Interim Blog
by Edgar J. Steele

April 20, 2006

Following is the impromptu blog I was posting on my site's main page while my list management and email sending capabilities were curtailed (in reverse chronological order) the past few weeks:

Prussian Blue update.  Ear Candy's Mark Platt writes today about my all-time favorite girl band:  "If you believed just half of the bad press this teen duo has had to endure, you would picture them as Neo-Nazis, whose only talent is inciting hateful lyrics...I keep an open ear ready to pounce upon any 'racist' lyrics and found none whatsoever. Sure, they have a song that talks about the glory of fighting and dying for what you believe in during World War I. But this is a far cry from goose-stepping, brown-shirted teens...when Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones wore an SS uniform for a photo shoot, and when Keith Moon paraded around in a Rommel Field Marshal outfit, the press didn't call the Rolling Stones or The Who Nazis...If you weren't prejudiced by the press and knew nothing about their bad rap, you would think that they were just another of the variety of present-day pop bands fronted by female singers. However, Prussian Blue is above average when compared to the Hillary Duff types. They write a lot of their original material and it is as catchy as hell. 'When I'm With You' is a prime example. It is a typical love song with an infectious melody that you can't get out of your head. What is the song about? Race riots? Ethnic cleansing? No - it is simply your typical teenage-crush song. Too bad all this nonsense takes the focus away from the main thing - that Prussian Blue plays above-average pop marketed to teens."  Go here (www.prussianblue.net ) for their web site and a chance to order their latest CD, "The Path We Chose."

(4/18/06):  On a rocket ship to the Moon:  In after-hours, overseas trading, silver just blasted through the $14 mark...

(4/17/06):  Ok, I think we have our newsletter subscription links resolved at last.  One is above and another at the bottom. 

To the Moon, Alice - that's what I said in I See a Silver Moon Rising, and that is just what suddenly is happening.  Silver was up over a dollar an ounce during the last two trading days.  Gold was up $18 just today.  Here is a question for extra credit:  Is the price of precious metals going up or is the purchasing power of the dollar simply plummeting?  Don't you wish you had bought silver when I recommended it two years ago?  Six months ago?  Last month?  Last week?

New Column posted:  (4/2/06) I See a Silver Moon Rising (below).

(3/27/06) As I am sure everybody who is interested noticed, the prices of metals and mining stocks recovered quite nicely and today smartly advanced to levels not seen in well over twenty years.  Some say a correction is due.  Maybe they are right.  I doubt it, though.  Besides, selling in anticipation of such guarantees you will be on the sidelines when the major moves upward occur.  To win the game, you've gotta be IN the game.  Aren't you glad you bought silver when I told you to (not to mention GG and PAL!)?

(3/10/06) See below, today's rant, "Crash Course in Propaganda."

Today is the third in a row that metal prices have been hit hard.  Friday through Tuesday saw the move downward that we normally see made on Fridays, which is done by the government's illegal gold manipulators (the "PPT" correlate for metals) so that the average investors have the weekend to sweat the price of gold.  Last Friday saw no such big move, just the second day of a minor retreat which continued on Monday and Tuesday, and now we know why.  Wednesday was the really big hit, followed by smaller, though significant, hits yesterday and today, designed to leave us mere mortals wondering over the weekend if we shouldn't dump all our metal stocks, sell our bullion and buy government bonds. 

Don't be fooled.  They obviously planned a major push for this week, for some distinct reason, but it appears to be at an end.  The key is in today's sudden turnaround in the stock prices of mining companies, which gapped down at the opening bell, then turned and raced upward.  Gold Corp (GG) is up $2 with three hours to do in the day's trading session.  Somebody knows something.  First, they know the metal assault is over.  Second, they know something is coming, something which likely will result in a BIG runup in the prices of precious metals and, of course, mining company stocks. 

Is the metal bull merely reasserting itself or does all this portend something significant internationally?  Time will tell.  The Iranian oil bourse is due to open in ten days.  If allowed to do so, the dollar will begin its final swan dive, of course, with a pause only after it falls by at least 50%, whereupon the American empire will be at an end and the official beginning of Depression II will be called.  Will our NWO masters allow that scenario?  Probably not, but they may be unable to prevent it, even by laying waste to Iran. 

