds or 10-oz. silver bars.  Larger bars will require assaying when you sell, which will make them difficult to peddle quickly.  Silver Eagles command too high a premium.  The rounds have just as much silver and typically go for just 35 to 50 cents over spot.  Avoid "junk silver" (old coins), because they, too, will be difficult to peddle without assaying.  Numismatic (collectible) coins with values greater than 25% over spot likely will not be confiscated by the government when and if that time comes.
   Put the rest into funds and/or mining stocks.  Diversify.  Stay away from companies holding South African mines and large hedge positions.  Recent solid performers have been Gold Corp. (GG), Apex Silver (SIL), Coeur d'Alene CP (CDE) and  Silver Standard Resources (SSRI), among others.  I also like the potential right now for palladium, for which two of the better stocks seem to be North American Palladium (PAL) and Sweetwater Corp (SWC).  I have very modest investments in each of the stocks I just mentioned.
   Follow precious metals by tracking one of the major internet sites devoted to such.  www.Gold-Eagle.com had the courage to run my "
Peak Silver" essay, which was as good a piece on silver as you will find posted anywhere.  Goldseek.com posted it for a couple of hours, then took it down, presumably when it got complaints from those who don't like my other writings.  321gold.com has been shown the error of its ways and no longer will post any of my material.  Consider that a site which puts quality ahead of political correctness might be a better resource and you will hew to www.Gold-Eagle.com.  Guess what ethnic group dominates in the fields of precious metals and other investments?

Re:  Never Trust a Jew ---

   Edward writes:  "I am part Jewish and feel sorry for the rubbish Jews who threaten you and your family.  In fact, I feel sorry for all the Jews.  I know from the Jew side of my family the harm they have done and are doing to the World.  When the World wakes up to these people I don't think they will be shown much mercy."

    Peter writes:  "I've been reading Makow..off/on...never quite trusting him...as he speaks with Khazar forked tongue.  Then..I get your essay...Never Trust a Jew!  I didn't know..'til this essay, you guys had tangled.  I sent the e-mail below (suggesting he look at Mike Piper's 'Final Judgment')...and look how he responded...
        ----- Original Message -----
        From: Henry Makow
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 2:18 PM
        Where do you get off telling me what to read and comment on?  Go to hell.

    Greg writes:  "I've here a surefire solution to your problems re: anti-semitism.  I hereby suggest you chuck it in favor of anti-Methodism.  Advantages:  Methodists will not become outraged and attempt to ban your work from the web.  The chances of Methodists rising en masse and threatening you and yours are slim to none.  The chance that the U S gov't. will outlaw anti-Methodism are even less.  But this is the best advantage of all:  as Methodists are Gentiles, and (even if you are not yourself a Methodist) you will now find yourself in philosophical alignment with the vast majority of Yuppies---as a Methodist 'hater' you will be a self-hater, just like most of the middle class white folks out there." 

    David writes:  "While I wait for Dr. Makow's answer (the piece he just posted was about former Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson being a "Red" spy), maybe you could give me a straight answer.  What does harping about the Illuminati have to do with the Zionist zealot who is your next-door neighbor who wants to throw you in jail, take away your job and let your kids starve if you disagree with his racist ideas?"
    In a word:  nothing.  Yes, they ultimately are the problem, but our everyday problems do not directly come from them.  Our everyday problems derive from the very sort to whom you point, as well their useful idiots (Blacks, for example).  Even moreso, our problems are caused by our Euro brethren - the wannabe Zionists like Bush.  By analogy, when the current American government bureaucracy was being erected, the villains were the "leaders" who thereby institutionalized their own power structures.  Now, however, the bureaucracy has become a villain in its own right, quite aside from our erstwhile leaders.  Fighting the bureaucracy is the front-line battle these days.  Incidentally, today Makow wants to throw me in jail.  Tomorrow, you will be the one he vilifies.  Makow is on the leading edge of the problem.

    Mike writes:  "Jesus' father was God so, unless God is a Jew, Christ is not."

Re:  Escape from New Orleans ---

   Charles writes:  "WHERE IS PART 6 ??? !!!"
    Soon, Charles...soon.

    Afterlife writes:  "I've noticed lately that yourwritings have turned to politics, and some people don't like hearing about politics.  I miss the old writings, about individuals who were being denied their civil rights and such.  Think you'll ever get back to that?"
    But, you see, writing about politics is writing about the denial of civil rights to our entire population these days.  Same thing.

Re: Let's Get Small ---

    Michael writes:  "The only real question in my mind is knowing what my rights are in a given situation with a law enforcement agency.  I guess what you are saying in a nutshell is only identify myself but answer no other questions unless I have a lawyer.  Is that about it?"
    No and no. Just use common sense. Blend in, don't "opt out," which just makes you stand out.  Save your outburst for the day when it will really count.

Re:  Defensive Racism ---

   Jan writes (from South Africa):  "Got two copies of 'Defensive Racism' and enjoyed it from page one to the last page,  one we use for lending to interested friends, hoping their eyes will one day be opened..."

    Bruce writes:  "I'm happy to find that I'm not the only one who is able to see the reality of this nation's downfall.  I'll be purchasing additional volumes of your book in time.  Your writing style is adequately thorough for the intelligent, not beyond the layman and not overly deep for the sadly-not-so-intelligent White person. In my humble opinion of course.  Would that Defensive Racism could be made required reading for every White child in America."

    Mike writes (from Japan):  "I am in the process of reading your book right now.  More people should read it.  I have never considered myself to be racist or close minded.  However, your book illustrates a substantial amount of examples in our society of things that have gone way out of control.  My fear is that it is too late to adjust the course."

    Thanks for sharing, folks.  Again, I wish I could reproduce every single one.  Rest assured that I do read them all.



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