Interim Blog #2
by Edgar J. Steele

May 25, 2006

Following is another installment of the impromptu blog I was posting on my site's main page while my list management and email sending capabilities were curtailed (in reverse chronological order) the past few weeks:

May 25 - Yes, boys and girls.  Both hands.  I meant it then.  I mean it now.

May 23 - Ahhhh, much better.  Today, gold closed up $16.30, silver up $.72 (to $13.18), platinum up $35.00 and palladium up $20.00.  Now, aren't you glad you bought all that silver yesterday for $12 and change, just like I told you to do?  You made nearly a dollar an ounce in just one day...lucky you!  GoldCorp (GG) will take longer to heal from its 25% plunge, but it will heal, in time.  Interestingly, both N American Palladium (PAL) and Stillwater (SWC) dropped about the same and now are recovering in tandem.  Perhaps the market is through discounting PAL and now sees it on par with SWC, but SWC is the more solid of the two.  Problem is that both the Russian and Indian markets, at least, were crashing the past couple of days, so there is considerable dread about the American stock market doing the same.  Remember the leverage that mining stocks entail, which is why I liken trading them to playing in traffic.  It is a certainty that WhirlyBen will create so much liquidity, however, that much of it rushes into the American stock market, keeping it from falling too far or too fast (all together now:  that is what is known as monetary inflation, the root of all economic evil).  The Dow may well end the year at 20,000, but what good is that if the dollar's purchasing power is cut in half in the process?  And, of course, you know what that means for all commodities.  Both hands, boys and girls.  Use both hands.

May 22 - Yes, it has been an ugly week for Metals.  This has become a serious correction.  Virtually all market analysts and commentators have written over the weekend that this is about the bottom, however.  Notice that silver (currently at $12.34 per ounce spot price) has suffered right along with gold, platinum and palladium, all of which have taken serious poundings.  And GoldCorp (GG), our favorite gold stock, has been hammered beyond reason.  These are the times that try men's souls, somebody or other once said.  Trust in the force.  This is a bull market for metals, meaning that the overall trend is up.  What we have lost this past week we will regain, and then some.  Selling out on the way down or at the bottom is the way to be out of the game when it reverses.  Grit your teeth and hold on.  All the fundamentals demand, nay, guarantee, that the dollar is toast, therefore, there is only one way that metal prices will go.  As for the stock market, you couldn't have a sounder stock than GoldCorp with which to weather a genuine crash, if a crash is in the works, as some say.  My knuckles are white, too, believe me.  If you didn't buy into silver last week when it was a dollar higher, you are exceedingly lucky to have the opportunity now to buy in at today's level.  Will it go lower?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I firmly believe that history will show that any silver price below $50 was a bargain.

May 15 - Back up the truck again:  Silver closed in New York at $13.32 per ounce today.  In the extended markets (Asia), it is down another 20 cents as of 5:30 pm PDT.  This is a gift, folks.  It is down about $2 from where it wants to be right now.  All precious metals have been pounded down today and it isn't because of free market action.  Those who are so desperately short silver derivatives have done it and will be in there very soon, covering some of their shorts again.  This will happen again and again until they have eliminated their exposure.  Most people buy when something is rising.  Most people make very little money (actually, they lose it when you factor in lost purchasing power).  Tomorrow morning would be an excellent time to visit your silver supplier and make a buy...or, go on line and invest in the silver ETF (SLV), then liquidate it and use the proceeds to buy real silver after the price goes back up again.  If I had a functional list manager, I would send out an email to everyone, but this is the best I can do for now.

May 8 - They have done it to us again!!!  So much for free speech in America.  Now that I have completely converted to yet another email list manager service, and not a cheap one, either, it has told me it is canceling my account because the content of my messages "violates their terms of service."  Obviously, I have demanded exact reasons and, this time, I am more than a little inclined to file suit.  I am sick and tired of being jerked around like this.  I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, my account is frozen and I am unable, even, to send you an additional email to advise what is happening.  I will find a way, rest assured.  I apologize for the trouble this is causing.  Just as they planned, a great many list members have walked away in disgust, what with the continual resigning up and links not working and so on.

I must find a workable service that requires that people sign on in "double opt-in" fashion, meaning that you click on a link offering a free subscription, following which you receive an email which contains another link to click and thereby confirm that you are who you say you are and makes a record of your subscription request.  This service must also handle hard and soft bounces effectively and counter spam complaints with the proof of having opted in.  False spam complaints have become the primary weapon of the forces of political correctness.

The forces of political correctness have declared all-out war upon those of us on the Internet who are trying to get out the truth.  They purposely subscribe others whom they know will vigorously file spam complaints; they subscribe known "spam traps" (addresses set up by some companies specifically to catch and blacklist those who "harvest" addresses from other sites and lists; they "spoof" (sending offensive emails to people known to protest, using false email send addresses (mine or yours, in fact) and a variety of other things designed to get sites like mine shut down and/or blacklisted.  I refuse to be intimidated or shut down until they carry me physically from the scene, screaming bloody murder all the way!

Meanwhile, I'll collect email addresses only again, until I find a service that allows me to establish a list with full data, including sub lists.  If you received either "Market Update 6-4" or "A Day Without Meskins" directly, then I have you on my list and you will be transferred to whatever is next for us.

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