What Color are Jews?

by Edgar J. Steele

May 7, 2005

"It is possible to be an ex-Catholic or an ex-Baptist, but it is not possible to be an ex-Jew."
  --- Alice Bloch, Jewish feminist and lesbian

"All is race; there is no other truth."
  --- Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish P.M. of Britain

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Eh?  What kind of question is that?  It's obvious, isn't it?  Well...in a word:  no.  It is far from obvious, as followers of my writings well know, since I often refer to "Whites" in a manner that clearly excludes Jews.

So, just what color are Jews?  It is a question I have provoked, time and again.  Generally, "White" is the answer that others will give.  Jews generally claim to be White, too, except when it suits their purposes to be something else:  Semitic, for example.  That is what they claim when they lodge that all-too-convenient charge of anti-Semitism, isn't it?  Or, is it?

What about that anti-Semite business?  Aren't Semites really Middle Eastern and, therefore, olive-skinned?  Well, yes and no, as we will see.

"It's a religion, not a race," is what many like to say.  If so, then why do most Jews claim to be atheists?  Why is Israel primarily comprised of atheistic Jews if it is a Biblically-promised homeland?  Why are Jews so hostile toward Christianity, which is, after all, a derivative of Judaism?  Before you disagree too strongly with that last statement, consider that the Old Testament figures prominently in both Judaism and Christianity. 

You see the problem.

Jews themselves disagree on the race vs. religion issue...publicly, that is.  Amongst themselves, they know perfectly well that the answer is:  race.  "When ya gonna settle down and marry a nice Jewish girl?"  Why would it make a difference if we're all just the same?  Well, it does make a huge difference to Jews, for whom George Orwell fashioned the phrase, "Some are more equal than others."  And, it makes a difference to all of us, like it or not, because we are not all just the same.  The key differences are genetic - racial, in other words.

Books have been written on the subject of race and genetics.  In fact, I wrote one:  Defensive Racism (order a copy below).  Genetics are everything.  Nations and empires rise and fall in very predictable patterns, predictable due to observable genetic patterns.  Breeding shows, as they say.  It is impossible to construct the case for the genetic basis of race in this short piece, so I will merely thumbnail it for you.

Skin color is but one aspect of race and is, by itself, irrelevant, of course.  Essentially, I agree with those who say that culture rules, but I advance their argument one step further by noting that culture eventually "goes to seed" and sinks into one's DNA, either by habituation or by natural selection, whichever is your preferred outlook on evolution.  The old "nature vs. nurture" argument of behavioral psychologists.  The older I get, the more I come to realize how thoroughly ruled we are by our genetically-encoded behavioral response patterns - that culture gone to seed I mentioned.

One can overrule one's genetic imperative only by strongly-enforced self discipline born of intellect sufficient to foresee consequences and make choices that overrule one's instinctual yearnings.  Of course, genetic encoding can be mixed with that of others, producing a different blend of behavioral response patterns, a blend which follows scientifically-developed rules of inheritability (Mendel's peas, remember). 

The modern American mixed-blood Black is a perfect example of the result of blending, with an IQ that stands midway between the African Black's (70 average) and the American White's (100 average).  But the story does not end there, not by a long shot.  Wherever Blacks are congregated in America, one observes the manifestation of their inherited behavioral response patterns, directly traceable to the behavior to be observed in African Blacks.  Realizing that America's Black problems are rooted in African culture goes a long way toward explaining the Black-on-White race war being waged in the streets of America, the rapes, the murders, the violence, the short-term outlook, the single-parent families and so on.  There have yet to be widespread reports of cannibalism in Detroit, but it is not for nothing that once-shining city now resembles...a jungle.

The famous "twins studies," which showed the similarities of twins raised apart since birth demonstrates, by itself, the role of genetics in the manifestation of behavior.

Why do you think that Jews have been force feeding us this "we're all the same beneath the skin" malarkey for the past hundred years?  To protect themselves from recrimination, that's why.  Recrimination for what?  For taking advantage of us at every turn, that's what.

Jews well recognize that they can ply their trades safely only by diluting a host country racially and setting its citizenry at odds amongst itself.  I have quoted more than one Jew in past articles, stating this very fact in no uncertain terms.

Many ask why I so strenuously rail against Jews.  "Why, you don't even limit it just to Zionists,"  I am told again and again.  That is right.  And for good reason.  Genetics, you see.  No, not all Jews possess bad characteristics or do bad things.  The much-ballyhooed intellect of Jews in general affords them a greater opportunity than most to foresee consequences and thereby modify the genetically-mandated behavioral urgings they inherited.  Many do so and live among us in harmony.  With them, I have no quarrel.  But even they will pass their DNA on to their children and grandchildren, who statistically will manifest bad behavior in significant ways, in keeping with stereotypical Jewish behavior that is not acceptable.  See?  Skin color really is irrelevant.  It's behavior that matters.  Bad behavior, in particular.