At the very least, they can be expected to distract us and mask the fiscal nightmare bearing down upon us with war, just like always.  Conveniently, Iran has provided itself as a target.  Note how the Administration has been telling us about Iran's ability to first cripple us with ICBM-launched hi-altitude nuclear EMP bursts, then how they could decimate our cities with nuclear launches from ships sitting just off shore.  Recall how they told us about Saddam spraying poison toxins over our cities just before invading Iraq?  These are interesting times, indeed.  The next week or two should prove to be most interesting.

If you have not yet done so, this would be an excellent time to back up the truck, boys and girls.  I still like Gold Corp (GG) and North American Palladium (PAL), neither of which carry any hedging contracts whatsoever.  I also like a couple of moly plays:  Golden Phoenix (GPXM), as well as two juniors - Adanac Moly (ANCGF) and Win-Eldridge Mines (WIDMF).  I own modest amounts of all except GPXM, for which I stubbornly am awaiting its stock price to fall back under 35 cents per share before buying any.  All three molys are penny stocks and thinly traded, thus can be volatile.  I think the potential for molybdenum is greater than that for the precious metals, even their poor relation, palladium.  GPXM is established and producing, but you have to look at both Adanac and Win-Eldridge as nothing but pure flyers (albeit with better fundamentals than most). 

For bullion and numismatics, I don't think you will find a better day than today to call Steve at the Spokane Coin Exchange (800-577-8332).  I've had a number of rave reviews from list members who report how well treated they were by him and how surprised they were by his pricing.  I use him myself.

I've said, "back up the truck" a time or two in the past three months, and for good reason each time, but you have not yet heard me say the following:  This very possibly could be the last chance you will have at the prices you see out there today.

(3/4/06)  See below, today's rant, "Live and Let Die," as well as audio for both it and the rant, "Valentine Wishes."  Also, a new audio file under interviews for the March 3 interview with the Political Cesspool.

Hey, this is kind of fun!  (3/2/06)  Pretty easy, too.  Much easier than formally writing a piece, then recording it, then doing all the updating of files, then fighting with emailing it to 20,000 list members.  Of course, only an exceedingly small percentage of those people ever will see this, on the other hand.

North American Palladium put off its 2005 financials announcement another 25 hours:  now set for tomorrow, Friday, 3/3/06, at 1 pm EST (but I think they mean EDT).  It's stock (PAL) was up by almost a dollar today, though, so somebody must agree with my assessment (below).  Oh, yes, Gold Corp (GG) was up another dollar today...ho-hum...seems like it just goes up forever, sometimes.  Aren't you glad you bought both these stocks several months ago when I first recommended them (years, actually, in the case of Gold Corp, during which its ascent has been the stuff of legends)?

Y'know, I've considered doing something like this impromptu written Blog in audio, via this new thing called podcasting, whereby your computer automatically searches out and downloads audio files you want to hear, all late at night while you are sleeping.  The term derives from Apple's IPod, a little mp3 music player.  Requires Apple's ITunes (free at Apple's web site) or something similar for you to pull this off, though.  There seems to be a growing segment that uses this for talk radio and rants like mine.  Does this sound like something you would like me to do?  Just unrehearsed hashing of what seems to have interested or set me off at the time.

Go here (http://www.pollkatz.homestead.com/files/pollkatzmainGRAPHICS_8911_image001.gif)  for a large graph depicting Bush's poll results as given by all the major media outlets.  Yes, we know who owns them, don't we?  Imagine what the real numbers must be like!  One of the better emailed items I received today. 

Then, from www.tinyrevolution.com come the following two graphs:










Already, Bush is vying with Nixon for the least-loved President of all time.  Now, while I don't expect Bush to resign (think of a drunken Cheney wandering the halls of the White House with the red button in his hand instead of a shotgun), this does give us some hope as to where the sheep are wandering.  Before much longer, I think, the general public might just stand aside while this regime was removed from power by the military, say, or....well...be still, my beating heart.

Just Blogging Along for now:  (3/1/06)  Because of my list sending limitation (noted below), my communication for the moment is via this web site, to which you must come.  If you think enough of what you find to pass it around, please do so. 