Besides, all Jews have a habit of looking the other way when their racial brethren do bad things or cast racial epithets of their own, "anti-Semite" being their favorite.  So long as all Jews provide cover to the bad guys in their midst, I will continue to talk about Jews, without differentiating between Zionists and non Zionists, bankers and non bankers, control freaks and non control freaks and so on.

So, what color are Jews?  Well, all colors...and no colors.  Being Jewish is a racial thing, not a skin color thing, you see.  Perhaps nothing demonstrates so definitively the irrelevance of skin color in making racial distinctions.

The confusion started during the time of the Greek and Roman Empires, before which Jews were concentrated in the Middle East in the area today known as Israel and Palestine.  Those Semitic Jews were dispersed by first the Greeks and then the Romans, following sundry uprisings and rebellions, and fled in all directions, to wherever they might be tolerated.  Thus began what has come to be known as the Diaspora.

The rise of Christianity led to further flights by Jews from one country after another as Christianity assumed ever greater sway, with Christians of every stripe laying the blame for Christ's crucifixion upon whatever Jews might be handy.  A great many went to Spain, where they were well-received initially, but then were first cast out around 400 A.D. by the Goths, who brought to conquered Spain a strong dislike of Jews born of experience.  Some of the Spanish Jews fled to North Africa, while a huge number moved north, into the regions we today know as Holland and Germany.  Others fled to Italy, where they were again cast out, and then eastward.  From their newfound refuges, the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal financed repeated invasions of those regions, until they finally succeeded, through the Moslem invasion of the 700s, in overwhelming the Goths and thereby gaining reentry to the Spanish peninsula.

Now, don't get the idea that Jews have been thrown out of one country after another simply because of unjustified persecution.  On the contrary, always that is the excuse that Jews use to avoid the ugly truth:  they keep getting the boot because of the way they act.  Pre-World-War-II Germany was simply the most recent expulsion in a long, long line of expulsions.  Nor will it be the last.  However, as I like to only partially joke, this time, since they seem to be going for nothing short of total world domination, they better have a new planet picked out.

Wherever Jews went, some intermarried with the local population, though always they remained clannish and effectively perpetuated their original customs and traditions.  In fact, inbreeding has always been the norm with Jewish populations, with the inevitable production of defective genetic markers, such as those producing Tay-Sachs Disease, an exclusively Jewish disorder. 

Though beyond the scope of today's article, a variety of psychological disorders inimical to Jews, also presumably due to inbreeding, have been identified, foremost among them that form of schizophrenia which leads to their seeing Nazis beneath every bed and persecution in every word and act of the members of other races.  So bad is the Jews' compulsion that their misperceived persecution becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, resulting in true persecution.  Unrestrained, Jews become increasingly aggravating to a host population until an automatic rejection response is created, just as a gag reflex automatically results if you get something lodged in your throat.  The result:  Jews have been ejected from cities and countries all down through history, far too numerous to count.

A very brief review of Jewish history will serve us well at this point.

In the mid Eighth Century, the dispersed Jewish community received a giant infusion of fresh blood when an entire nation adopted Judaism overnight, by royal edict.  Jewish author Arthur Koestler maintains that the Khazars, straddling the territory between the Moslem east and the Christian west,  wanted to remain independent of the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Muslim Caliphate, and so purposely chose Judaism, a religion similar to each but also separate from them.  On pain of death, the king commanded his entire nation to convert to Judaism and all that the religion then entailed. 

Hearing of the new Jewish nation brought a flood of true Jews to the country, of course, escaping "persecution" from many other countries.  Centuries of interbreeding led to the establishment of what today is the largest component, by far, of the Jewish race:  those with Khazarian ancestry, a great many of whom bear the characteristic blond hair, vaguely oriental caste and lack of Semitic features so common to Eastern Europeans.

Some 300 years later, Mongol hordes invaded and destroyed the growing Khazarian empire, forcing a massive displacement of Jews to other countries, both Middle Eastern and European, but primarily to the regions now known as the Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Poland and Hungary.  The Khazars had joined the Jewish Diaspora.

Among themselves, Jews recognize two primary flavors of Jew:  Ashkenazi and Sephardic. 

The Sephardic Jew is the closest to the original Jew in appearance and, presumably, genetics, though today he is a second-class citizen in the country now known as Israel, owing primarily to his third-world sojourn in North Africa and nearby Middle Eastern areas.  However, some of the Sephardic Jews (descended from those who fled the Greeks and Romans and then settled in Spain and Portugal) eventually took up residence in Holland and Germany and became the prominent banking families which financed Oliver Cromwell, William of Orange and the Dutch and British East India companies, not to mention virtually every war of the past two hundred years.  They are considered the elite of the Jews because of the huge fortunes they acquired (and continue to enhance to this day) through merchant banking. 

Ashkenazic (European, primarily) Jews are descendants of those Khazars who fled from the Mongol hordes, and are the most numerous by far, estimated by genetic studies cited by Koestler to comprise approximately 90% of the modern Jewish population worldwide. 

So, you see, all Jews find their origins in either the Middle East or nearby ancient Khazaria.  As confirmed by DNA testing, that is why today we find Jews of so many different colors, shapes and sizes, all with a common genetic ancestry and, as important, a common cultural milieu.

Even though Jews have intermarried with other cultures, they have maintained an apartness even while living amongst those cultures and thereby have preserved their unique genetic heritage to a degree far greater than have other races.

The clannishness of Jews never has been enforced upon them, as so often claimed.  People, particularly Jews, reject anything that non Jews have to say about Jews that is the least bit unflattering, so let's hear what many prominent Jews have had to say about this issue, as well as the general nature of Jews, themselves:

In 1978, President Nachum Goldmann of the World Zionist Organization stated:  "It is wrong to say that the goyim forced the Jews to separate themselves themselves from other societies. When the Christians defined the ghetto limits, Jews lived there already."

In citing the work of fellow Israeli scholar Yehezkel Kaufmann, Boas Evron wrote:  "The popular assumption that external anti-Jewish pressures forced group identity and exclusivity on the Jews is unconvincing, since historical evidence shows that Jewish exclusivity and aloofness preceded outside hostility and were thus its cause, not its result...Jewish communities were always borne by host societies...They never shared in political, military, administrative, or technological responsibilities."

In his 1994 book, The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, Benjamin Ginsberg, both a prominent Jewish intellectual and a Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, stated:  "In America as elsewhere...Jews are outsiders who are often more successful than their hosts...And, to make matters worse, Jews often, secretly or not so secretly, conceive themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to their neighbors."

Said nineteenth century French Jewish socialist and Zionist Bernard Lazare:  "Everywhere up to the present time, the Jew has been an unsociable being...The Jewish nation is small and miserable...demoralized and corrupted by an unjustifiable pride."

Moses Hess, generally regarded as the spiritual father of both Zionism and Communism, said:  “We Jews shall always remain strangers among the Goyim ...It is a fact the Jewish religion is above all Jewish nationalism...Each and every Jew, whether or not he wishes it, is automatically, by virtue of his birth, bound in solidarity with his entire nation...One must be a Jew first and human being second.”

Influential Zionist writer Jakob Klatzkin, in his German-language book Crisis and Decision (Krisis und Entscheidung, 1921), writes:  “We are not hyphenated Jews; we are Jews with no qualifications or reservations.  We are simply aliens; we are a foreign people in your midst, and, we emphasize, we wish to stay that way.  There is a wide gap between you and us, so wide that no bridge can be laid across.  Your spirit is alien to us; your myths, legends, habits, customs, traditions and national heritage, your religious and national shrines, your Sundays and holidays...they are all alien to us.  The history of your triumphs and defeats, your war songs and battle hymns, your heroes and their mighty deeds, your national ambitions and aspirations, they are all alien to us.  The boundaries of your lands cannot restrict our movements, and your border clashes are not of our concern.  Far over and above the frontiers and boundaries of your land stand our Jewish unity...Whosoever calls the foreign land a fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people...A loyal Jew can never be other than a Jewish patriot...We recognize a national unity of Diaspora Jews, no matter in which country they may reside.  Therefore, no boundaries can restrain us in pursuing our own Jewish Policy.”

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the foregoing quotes reflect the thinking merely of a few aberrant members of Jewish society.  These are some of the most highly-regarded figures in Jewish history and they express thinking that is endemic to virtually every Jew that walks the face of the Earth today.  Not only are Jews different - very different - from the rest of us, they know it and revel in the fact.

Jews are separate and apart by choice, and intent upon remaining so, even while endeavoring to assume ever-increasing control of any society in which they find themselves.  Thus it has been for so long that undeniably it is genetic...and cultural, of course, but remember that genetics simply is "culture gone to seed."

And there is nothing new about the genetically-encoded behavior of Jews, of course.  As Hermann Esser so sagely observed in his book, The Jewish World Plague (Die jüdische Weltpest, Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1939):  "Throughout history the poets and philosophers, the leaders of industry and science, the leading lights of art and culture, statesmen and economists whose blood was not infected by the Jews have warned against the Jew in every century.  They proclaimed openly and clearly what he is:  the plague.  From Tacitus to Schopenauer, from Giordano Bruno to Mommsen and Treitscke, the intellectual heroes of every age have called the Jew the demon of decay, the ferment of decomposition, as the misfortune of the peoples or of humanity.  In the New Testament, the Jews were in Christ's words the 'sons of the Devil.'"

So, what color are Jews? 

Jews are the color of avarice and greed.

Jews are the color of deception, manipulation and the lust for power.

Jews are the color of dishonesty, selfishness and heartlessness.

Remember the following words from the Old Testament, which Jews call their Torah and regard as the absolute, unswerving word of God:  "I shall lead you to the land of your fathers and give you large and beautiful cities that you did not build, and houses full of things that you did not gather, and fallen trees that you did not cut, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant, and you will eat and be satisfied."  (Deuteronomy 6:10)

What color are Jews?  A deep, dark shade of hubris.

New America.  An idea whose time has come.


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