First, I was out of town to attend my daughter's wedding in the second week of February.  Go here for the wedding toast I offered: Valentine Wishes (http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/rants/toast.htm). I think you will agree that it is a serious departure from the rest of my writing.  I rose to the occasion.

After the long drive home, I almost immediately became deathly sick and have been totally out of commission until...well...today (3/1/06), though I still feel as though a truck hit me.  That's the reason for the increasing silence. 

I soon will get to work trying to find an Internet newsletter list manager that I can use independent of my web site and my main mail server, both of which are susceptible to the Chosen's favorite tactic of claiming they are being spammed after signing on to my list for that purpose, alone.  Enough of them got together to force AOL to threaten my current ISP, most recently.  That's their version of free speech, you see (that and prison terms to "holocaust deniers" like David Irving while claiming free speech for their publishing of cartoons sacrilegious to Muslims).  And people wonder why I am so hard on these rats!

Hopefully, I will be in form to do justice to an upcoming interview concerning David Irving's case on James Edwards' Political Cesspool on Friday, 3/3/06, at 5:30 pm PDT (2:30 pm EDT).  It's just supposed to be a half hour, so don't blink.  Go here for the link to listen live:  http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/ .  Let's see how long my voice holds out.

Update on PAL stock price:  (3/1/06)  Well, I finally figured out why PAL's stock price has been going down lately, while palladium's spot increased:  They announced a one-week delay in releasing the final 2005 financials, now due out at 9am our time tomorrow morning.  The market is discounting anticipated bad news.  Might be justified.  Might not.  Gonna be a loss, regardless.  No news there.

Until now, I had been touting PAL strictly on its technical merits.  Its recent disconnect from the price of palladium prompted me to dig deeper.

I finally dug into some of their financials to learn that North American Palladium (PAL) had been selling 100% of its palladium output under a pre-existing contract with an automotive mfr for $325 per ounce.  This expired on 6/30/05.  Since then PAL has had to sell at market, causing profits to plummet.  Now, this is nothing secret and is very significant, therefore the stock prices going back for the last year already reflected this reality, rest assured, even in the face of $200 per ounce.  Today, palladium is virtually $300 per ounce.
PAL's 3rd qtr stmt says that its ytd loss nearly doubled in that three months to .82 per share, due to lower production from lower quality ore.  Said it cost $493 per ounce to produce in 3rd qtr.  Normal ops should see a cost of less than 2/3 of that, perhaps as low as 50%.
PAL's mgmt also then said the low-grade ore production was completed in qtr 3 and qtr 4 would see higher-grade ore processed.
Interestingly, PAL produces one hell of a lot more copper than anything else:  6.2 million pounds in the first 9 months of 2005 (vs. 140k oz palladium, 20k oz platinum, 21k oz gold and 3.5 million pounds of nickel).  Copper is on a tear, as are most metals, of course.
Most of the other metal production was advance sold through June '06, with an unrealized gain on the nickel contracts just about balancing out the unrealized losses on gold, platinum and copper, due to the rapid price increases in those metals.  PAL says it is buying out the hedge contracts and should be hedge free at end of '05, with a nominal gain overall on that exercise, whereupon it will begin to sell into active market pricing.  No mention as to whether it intends to hedge in the future, but that is doubtful for the time being.
Overall, mgmt's 4th qtr and beyond outlook was rosy and rested on:  1. Higher production due to better ore quality (lower waste strip ratio, in line with prior experience)  2. Anticipated higher metal prices which, as of 12/31/05, would be unencumbered by hedging contracts.  3. New production coming on line.  4. Decreased worldwide production by other companies.
Now, in a former life I helped to write annual reports and the more-stringent 10K SEC filings for a couple of major corporations, so I know what complete and utter BS they can be, even the seemingly hard and fast financial statement numbers.  A strictly fundamental view of PAL financials currently does not raise any of my alarms, though.
The balance sheet shows the effects of the loser 3rd quarter that was reported 3 months ago and could easily survive a 4th quarter just like it (though almost certainly won't have to).  Stock options issued are reasonable, modest, fairly priced at today's level and no cause of serious cash flow.  PAL fiddled with its depreciation reserves significantly to dress up the financials, however, but that is standard practice.
Looking at the price chart, you can see the December downturn that resulted from the 3rd-qtr results and report just summarized.  Fact is, though, that the stock price went from $8 to $10+ in that time (above 12 for a time), almost in synch with the spot price of palladium.  The recent against-trend decline almost certainly was due simply to the announcement of a one-week delay in year-end results, assuming the worst.  I doubt that to be the case and, in any event, it is far too late to bail on the stock prior to release of the results (the anticipated bad news already has been factored into the price), so this is where we close our eyes and hold on, just as when going through the white-water portion of rafting.
If you believe mgmt, then 4th qtr results to be announced tomorrow should be better than the 3rd, despite the delay.  The results in the latter half of 2005 are due to processing much lower quality ore, thus a serious decline in salable production, or so says mgmt.  The results in 2006 should be hugely improved, simply because of the rising spot price of palladium (coupled to a return to "normal" production waste ratios).  The real bombs usually are hidden in "Notes," and I didn't smell any in any of them.
I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a big jump in PAL's price tomorrow, perhaps to 12 or 13 or so, followed by a steady rise thereafter coupled to the spot price of palladium.  Even if not tomorrow, then eventually, simply because of the huge magnetic pull of that spot price.  Any other result would have to be because of mgmt lying in its last (and prior) quarterly and annual reports.  I don't think so.  I think the delay probably has been engendered by their getting KPMG, their accountants, on board with the "fiddling" that all companies do to make financials look a little better, particularly following periods of bad news.  Since the demise of Arthur, such arm twisting has grown quite difficult.  Expect KPMG to get in line, though.
Caveats:  Do not confuse my mutterings with investment advice to be relied upon.  I have modest holdings in PAL, which I increased in the past month, and to which I am holding on (but with my eyes closed, all the same).

Notice to all list members:  (2/6/06)  My current domain-hosting ISP has told me, flat out, that if I send even one more emailed rant or column to you, it will pull the plug on this web site altogether.  You and I can speculate as to why they really are doing this, but there is a host of anti-activist activity going on just now, with many sites off air altogether and others scrambling to find new domain hosters (as I now must).

The worldwide hoopla about our masters jailing so-called "Holocaust Deniers" who merely reveal the truth about a controversial period in history while, at the same time, claiming free speech protection for their racist and anti-Islam cartoon campaign against the Muslim prophet Mohammed, seems to have led to this Internet campaign.  For my part, it did not help that I so forcefully addressed the Holocaust in my recent essay, Holy Holocaust!  Clearly, The Crack of Doom seems to have been the final straw in my case.  In another generation, it was folk icon Jim Croce who observed lyrically:

"You don't pull on Superman's cape.
You don't spit in the wind.
You don't pull the mask from the Ol' Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim."  (You Don't Mess Around with Jim
, 1972)

Well, to that I can only reply that I knew Jim.  Jim was all of us.  Jim was a friend of mine and you, Mr. Bush, are no Jim.

Nor are you an Adolf, another fellow from another time who also thought to use fascism to press his particular world view upon others.  You forget that politics and worldviews merely are ideas, ideas produced by the only true reality, people, who use them to organize their perception of all that is and all that might be.  "(T)he state (has) no business oppressing its own people for, ultimately, the state is the people.  And in the end...only people are real, and everything else - politics, conspiracies, the state itself - are all fictions, all stories made up by people as a way of organizing their lives."  (V for Vendetta, a novelization by Steve Moore from a screenplay by The Wachowski Brothers, based on the DC comic book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, Simon and Schuster, 2006, p. 357).

People like you and I.  Those doing the living, the dying and the suffering all over the world, treated as pawns by their erstwhile leaders.

There have been a great many other things they have been doing to us just lately, which I will tell you about in an upcoming rant, but it may be a while before I am back on air and in full voice.

Hang in there, my friends.  Things are tightening up, but I don't think it quite yet is the final end to free speech in America.  Besides, when that time arrives, it merely will mark the beginning of a fascist interlude, following which freedom once again will reign throughout what once truly was the "land of the free and the home of the brave" and which someday will again emerge in the form that I like to think of as New America.  It is written in our DNA, after all.


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